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The Wedding Dress

Don't spoil what's beautiful

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 4 min read
The Wedding Dress
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Our mother sat us down and opened her bedroom closet to reveal a pristine wedding gown. Our eyes widen at the surprising beauty of the dress, sparkling like a snow-white diamond. My sisters and I couldn’t rip our eyes off it. Mother stepped in front of the dress and covered up the light like a sheltering moon.

“Now girls, our family has passed down this wedding dress for generations. I wore it during my wedding day and I’m gifting it to you 3 for when you meet your beloved.”

Middle sister raised her hand and waited for mother to call on her.

“But there’s only one mother, are we going to share it?”

“Yes, unless you were planning on getting married on the same day. Like it was mine, it’s now your duty to take care of this wedding dress. Especially when I’m gone and it’s time to pass it on to the next generation. Can you do that for me?”

We quickly nod our heads, promising our mother that we’ll take care of her gift. At least, I promised to. Suddenly, we hear a ringing sound from the living room.

“I’ll see who that is, be right back.”

Mother was soon gone. All that’s left is us, and the shining dress. Thoughts of me and my sisters enjoying our promised day flood my mind and for the first time in a while, I’m…happy.

Before I can daydream further, eldest jumps and inspects the dress.

“I don’t know about you two, but I can’t help but see an actual diamond in this dress.”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful.”

I nod my head to agree with middle sister.

“No silly, I mean profit. Imagine how much this could go for.”

“Are you serious?”

I tilt my head at eldest too. Why is it always money with her?

“Fine, we won’t sell it. But, let me change some things. There’s no way I’m wearing all white.”

“No, leave it alone! What is wrong with you, we only have one. We should take care of it like mom said.”

“There are more dresses out there, you worry too much teacher’s pet. Let me just-”

“Stop it!”

Middle sister jumps up and starts grappling with eldest…again. This always happens, I’m always left to deal with their mess. Eventually, even the dress is grabbed, another object to fight over.

I want to step in, but I know I can’t stop them. I take a half-step away from their conflict. I don’t want to get accidentally hit again.

“What’s your problem sis, it’s just one small change. I promise to make it better.”

“It always starts with something small, but you won’t stop with just one change. By the end, it won’t be a wedding dress anymore!”

“So you rather fight me? You’ll only make things worse! Let go!”

“No! Better this than-”

*RIP* *Crash*

Time slows to a crawl as the results of their meaningless fight take place. Their natural conflict finally did something that mother won’t forgive. The wedding dress is on the floor, damaged by their fighting. Tears from the harsh floor and rough handling, dirt from their shoes, and imperfect bodies.

Its once brilliant surface is now covered in black dirt and damaged beyond repair. The wonder of the present and future is no more. Anger, but mostly at myself for not stopping them, simmered under the surface at my sisters. But what about mother, what will she think?

Cold water douses my anger at the realization. The gift given to us by our mother, ruined. The memories and all the love shared in that dress, now gone. All future happiness it could have given us and others disappear due to their stupidity. Because of my inaction.

Time resumes and our mother comes back to behold our dark deeds. Her beloved dreams of the future and past, on the ground, dirtied and torn apart.

“Mother, I can explain! It wasn’t my fault!”

Eldest tries her best to shift the blame to us. Middle sister tries to defend herself and shift the blame too. But in the end, mother stops them both and any future conflict.

“I should’ve known you 3 weren’t ready for this, you’re too young. But that doesn’t change what happened or what I said. It’s still your responsibility to take care of the dress.”

Mother pats our heads, looks at us with sympathy, and smiles.

“Instead of fighting, you should work together this time to repair the damage. Maybe you can even surprise me with something that shines even brighter than before. Can you do that for me, for yourselves?”

We look at each other and then at mom. We don’t do it immediately but we eventually nod with determination.

“Good, next time I come to check on our legacy I hope to see your success.”

Mom lets go of our heads, turns around, and leaves with a barely noticeable sorrowful look.

We turn around to see the fruits of our labors and wonder what it will take to repair the damage.

Regardless, it’s up to us now. I look upon our failures and take my sisters’ hands.

“Let’s try, one last time.”

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