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to the end

We live together we die together. A tale of two lesbians who board the titanic, they live together and they die together.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
to the end
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We live together, we die together. A tale of two lesbians who board the Titanic. They live together and they die together.

(Not really historically accurate, just a love story). It was April 10th, 1912. I and my dear lover Betsy were off to board the titanic. We were going as friends. Just two girls hanging out as friends with their daddy's money. Of course, we were much more than friends but no one needed to know that.

“I've heard this ship is unsinkable!” Betsy said with a smile. She had on a very lovely dress and I loved the way she smiled.

“Biggest one yet!” I added as we boarded. We made our way to the room and we were very excited for our next adventure together.

(Day 1). Betsy and I decided to look around and see what lovely things this beautiful ship had to offer. There were people of all ages. Young and old. Big and small. Everyone was on this boat.

“Don't you think there are more people on here than there are lifeboats,” Betsy pointed out as we held hands and walked along the boat's edges. That was a very morbid thing that Betsy had pointed out, but she was right.

“It's an unsinkable ship, honey. We don't have anything to worry about,” I said and I looked around and then I kissed her cheek.

“Your right. I'm sorry for worrying,” She said and we continued to enjoy our day. The boat was very lively. And just like Betsy had pointed out, I noticed there weren't many lifeboats on the titanic.

(Day 2). It was the second day and we still had so much to explore. The ship was just so big. Betsy wanted to try out the restaurant.

“Ooo, I have never eaten on a boat before!” Betsy said with a smile and I dropped her hand as we walked into the restaurant. There were many people there and I didn't want anyone to suspect anything.

“There's a first time for everything my dear,” I said and we ate and talked and laughed for hours. I loved spending time with my dear Betsy. She was the light to my darkness.

Many people had asked if we were sisters, and so we just said yes, because friends don't sleep in a one-bedroom room alone together. That just wasn't normal.

Once again Betsy brought up the fact there weren't enough lifeboats on the boat.

“I am sure it is all for good reason sweetheart. The captain knows what he is doing and there isn't anything to worry about,” I said and I turned around and kiss her forehead.

“But why would there be a shortage of lifeboats on one of the biggest boats of its time. Something just isn't right,” Betsy said. She was very superstitious and was usually right about bad things happening so I couldn't help but worry. But I didn't show that.

“What are we going to do if the boat sinks? Do we get on a lifeboat? What if one of us doesn't get on a lifeboat?” Betsy said she was very worried.

“We can make sure all the young people get on first. If there's no room. We have lived life to the fullest,” I said with a smile and Betsy nodded and we shared a loving kiss.

“Goodnight my love,” I said and she wished me good night as well.

As the days went on, Betsy’s worries grew less, but every night she would bring it up. But even the crew reassured her, that the boat was very safe.

I felt something jolt me awake. I sat up in bed and looked at Betsy, who was also awake. It was morning, but not early enough for the sun to be out, making it pitch black.

Betsy grabbed her jewelry and put it on. We made our way to the top of the ship. People were boarding lifeboats and screaming. Children were crying and families were being ripped apart.

Half of the ship was already submerged and they didn't have any time to get the lifeboats out, so they were also submerged.

“Women and children only!” The people yelled. Betsy grabbed my hand.

“It's our time my love,” She said with a smile. Betsy and I were in our late 60’s. We had lived a good life and long ones too.

The chaos went on for an hour or so more. A band started to play. Betsy smiled at me.

“Let's dance,” She said. We had drunken a lot. Like a lot. We planned on dying that night. We had boarded our death 4 days ago and now we're gonna live our last hour or so out to the fullest before the cold water sucks the life out of us.

“Come on! Just like when we were young,” She said and I grabbed her waist and we spun around. Our breaths were cold and everything around us was as well. But we were alive.

We laughed and sang to a stupid tune. We were drunk out of our mines. The water would freeze us to death in 15 minutes or so. The alcohol would burn much longer than that, so we wouldn't feel any pain.

“I love you, Betsy! I love you so much,” I yelled with a smile.

She laughed a drunk laugh and kissed me. It was a long kiss and the first one we had in public in the 30 years we had been together.

“We live together we die together,” Betsy said.

“I love you to the very end, my dear,” I said and what we were standing on broke and we slipped down into the freezing cold water.

“Don't leave my side honey,” Betsy said.

“I won't,” I said and we took our final breaths and we went under the cold water. Just sinking together, holding each other till our very last moments. I opened my eyes one last time and smiled at my dearest Betsy as we sank to our deaths.


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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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