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Thousand Years of Love

The Legend of the Peach Blossom with Human Face and the Demon

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Thousand Years of Love
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Frost City is located in the ancient glacier, an extremely cold place covered with snow all year round. Luo is a pure white riding on a beautiful unicorn, with a name that is as fast as lightning. Xue Bai has entered the ancient glacier, and the icy cold wind roars and blows Luo's flowing long hair. With a few cold drops on his face, it turns out that it is snowing, and the snow has suppressed the violent wind, and the world is quiet. Raise her face and let Xuexue lightly stroke his face. "Ruyi" is a spirit beast. It is human, so it automatically slows down and enjoys the softness and warmth of this cold world with Luo! Go deeper, Luo Cai Understand why this place is called the Ancient Glacier, because there is indeed a glacier as wide as a large lake. This glacier is blue, clear, and transparent, but there are no living creatures. Occasionally, a piece of ice floats and collides with the ice in the river and makes a sound. It spread far in this open space. Suddenly the keen sense of "Ruyi" was no longer leisurely, and he let out a heavy roar, Luo retracted his viewing eyes, and a village seemed to be looming in the fluttering snow, faintly drifting with the breeze. The smell of blood, there is no need for Luo to speak, "Ruyi" has rushed away like lightning, the closer, the stronger the smell of blood in the air, finally. ----- Luo is shocked, and he is really hell in front of him, terrible. , The huge village is silent, silent because of death! There are corpses everywhere, it should be accurate to say that there are corpses of men, women, and children! Luo's face is red and distorted with anger and pain. After a long time, he jumped to the ground and put his hands together. The condolences of the people who died unjustly! Then use the method to summon the wind to roll up a thousand layers of snow to bury this dead village, and drop three blood-red characters "Xuefei Village" on this big snowdrift.

  Helen Qiushuang's face was bloodless, and he was holding on to welcome Prince Luo's arrival. Everyone could see his weakness, "The city lord is injured? You don't need to be polite." Seeing Prince Luo's look of concern, Helen Qiuxue was moved. With a wry smile, "Thank you, Prince Luo, for your concern. I am really ashamed to let go of this scourge so carelessly. I am incompetent and injured. The surrounding area has already been catastrophic. Alas, I am incompetent--'" Don’t blame yourself. This may be God’s will. You’ve done your best. You are saying that the ability and courage of the city lord are obvious to all. Don’t think about it. It’s important to cultivate your body. Where do the ice and snow often appear?" Luo comforted himself and blamed himself. Helen Qiuxue asked him about some conditions of the ice and snow, "That scourge often appears in Avalanche Canyon, and its nest is there!" Prince Luo looked at Helen Qiushuang’s weakness, so he let him go to rest and told him Don't worry about it, he will find a way and guarantee that this scourge will be eliminated!

  The snow-covered world under the moon looks so quiet. The snow-capped mountains illuminated by the moonlight reflect silver light, and the earth is white, sitting on the highest point of Frost City. At that, the dark blue sky above his head felt so close to the moon and the stars, as if within reach, such a quiet and beautiful world would always have unsatisfactory things, and always suffer malicious killings, Luo sighed and experienced These days, he has realized the true meaning of what his father said. When he saw the tired corpse, his heart was like being pierced by red steel thorns, burning his own heart of the world! When he Sees Helen Qiuxue's pale and haggard face, the body of the life-saving spirit, he was just a city lord, he could have been very free and could not do foreign affairs, talk about the wind and the snow, and enjoy the piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. But- ------In Helen Qiuxue, Luo felt the upright man's spirit and understood the wise man's selfless responsibility! He was shaken, and he began to let go of his heart. Using a man's bearing and vision to examine his position, "Perhaps it's time to encapsulate some memories. I should do what I should do and assume all the responsibilities that I should have assumed. I am the future king. The pain in the world is my pain, and the happiness in the world will be my happiness! "Everything works, Luo suddenly feels a kind of relaxation, his heart covered with thick clouds have begun to seep into the bright moonlight!

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