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The Perfect Timing.

Covid was our cover up.

By AGBPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Perfect Timing.
Photo by José Reyes on Unsplash

The decision didn't come lightly. We had been thinking about it for some time. I'm sure many of you have thought of it too, but we were the only ones with the guts to do it. Can you really blame us in this economy?

We used to be like you, living the daily 9 to 5 regiment. Long hours of work rewarded with scraps! Constantly struggling with the bills! Drowning in the abyss! We HATE every moment of it! Don't fool yourself, you do too.

But that all changed one morning with the Covid outbreak all over the news. The mandatory confinements and enforced curfews made it too easy! The streets were empty. The city was deserted. The night was silent. This was our chance to turn our yearning fantasies into reality.

We had it all planned out! The timing, the ATMs route, the truck and the equipment needed to crack them bitches open! We might have been amateurs, but we weren't stupid! We knew we only had one night to get the job done. We practiced until perfection!

We got away with it too! 3 years later and they still don't know who stole all that money.

Living good.


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  • Heather Hublerabout a year ago

    Oh damn, why didn't I think of that, lol? This was such a creative idea, and I kinda love that they got away with it. Great work :)

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