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The Valley of the Pionia Tirakian

by Billi Childress 2 months ago in Fantasy · updated 2 months ago
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The War of Pionia Valley

There weren’t always dragons in the valley… that’s what the elders tell us. The elders have been around Pionia Valley for hundreds of years. They tell us stories of a time when there were tall buildings and things called automobiles. People did not believe in magic or dragons, unicorns or fairies. They flew in aero planes, not on the backs of dragons or unicorns. People did not have wings or do spells. My favorite is the story about when the dragons appeared, and magic took over the world. The elder was telling this story now, as we listened intently.

The day started as any other day. The sun was shining in an azure sky. Birds were singing in the trees and children laughed as they played on the grass. I watched as a small, curly haired child ran to her mother with a fist full of daisies, giddy with excitement as she held them out to her. The mother took the flowers with a flourish and wrapped the child in a big hug. The little girl smiled and laughed. It was a touching scene between mother and daughter. I looked away because I began to feel as if I were intruding on a private moment. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply as the wind swept softly across my face, the fragrant smell of lily of the valley and honeysuckle assailed my senses, and I could feel the sun as it bathed my skin in a warm glow.

I sat on a grassy knoll, in the middle of the park that made up the town square. From this vantage point, I could see all of the goings on that took place that day. I simply had to turn my body this way or that. I had gone to the park to sketch for a new painting. We had a lovely town back then. In the middle of the park, sat a grand fountain. The ornate centerpiece were Cherubs playing flutes, trumpets, and various other instruments, the water sprayed from the holes of the instruments. The cherub playing the harp spit water from its mouth. It was this that I had come to paint. I had taken a break to drink in my surroundings, which is why I had found myself watching the mother and daughter, and soaking in the sunshine.

As I reveled in the feelings of happiness and joy, a shadow crossed over me, taking the brightness of the sun with it. I opened my eyes, just as the little girl and her mother, whom I’d been watching only moments earlier, screamed in unison. The toddler burst into tears as her mother quickly picked her up and started to run. They left all of their belongings lying on the ground. I noticed others were also running; seconds later, I realized I, too, should be running. I looked up and saw what I could only describe as a tear, like someone had ripped open the sky, where the sun had been mere moments ago! As I stood frozen, my feet unable to move and my attention focused on the gigantic hole in the sky; I saw a massive shape coming through the rift. I had no idea what I was seeing, but for some reason, I wasn’t frightened in that split second of time. I had been so concentrated on the sky, that I had completely forgotten everything that was happening around me, so I didn’t realize that it was not the hole that had caused the woman and her daughter to scream and run.

It was the huge, scaly creature that had found me firmly rooted to that spot, hot breath on my neck; looming over me, that had caused them to turn tail and run. I slowly turned around, fearful of what exactly I would see due to having only seen a giant, scaly foot next to me. The thing staring back at me was shiny and bright pink. It seemed odd to me since its foot was black. It had a long, pointed snout, big, round eyes that matched the color of its skin, and when it smiled at me, the teeth were as long as my arm. I was unable to scream or run. I could feel the scream welling up inside my chest but when I opened my mouth, nothing came out, not even a squeak. When I say it smiled at me, that is exactly what I mean, it smiled, and I was sure it was because it had found its dinner. To my surprise, and I must say, much to my relief, I in fact was not to be a meal that day.

We stared at each other for what felt like hours, the pink of its scales shining in what sunlight had peeked from behind the opening that had eclipsed it earlier. I don’t think I’d ever seen a pick that was brighter than the color I found myself drawn to that day. I dared not move for fear of what the magnificent creature might do if I did. I am certain I was holding my breath during this interaction because out of nowhere, a strange reverberation fell upon my ears as I waited for what was to come. The words that came with it were lilting and enchanting.

I am Orlana; I come with others like me to make this our new home.

The beast’s mouth never moved, but I had definitely heard the words, and with them I released the breath I’d been holding. I was baffled. I did not know how I had heard words come from something that looked to be reptilian, when it hadn’t even spoken. I took a few steps back to put some distance between myself and what I had decided must be a dragon. Of course, I had never believed such monsters existed. However, I had always enjoyed books and movies about magical creatures and mythical things.

The words from the dragon haunted me as I could not understand how they intended to make this valley their home. Many questions formed in my head. Would they use us as food? Were they going to destroy the world? Did they come only to Pionia Valley or were they all over the earth? I wanted to ask all of those important questions, instead the words that fell from my mouth were,

“How did you speak without moving your mouth?”

I asked it as if that was the most important question to be answered. I waited, filled with curiosity. The voice filled my head.

I speak with my mind. I did not expect you to hear me. I have never spoken to one such as yourself.

As she spoke, the ground shook. A bright green dragon landed beside me, a dark blue one landed behind me, and a red one with a yellow foot landed next to Orlana. I noticed each of these beasts had one foot that was not the same color as the rest of their bodies. The green dragon was even larger than the dragon in front of me, and had what looked to be a white beard hanging from its bottom lip. The beard was the same color as the different colored foot. The blue dragon looked more like Orlana in size and facial structure. I wondered if it was also a female. I saw that it’s foot was a light purple, almost lavender color. As I looked at the red one, I realized that it was the left front foot of the dragons that was mis-colored. The red dragon also had a bearded lip that matched his foot. I made the assumption that the bearded dragons were male dragons, thinking that I would add that to my list of questions. My trepidation grew as more dragons landed near us. I had no idea what was about to happen, but I did not like it. I looked upon Orlana once more.

She looked as if she were communicating with the others; they were all watching her as if waiting for her to send a signal. What kind of signal was unclear, but I hoped it was not one that would bring danger. These beings did not seem to be dangerous, but I had no way of knowing for sure. I stood there, silent and unmoving, until she was finished conversing with her kind. I couldn’t hear her voice and I didn’t hear any other voice, either. Was it possible to hear the others as well? She looked back at me and bowed her head to the ground. I did not expect this gesture nor did I understand it, but it seemed to be the signal the other dragons had been waiting for. They all bowed their heads in the same manner as Orlana had. I saw this as my chance to ask a question that seemed of vital importance to know the answer to.

“Why did you come here to make a home?”

We came here because our home has been destroyed. We had to escape. Now we want this to be our home. We shall make it beautiful like ours was before the wizard took command of the black dragons.

Her answer frightened me. What if the thing they were running from had followed them? I had so many questions; I wasn’t sure which ones to ask first. I wondered if they could speak to all humans. It seemed as much a surprise to her as it had to me, that I’d heard her speaking.

“ Why did all of you bow to me?” I asked the most confusing one first. I wasn’t sure if I should ask more than one question at a time.

We bow because we show you we mean no harm. We bow because you can understand us when we speak with our minds.

“Why does that matter?” Once again I was puzzled.

It matters that you can hear us. It means you are the one we came here to find. It means you are our new king.


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  • FLINX11 days ago

    I like the story art work. Very cool!!!

  • Jack Turnerabout a month ago

    Love it B

  • Chris 2 months ago

    I’m hooked! Hope the author finishes.

  • Ryan Maggard2 months ago

    I really really enjoyed reading this story. It left me asking questions and wanting to know more. I hope she finishes this story!

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