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Train to where

dreaming or reality

By ASHLEY SMITHPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Have you had one of those dreams where you open an eye and aren't sure if you have woken or am I still dreaming. I did on that day, the dream in fact seemed more real then the view through my one open eye. The dream was one I had experienced many times before, I was due in work and I was late.

The delays changed but the effect was always the same. I was either too far away to get there on time, the car broke down or some other entity delayed me.

Meanwhile my open eye showed me trees speeding past the window on a train , though I appeared to not be in a normal carriage. I was drowsy enough to almost being in a state to consider which vision was real and which I preferred. A sudden jolt took the dilemma away from me and shook me fully awake. The train speeding past trains was the reality that presented itself to me.

The problems with this include I had no idea how I got there, why I was there and perhaps more importantly where was here? As my fuzzy , sleep addled brain focussed a little more I started to take in more of where I was.

The noise of metal wheels on a metal track said a train, the trees through the window said it was moving quickly but what I was sitting on was the problem. As I got the feeling back in my limbs I started to get my self into a more comfortable position. I was in a seat, for some reason this seat was in a van that was on a train.

I was in the driving seat, the engine was off but they keys were in the ignition. The van was facing forward, but nothing in it was familiar to me. For a start I didn't work or drive a van, in fact I didn't drive anywhere for work as I worked from home.

The rear of the van was only visible through a small window, though it was dark and I couldn't see much . Even the light from my phone didn't help too much. I could see a mix of large boxes and bags but no detail. Even carefully looking out of the window didn't help as the van had no visible markings.

In front of me I could see empty freight trucks, ones that would normally have freight containers on. The confusion wasn't helped by a massive headache I was noticing. I rubbed my forehead where the pain was centred, taking my hand down I became aware of the blood for the first time.

Using the driver side mirror I saw a deep cut on my forehead, blood on my face and blood on the seat where I had been slumped. Checking my pockets I found my wallet full, I knew my phone was there and nothing else seemed out of place. The only real question was why was I sat in a van, on a train and why was my head split.

The countryside gave little clue where I was, I obviously didn't have a ticket and there was nothing in the van to remind me what had led me to this situation. I started to try and piece together the clues from what I could remember and what I could see around me. Unfortunately the surroundings didn't help so I tried to recall earlier that day.

I was working at home, I helped a number of businesses with their finances and books. I helped them to fill the paperwork in properly and to sort their taxes correctly. Some bigger business employed me and a fair few much smaller ones who couldn't afford their own accountant. I didn't see a massive income but saw plenty of other peoples money passing in front of me.

I remembered starting work, a knock at the door, answering the door and little else. I presumed my memory problems were linked to the cut on my head. How this lead to a seat in a van on a train was still a mystery. I couldn't seen anything but emptiness in front of me with a locomotive in the distance. I decided to risk leaning out of the window further to see what was behind us.

I saw a line of identical vans, this helped a little. I presumed I was on a train delivering vans. This didn't help me work out the connection between me and the van, nobody I worked for made vans. Suddenly my phone rang, shrill tones gave my headache an extra kick. Angry with myself to not have called anyone I answered the private number.

I wasn't expecting the police to be calling me but there you were. I thought I was dreaming again but luckily you were patient enough to explain slowly and clearly.

unknown to me , one of my clients had been using me for money laundering. That phrase woke me up, especially when you said it was someone I thought of as a friend. you explained how he wanted to cover his tracks, sorry for the pun, and to get out of the country. He hadn't wanted to kill anyone but just wanted the evidence out of the way until he could get out of the country.

One of his legitimate side lines was arranging freight transport via the railway. So he simply got all the incriminating evidence and his possibly incriminating financial help and stuffed them in a train. The van was part of a group being sent many miles away, he hoped I would be a long way from home when I was found and he would be a long way away.

Hopefully as my memory returns I can help some more, the whack on the head that led to the cut obviously shook up my memory banks. I am just thankfully I was found in one piece and that eventually I will remember enough to try and forget this horrible experience.


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England based carer, live with my wife, her parents and 4 cats. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there . any comments, suggestions or requests considered

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