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The Survivors


By JackmamaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Surviving until the third hungry night, Noni pinned his eyes on the dog. There was no flesh and blood left on this drifting Iceland, except for the towering icebergs, just the two of them. In that crash, Noni lost his sled, his food, his leather jacket, even his sharp knife. He saved only his beloved hound, Ninook. Today, one man and one dog are trapped on Iceland, maintaining a certain distance and watching each other intently. Noni's past doting on Ninuk is absolutely real, as real as the hunger of the moment, the etching cold of the night and the pain that gnaws at that injured foot. But didn't the people back home also slaughter their dogs to feed their bellies in the wilderness years? Didn't they? They did it without even thinking about it. He told himself that when hunger comes to an end, must be for food, "one of us is destined to be killed by the other," thought Noni, "so ......" he could not kill the dog with his bare hands. The dog. Ninook is far more fierce and powerful than he is. At the moment, he desperately needed a weapon. Taking off his gloves, he removed the bandage from his leg. A few weeks ago, he had injured his leg and had tied it with some rope and three iron plates. He knelt on the ground, inserted a piece of iron plate into the thin crevice of the ice, and rubbed hard with another piece of iron on it. Ninook concentrated on watching him. Noni seemed to feel the gleaming eyes, and emitted a more and more blazing light. He continued to work, and tried to make himself forget its purpose. The sheet iron now had an edge on one side, and sharpened more and more, the sun rose just as he finished the work. Noni pulled the newly sharpened knife out of the ice and rubbed the blade with his thumb. The sun's rays, reflected from the blade, almost made him dazzled for a moment. Noni made himself completely cruel.

"Here, Ninook!" He called softly. The dog looked at him suspiciously.

"Come here, quick!" Noni called. Ninook came a little closer. Noni saw fear in its eyes. He could tell by its sluggish panting and lurching, lumbering steps that it was hungry and in pain. His heart began to weep. He hated himself, but had to be ruthless. Ninook was getting closer, keeping its guard up. Noni felt a heavy breath in his throat, and he could see that its two eyes looked like two wellsprings of pain and grief. Now, now! Attack it! Nony's kneeling body trembled with a fierce choking sob. He spat on the sharp knife and threw it wildly into the distance. With his hands empty, he crawled upside down toward the dog and finally collapsed in the snow. The dog let out a ferocious growl and walked around his body. Nony was now filled with fear. After throwing the knife, he became defenseless. Nony was now weak and defenseless. His life was like a piece of meat hanging in front of Ninook, and his eyes were full of hungry eyes. The dog hovered around him and began to creep up from behind. Noni heard the hungry throat gurgling saliva sound. He closed his eyes, praying that the attack would not be too painful, as he felt its paws on his legs, Ninook's warm panting breath closing in on his neck, and a strong current of air gathering in his throat. Then he felt a hot tongue gently licking him. Nonie opened his eyes and gazed at it suspiciously. He reached out an arm to hold the dog and himself close together and sadly began to whimper - an hour later, a plane took off from the south with a young pilot patrolling along the coast, and he gazed down at the drifting floating water, hovering directly above the iceberg, when he saw a blinding flash of light. It was the glow of sunlight reflecting off an object. His curiosity gradually rose, he lowered his altitude and circled along the iceberg. At this time, he found a bunch of black shadows in the shadow of the iceberg, from the shape of what seems to be human. As if the shadow was also divided into two. He landed the plane at the water's edge and began to inspect, and found the two shadows, a man and a dog. The boy was unconscious, but assuredly alive, and the dog was whimpering and wailing, too weak to move. As for the light that caught the driver's attention, it was the sharpened sharp knife. It was sticking straight up in the snow not far away, trembling slightly in the wind.


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