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By Beauty EtukudoPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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Meanwhile, Philip was busy telling me that maybe the mother was not in a good mood. Philip informed me that he would marry me whether the family liked it or not.

It wasn't easy before the family reluctantly accepted me; it wasn't until Philip threatened to leave abroad and never return, as well as boycott himself from the family, that they understood he was serious about marrying me and decided to marry me.

Six months into the marriage, I lost my mother-in-law, and everyone in the family pointed accusing fingers at me, saying that I killed their mother because she never accepted me. They started calling me a witch and running away from me, they never allowed me to associate with them, and they spread the rumor everywhere.

One thing I liked about Philip was that he always defended me; he never put me at the mercy of his family; instead, he stood by me, battled for me, and ensured that the family did not damage me.

While I was three months pregnant, my husband's oldest sister called to inform us that my father-in-law had passed away due to a heart attack. My husband dropped the call and looked at me suspiciously. He screamed, "Julian, what have I done to you?" I was perplexed and asked him what the problem was. He wailed and said I killed his father 😭.

I was astonished to hear that from him, and I quickly fell into tears as it dawned on me the nemesis I got myself into by marriage. My husband stopped speaking to me for weeks, refused to eat my food, and secluded himself in the guest room for days. I cried, begged, and even agreed to take the oath his family offered me.

Meanwhile, my husband's family did not believe me. They had reported me to the local elders, who summoned both me and my husband. We proceeded to the village for the meeting, and when we arrived, my husband's family requested that I take the oath; everyone in the gathering agreed, save my husband.

He assured them I didn't kill their parents and asked them to offer credible evidence, but they couldn't. Since they couldn't produce any proof, the Elders supported my husband and I did not take the oath.

On the day of the burial, everyone pointed fingers at me and asked each other "to show them that wicked daughter-in-law." Some of the women even used me as a prayer point, saying "may God never allow their son to marry someone who will kill them."

Nobody came to receive the food that my husband and I spent money on to cook; the only people that came to where my canopy was were to praise me for killing their sister and sibling and to wish me happiness now that I have achieved.

It was difficult for me to confront the entire town about what I did not do. I cried my eyeballs out that day, but nobody cared; instead, they said I was crying crocodile tears.

After the burial, I couldn't stay at my husband's village for another day because all I received was anger and nasty wishes from the family.

I was so traumatized that I had both emotional and bodily suffering for months....

I lost my pregnancy two days after arriving in the city, and the doctor attributed it to emotional stress.

I suffered from severe emotional and bodily distress for several months due to my experience. If it were not for my spouse, who was always there to soothe me. That man was God sent; he stuck with me during the difficult period and continually stated that he trusted me.

Wow, it was already a year since the incident, and I was gradually mending.

Everything appears to be fine between me and my spouse; despite the fact that his family had rejected him, he stood by me. He stated he would chose me over his family a thousand times.

I felt privileged to have him as my husband.

I discovered I was pregnant again, and my husband was overjoyed; he thought God had decided to comfort us and that we could begin our lives again. My husband pampered me like eggs; he wouldn't even let me…..

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Beauty Etukudo

A student of NOUN who developed a writing skill on the hospital bed. I learnt to turn my tears into ink and encourage souls out there with my stories. I love to write about life experiences, both mine and the ones people told me. WELCOME.

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