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The Napa Train Disturbance

A cool Stay in San Francisco, Part 5

By Jay LeTron DobbinsPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
The Napa Train Disturbance
Photo by Melanie Hughes on Unsplash

"Now What?" as if I was surprised with the events of what is turning to be a very long day and now the ninjas from GI Joe decides to jump on the train. The lead one, with his Asia accent, started to speak. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I brings me displeasure to disturb such an late afternoon of elegance. However, my organization has suffered a grave inconvenience." He slowly stalks the isle, looking and scanning faces for fear and he continues with his opening monolog. "At about 1:15, Pacific Standard Time, some materials were displaced from our organization and we plan to recover those materials within the next five hours....." he paused and got closer to a senior passenger and said, "or estates will be executed and Will testaments be honored."

"My name is not important, but the height of the matter, the pressing situation; is that you take consideration of your belongings. Anything you have misplaced, we will meet you at the end of the tour and retrieve our material and account this event as a misunderstanding." Janette grabbed my leg and gave me a hard squeeze. All the same time, I was thinking this guy used all his helping verbs. He saw an inquisitive look or my face and decided to approach me. He took his sword and ran it against my tie and said, "Nice suit! Did you acquire it from the Ebony Male of the Year, Collection?" I paused and carefully considered my answer, but my sarcastic vibe could not help me. "You guys go around town all the time hijacking defenseless trains and picking with senior folk?" he got closer to me and I must admit, a degree of admiration was released as I caught wind of his Tom Ford scent, and then I knew these guys were more than diamond thieves.

The moment of stare down lasted for about two minutes, and made way to the rest of the passengers on the train. I then felt a sharp pinch on my leg from Janette and the look on her face as if she would kill me the next time I decided to test my testosteronal levels and a life/death moment. "What!?!" I replied with an innocent look on my face, and the look on Janette's face was close to putting her hands around my neck.

Every exited the train and started their tour of Napa valley. Janette grabbed my arm and said, "What are we going to do, Mister Ebony Male?" I calmly said, "Enjoy the tour and drink some wine!" My thoughts were simply on enjoying the moment and getting to know this incredibly beautiful woman, but the sitcom ninjas derailed those plans. We noticed some local restaurants and took in the scenery and wine country was everything I wished for. Janette and I held hands and started to vibe. At the moment, mister kung-fu interrupted our vibe and gave me another stare. "Do not get in our way, mister Ebony suit! I will destroy you!" Couldn't help myself, "Sure, but before we fight, lets have some tea!" Janette, being the buffer pulled on me and said, "Darling, lets go get some wine! I have heard so much about this place." Me and Saturday night, "Kung-fu Theater" continued to stare at each other as Janette dragged me off. I was so wanted to show him my chosen technique, but I knew to hold off and thinking about these diamonds we left in the room required a greater plan.

I gave Janette and look, and told her that she was the most magnificent women that I have ever seen in all of my days with my eyes. Janette said, "What? Why you trying to get us executed out here?" Gave her a look of relaxation and my body language told her that it was all under control.


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Jay LeTron Dobbins

Casual writer! Love to express in print! Tell people how you feel and love life to the fullest with no regrets. Try to say something good about a person when they can hear it, and not when they are gone! Love like no tomorrow.

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