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The Prince's Bellow

Act I of Hour-Long Script

By Ace MeleePublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 19 min read
Art AI generated by Dream Wombo, edited by Ace Melee via Picsart

The script is unsuited for Vocal Media's format; therefore, it has been adjusted and revised to fit. It will look like a play, but it's not. The PDF version will be released after the entire script has been uploaded to Vocal. I'm still trying to convert the PDF to a link, but the only way for me is Google Drive, so I can't post it in the actual story.

Characters If Any Group Wants to Act: Kander (19), Haelophes (18), Eris (47), Fiera (?), Quaive (16), Human Servant Girl/Maelilere (15).

Narrator for reading the interior (capitalized description), transitions (bold words), and actions (italicized description between dialogue).



KANDER (19) is sitting on the king's throne. He is the eldest son and heir to the King of Tremis, a magical empire that allows all races to live fairly. He is a mage. He has pale orange short hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a blue mage robe with jewels attached to it, showing his experience in magic.

His fiance, HAELOPHES [Hey-low-fez] (HAELO, for short, 18), sits on his lap, looking and smiling at him. She has no throne, so she stands or sits on Kander’s lap when they are alone. She is a siren. Unlike mermaids, sirens have musical capabilities, can go out of the water, and live in fresh and salt water. She has straight, long pink hair and green eyes. Her wrist has blue and pink mermaid scales that gradually gain opacity as they reach her hands. She is wearing a tropical yellow dress. They are laughing and have a good time.

HAELO: (Sings.) Blessing in the moonlight, the aspiration of the night. We walk towards the flower tree to kiss, and petals swirl around our bliss. The branches swirl us and bind us tight like the lovebirds saying goodnight.

KANDER: (Kisses Haelo.) Beautiful as always, Haelo.

HAELO: I'll keep it sweet just for you.

KANDER: You make my days easier, dear Haelo.


KANDER (CONT'D): Coronation is coming up right after our wedding.

HAELO: When is our wedding? We never proposed a date.

KANDER: Dad and mom are still deciding.

HAELO: Pffft! This is our special day! We should get to plan it.

KANDER: It's their big day too.

HAELO: I get that I'm being added to your family, but it should be us planning our wedding.

KANDER: Royal rules, Haelophes. They also need to plan the perfect time for the coronation and wedding on the same day.

HAELO: Is your brother going to be jealous since you get to become king first?

KANDER: (Shakes head.) No, he is second in line. He is not into being king like me.



The king, ERIS [Ear-ris](47), walks around the hallway, searching for Kander with his wife, FIERA [Fear-uh](30s in appearance), in toe. Eris is a human with brown hair with some gray at the bottom. He has blue eyes. He is wearing a purple suit with gold metal swirling around it. Fiera is an angel with large, high, orange wings with red tips. Unlike her husband, her blonde hair is free of grayness. She also has white pupils, which is standard for angels, and silver eyes.

A human girl servant (15) ends up walking in the same corridor but from the opposite way. She notes the king's and queen's actions of peeking through every door. She stops near them.

HUMAN GIRL SERVANT: Your Majesties, are you looking for something?

Eris jumps from the servant's voice, scaring the servant girl too. Fiera does not– totally expected it.

ERIS: I am looking for my son.

HUMAN GIRL SERVANT: Which one? Quaive? He said he was practicing a wing trick to show off to the trainees.

Fiera sighs in annoyance, and her eyes go back to her head.

FIERA: I told him not to do any wing trick without my supervision.

HUMAN GIRL SERVANT: (Eyes widen.) Whoops.

ERIS: We are actually looking for Kander, but Quaive needs to be summoned too. We are having a little family meeting.

HUMAN GIRL SERVANT: I think Kander is in the throne room with Haelo- I can't say her name even after a year.

FIERA: (Sarcastic.) Don't worry. King Eris keeps forgetting servants' names as if they are not worth it.

ERIS: (Glances at his wife in shock.) Fiera, I do try to remember their names!

He bounces his pointer finger at the servant girl. He squints his eyes as he tries to remember her name.

ERIS (CONT'D): Her name is…


FIERA: Maelilere. [May-lil-ear]

MAELILERE: Correct. I think you need to pop quiz him to remember our names, Your Majesty.

ERIS: Are you sure Kander and Haelophes are in the throne room?

MAELILERE: Yes, Your Majesty. I went by there about five minutes ago. They are in your seat and kis-

ERIS: Wait? In our seats?

MAELILERE: (Shakes head.) No, just your seat.

Fiera and Eris look at each other. It takes a moment for Eris to figure out what she means by that. His eyes widen before furiously shaking his head.

ERIS: Uh-uh! What on Earth do Kander and Haelo think they're doing?! Not kingly material, I believe.

MAELILERE: (Mumbles.) I need to stop snitching on them.

ERIS: (Glances at Maelilere.) Can you summon Quaive to the throne room? I am going to have a chat with Kander.

MAELILERE: Yes, Your Majesty!

Maelilere curtsies to Eris and Fiera before running the other way to fetch Quaive. Eris and Fiera start walking to the throne room.



HAELO: As we become king and queen, only death will make us part.

KANDER: What about love after death?

HAELO: I don’t believe in the afterlife, but I’ll dream of it for you.

KANDER: Don't sirens have a place after death?

HAELO: At the bottom of the ocean or lake.

KANDER: I should've said that differently.

HAELO: You opened up to that.

KANDER: (Cheeky Grins.) You know what else I opened to?

Haelo's smile never fades as he kisses her again.

Eris and Fiera barge into the throne room.


ERIS: (Dramatically shields his eyes.) Gah! I don’t want to see that! Sort yourself out! Get out of my chair; it's not yours yet!

FIERA: (Mumbles to herself.) At least they’re keeping it family-friendly.

Kander and Haelo quickly move off the king's throne. Kander hurries to his throne next to his father's on the left. Haelo sits back on his lap, not wanting to steal Quaive's throne but also not wanting to sit on the floor. She looks back at Kander’s parents. Embarrassed, Haelo stands back up. Fiera snickers. Haelo and Kander also try not to laugh, frustrating Eris even more.

ERIS: Come on! (Points to the door.) A kid-servant literally saw you in here having your moment. Plus, there are hidden cameras around here. Remember?

KANDER: (Nods.) Yes.

HAELO: (Sarcastic.) Free entertainment for the security's lunch break instead of reality TV.

Fiera bursts out laughing. Eris takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

ERIS: Okay. (Clears throat.) We are having a family meeting as soon as your brother gets down here.

A few minutes go by, and Maelilere enters with QUAIVE [Quave](16), talking to each other, presumably in a funny conversation. Quaive is a half-angel, so he can hide his wings. He has his mother's blonde hair and white pupils but with blue eyes. He is in a cream-colored general suit with deep blue feathers attached to it.

King Eris looks at Quaive.

ERIS (CONT'D): You two better not have been flirting all the way down here with the girl. I understand you are close in age, but I already had to deal with your brother.

QUAIVE: We were just talking, father.

MAELILERE: He is not my type, your majesty. He seems to be a great guy to be friends with.


ERIS: (Sarcastic and amused.) Congratulations, my son. You gained a new friend.

Maelilere curtsies and rushes out of the room.

QUAIVE: (Displeased.) Thanks…

[A moment of silence.]

QUAIVE (CONT'D): I already had to deal with some security guards chatting to each other about how Kander and Haelo are making out in your seat for a good five minutes.

KANDER: (Almost rockets off his seat.) What?! (Shrugs his hands.) We never made out! We kissed only a few times! Do they really think we are practicing 7 Minutes in Heaven in here?


QUAIVE: Unlike me, you know what's too far, but sometimes push it.

Quaive smirks at Kander. He snaps his finger before pointing at him with a wink. Eris massages his eyes briefly.

ERIS: (Mumbles.) I wonder who they get their behavior from.

He glares at Fiera, who grins. Yeah, she overheard that.

FIERA: Hey, don't blame me! They are acting like you are in your prime.

HAELO: (Whispers to Kander.) Next time, we should play Twister on the glass island in the pool.

Kander looks at his mother, who is talking to his father. Quaive is just standing there, not knowing what to do.

KANDER: (Whispers back.) We would either slip and fall into the bar or back into the pool. Should we invite the whole family in?

HAELO: (Staring at Kander's parents while whispering to him.) Nah.

QUAIVE: (Loudly.) Um, why are we all here?

ERIS: (Holds three fingers up.) Three things- traveling, marriage, and coronation.

FIERA: Our neighboring empire, Groatia [Grow-shuh], wants to negotiate and create an alliance and open our country to refugees from Maradon.

HAELO: My friends from Maradon stated it's getting awful there. They had to migrate away from the peninsula to another coastal empire. Can the humans accept and make amends?

FIERA: Unfortunately not, Haelo. We are just hoping that Maradon doesn't try to attack us. I'm not fond of humans despising us, either. We have a common ancestor, but not common enough to see us as them.

ERIS: We pray that there is no war.

HAELO: They don't mind your kind, Fiera, because your DNA blends into the divine.

FIERA: Demons too; however, stories and beliefs ruin their portrayal. I know not all demons are evil; we just have to watch out for the ones that are or shouldn't be messed with. Groatia's main population is demons and angels.

KANDER: Should I come with? I am going to be king, after all.

FIERA: No. You have already done some outside training. Your brother needs to get out of this palace-

QUAIVE: Wait, what? Kander is more fit for that than me.

FIERA (Sternly glances at Quaive.) Your brother will be rehearsing his wedding and coronation along with Haelophes. Sorry, Quaive, you're not getting out of this one. I know you love talking to us, but time to get out more.

QUAIVE: (Mumbles.) Darn it.

KANDER: When's the wedding?

ERIS: When mother and Quaive return from Groatia. I'll be in charge of making sure both of you are ready for your coronation.

FIERA: Better not look like an unicorn exploding like last time.

ERIS: Oh my gosh, Fiera! My mother brought in a unicorn pinata after all the guests had left.

FIERA: (Waves her finger around.) No, not a pinata! There was no candy in it!

Kander, Haelo, and Quaive look at each other back and forth, confused, while Eris and Fiera argue.

FIERA (CONT'D): Save the Unicorn Movement!

HAELO: (Whispering to Kander.) I am going to miss her when she is gone.

KANDER: (Whispers back.) She won't be gone for long.

Fiera stops playfully arguing with Eris and turns her head to Haelo, tilting backward.

FIERA: Five days.

HAELO (V.O.): Having a mother-in-law with excellent hearing is going to be fun to handle.



Kander and Haelo sneak out into the pool area. The servants went home or settled down for the night. Both of them are in their swimsuits. They set their towels down on the stone pavement.

HAELO: (Whispers.) Will the guards see this on camera?

KANDER: (Whispers.) There aren't any.

HAELO: (Speaks a bit louder.) Why?

KANDER: (Talks almost normally.) A couple of times, people got too carefree around night hours. They only monitor the pool's entrances, but we might let experienced and mature guards monitor the pool with the cameras.



HAELO (CONT'D): Did you bring the Twister game?

KANDER: I don't know where it went.

HAELO: Your mother probably overheard us whispering. She is good at acting as if she is not hearing us whisper.

KANDER: Her family trained her to do that. They also told her not to do anything unless necessary. For instance, she might walk into Groatia's castle and hear spies leaking about an upcoming attack. She will inform King Reico about it. She probably took Twister away, so we can't injure ourselves before the wedding.

HAELO: Why people can't just be silent? It's not like she can read minds...

KANDER: Spies need to report back somehow.

HAELO: Computers?

KANDER: Some empires monitor messages vigorously.

HAELO: Private connections with only links between spies and the company? They don't need the internet to communicate.

KANDER: You have a point. If they are careful, they are less likely to be caught. Humans rely on technology to get by, while we rely on technology and magical attributes. They might get away with it if they are out of earshot of angels with solid hearing. It's more difficult with an aura reader nearby.

HAELO (Raises brow.) Aura reader? Sorry, sirens from Maradon are never taught that, so please enlighten me.

KANDER: Angelic or demonic aura readers can see people's auras, exposing their facades. If a spy has a fake great relationship with the enemy, the aura readers can see who they truly are.

HAELO: Dang. In the human territories, they may get in trouble.

KANDER: Demonic aura reader- yes. Angel aura reader- no. Even human empires are trying to go after ones in witchcraft or are psychics. Yes, humans can have abilities more than they realize.

HAELO: Do you know any angels or demons that are aura-readers?


KANDER: Quaive.

HAELO: (Baffled.) I didn't know this about him.

KANDER: Aura readers can turn their abilities on and off. If he only practices during mandatory royal meetings or goes to other countries. Since half-angels take longer to master their powers, it might take him three more years. Plus, Quaive leans more towards his human side.

HAELO: Are we out of earshot for your mom at this pool? Your parents' room is on the other side of this castle, and who knows how much range your mother has in store.

KANDER: I don't know.

HAELO: May you cast a shield to block out what they hear from this pool?

KANDER: Great idea. Quaive is on this side, but the chances of him snitching are pretty low. He is probably dead asleep by now.

A gray plasmic sphere manifests from Kander's hands. He opens his arms wide, and the sphere expands, covering the courtyard.

KANDER (CONT'D): If another mage is trying to kill nearby, or I am doing a kill-intent form of magic, my mother will know immediately.

HAELO: Okay...


KANDER: Let's go swimming.

HAELO: Yeah. (Chuckles.) Can't believe we talked seriously for a few minutes.

Kander uses the stairs to go into the water.

KANDER: (Shivers.) Water cold. Too cold for Kander.

Kander raises his hand above the water. His hand glows a fiery mist. He slams it back in the water again and rapidly opens his hand. The energy spreads out, turning the pool into a large hot tub.

HAELO: Ha! Not even the coldest of the oceans will stop a siren.

KANDER: Get in the water then.

Haelo looks at the waxing moon, which is close to a full moon in the sky. She looks back at Kander before running and diving in. Her skin turns light pink, and the border lines on the scales on her wrist glow azure. Her ears turn pointy. Extra webbing emerges between her fingers. Her legs merge and morph into a beautiful tail with the same scale patterns. The top of her pink bikini stays. Haelo emerges from underwater, whipping her hair around.

KANDER (CONT'D): Beautiful even in your siren form.

HAELO: Handsome as ever, even when you're we-

Kander splashes water on her. She glares at him while spitting excess water out.

HAELO (CONT'D): You man-child!

Kander laughs before Haelo splashes him back.

KANDER: Perfect time to practice our powers in water. A mage versus a siren.

HAELO: (Bold.) Good luck, Kander. My powers will surge you right into the castle walls.

She points to the castle walls.

KANDER: (Proudly smirks.) I wish you luck. My power will blow you right out of the water- pun intended.

The battle starts with Haelo creating a siren scream towards Kander. Kander covers his ears in order not to lose his hearing. He squints his eyes close. As he opens again, a wave hurdles straight toward him. He keeps himself composed. His hand quickly glows blue and splits the surge into two waves. He shoves it away to the walls but makes them flat around her, ensuring Haelo isn't aware of what he is doing. He intends to make them turn back around and strike her from behind.

She slams her fist into the water, and a watery trident materializes, turning more solid. It matches the same colors as Haelo's scales. The surge wave that Kander split earlier finally turns and combines into one wave, hitting Haelo right behind her before she makes a move. She flops in the water.

Haelo comes back up, a little agitated that Kander got the first hit.

HAELO: Okay, let's play dirty now!

KANDER: (Smug.) I thought we already were.

Haelo and Kander go back and forth, abusing the water to attack each other. They are equals. The hot water thrashes against the shield, raining it back down again. Haelo uses her trident to concentrate more on where the water is going and pack more punch. They both send waves at each other; the currents take them out of the water, hitting the courtyard's polished stone walls.

Kander is the first to get up, while Haelo slowly does. He walks over to her. Haelo, not waiting for his attack, the trident reappears in her hand. Her head tilted sideways, ready for the challenge. She uses the weapon to conjure the water around her before aiming her trident at Kander, guiding the liquid to launch at him at great speeds. Kander stands his ground, creating another shield to weaken the impact. His feet get pushed back, but he is still standing.

HAELO: It's envying that mages possess multiple abilities.

KANDER: It'll take a while to master it for me, but your singular power will master faster.

They resume their fight, tossing hits one to another. Instead of slamming the water against the walls, their powers filled the pool. By the time they are finished, the water is two and a half feet above the pool, flooding the courtyard. Haelo and Kander breathe heavily, lying against adjacent walls. Haelo is back in her normal form, looking at Kander.

HAELO: (Breathing.) I'm glad you put that shield up; otherwise, it might have gone inside the castle.

KANDER: (Also breathing.) Yeah. No damage has been done, and no one heard our water fight.

HAELO: We should do this again another time.

Kander tips his head back before rocking back up. He raises his hand, and it glows blue. The water instantly recedes into the pool, returning to safe water levels. The courtyard dries up at a rapid rate. He magically repairs the pool and the courtyard. He turns back to Haelo.

KANDER: We should, but first, let us get some drinks at the bar.

HAELO: (Hesitant.) Uhhhh, Kander...?

KANDER: Servants stock the bar up with drinks for kids. It's not an adult-only bar.


Kander walks and places his feet on the first steps of the pool. He glances back at Haelo and gestures for her to come back in.

Haelo gets up and dives in, turning into her siren form again. They both swim to the glass island in the middle of the pool. Kander uses a ladder to climb inside the bar. Haelo sits on one of the seats.

KANDER: So, what do you like? Fruit punch? Lemonade? Cranberry? Any other requests?

HAELO: Sure. Can you mix lemonade into the cranberry, please? Half and half.

KANDER: (Winks.) Got it.

He grabs a red cup and starts pouring cranberry in the first, followed by lemonade. He gives it to her.

HAELO: Thanks.

Haelo starts drinking

Kander makes himself a cup of lemonade. He crawls out of the bar and onto the glass island before sitting next to Haelo.

HAELO (CONT'D): (Sips.) This tastes so much better after fighting.

KANDER: Can agree.

HAELO: (Grins.) We should fight more often.

KANDER: ...Not literally, I hope.

HAELO: Up to you. How about fire and water next time?

KANDER: (A little nervous.) That will be fun, but not a sneaky fight using bright attacks.


Haelo looks at the moon again and relaxfully sighs.

HAELO: Just five more days to enjoy each other as fiances.

KANDER: Then, we will become husband and wife.

HAELO: And King and Queen of Tremis.



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Ace Melee

Hello, everyone! Creative writing is an essential asset for me since it frees my imagination from getting hit by the barrier of the skull. It hurts when it's locked in and roars when oppressed- it was destined to soar.

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