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The Uraeus Chronicles

The Way of Ayiko Namota

By The Fly EarthlingPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Meditating between the golden arches of the temple within the Tora Kiya mountains, Ayiko removes her earbuds, slowly.

A shadow approaches from her rear turning still candlelight to coiling smoke.

“Hm, the legendary Ayiko,” the shadow grunts. “Is it true you have eyes in the back of your head?”

Ayiko remains seated in the lotus position, eyes closed. “No. But it is true that evil carries a certain stench that is unmistakable.”

The shadow moves through the neon resonance of the temple, shedding the luminescence. Glowing in darkness.

“Free will is a gift. Fought for by those who came before me.” Ayiko uncrosses her legs and stands. “Left for me as it was gifted them.”

The shadow slithers along the corners and crevices. “Am I not the essence of that desire? Are you ashamed to call me kin?"

“Intention is the blade of will., Together they form a weapon called purpose. That is what separates you and I. My purpose is to bring you to the light. Your purpose is to devour all things – like a black hole."

The shadow draws a dark blade. “We are molded from darkness, to lay claim to all touched by its gaze.”

“I am fashioned by the light.” Ayiko grabs a katana with white fabric tied around its hilt. “I spread truth as far as I reach.” She turns and faces the dark form and its black aura.

“Our influence is undeniable. We know the secrets of the light. Dormant by day, we own the night,”

“Everything that hides in the dark, must eventually confess under the light.”

“In a world covered in darkness, the light is surrounded by shadow.”

“Everything that hides in the dark, must eventually confess under the light.”

“In a world covered in darkness, the light is bound by shadow! “

“By the wisdom of the three virtues, I banish you from this house and bind you from this realm.”

The shadow swoops. Its dark blade falls like the night itself.

Ayiko attacks with the same fervor. Light and dark clash like forces of nature. Moving around the room in waves. Imposing shadow, fierce light. Lunging, dodging, advancing, retreating. Timing and lethal precision – death’s dance. Ayiko strikes like a blade on a wheel. Spinning and dashing at the shadow, who, bends and contorts to evade.

The shadow’s dark blade howls with sweeping gasps at Ayiko’s torso as Ayiko’s bright blade sings, clashing with the dark, like flashes of lightning.

“You always fought hard Ayiko,” the shadow speaks, in an echoing whisper. “But you were never quite good enough…for anyone. Tell me – how does it feel to be abandoned by everyone you’ve ever known? Discarded?” Discarded?”

The echoing voice of the shadow traces Ayiko’s mind, sewing its seeds. “I forgive,” Ayiko responds – but not to the shadow. Her eyes rest solely on the wrapped hilt of her blade. “I owe no debts to that which I have overcome. I am healed.”

The shadow laughs in what sounds like many voices. “And yet we meet again.”

Ayiko and the shadow are eye to eye with crossed swords, pacing.

“I could feel you Ayiko, trying to wish me away. We used to be inseparable, you and I.”

“I released you.”

“I gave you power when you were weak. When no one else saw your worth. I raised you high. Made them see you. Envy you. Isn’t that what you asked for? Begged for?”

“I don’t run from you shadow. I acknowledge you. And I have grown.”

The shadow takes in the immensity of the dark aura surrounding it. “As have I.” The shadow chases Ayiko with slicing blows. She perries, throwing random objects at the shadow's blade to distract its fury.

“I will always find you Ayiko,” the shadow says,” with its dark blade aimed at Ayiko’s heart, “Do you really believe that you can simply choose the light over me and I will disappear?” The dark swordsman leaps toward Ayiko with an overhead strike.

She catches it with her blade. “I didn’t choose the light over you. I found the light because of you.”

Surprised, the shadow looks down and watches Itself bleed light. Ayiko’s dagger submerged hilt-deep in its side. “I taught you well,” the shadow grins.

The darkness fades. Ayiko cradles the body once draped in shadow. As the cloud clears, Ayiko now clearly sees the face of the dark assassin. It’s her own.

To be continued...

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The Fly Earthling

"In a world where reincarnation is real, Y.O.L.O. has no contextual relevance." - The Fly Earthling

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