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The Mysterious Frog


By Keyur PorechaPublished 28 days ago 2 min read

Deep within a dense and age-old forest, veiled in mist and enchantment, there nestled a serene pond overlooked by towering trees. In this tranquil haven, amidst the soft murmur of water and the symphony of nocturnal creatures, resided a legendary being—the Enigmatic Frog.

Whispers of the frog's existence lingered in the tales passed down by generations of villagers living on the forest's fringes. Stories spun of a distant era when magic permeated the world and the Enigmatic Frog stood as a guardian of mysteries and a herald of destiny.

Locals would recount encounters with travelers drawn to the pond's allure. Some claimed glimpses of the frog—a creature cloaked in emerald green, its eyes aglow with an ethereal light. Others shared whispers of peculiar happenings—of dreams realized and wishes granted under the cloak of darkness.

Yet, as time wove its tapestry, the stories faded into folklore, relegating the Enigmatic Frog to a bedtime fable told to youngsters to dissuade them from straying too deep into the woods.

Until one auspicious day, when a young woman named Elara chanced upon the pond while foraging herbs for her ailing grandmother. Pulled by an unseen magnetism, she approached the water's edge, her heart aflutter with a blend of trepidation and intrigue.

There, perched on a lily pad at the pond's heart, sat the Enigmatic Frog. Their eyes met, forging a connection that transcended mundane boundaries.

Without a sound, the frog leapt into the water's embrace, leaving Elara standing alone on the shore, her mind awash with wonder and reverence.

From that moment on, Elara felt drawn to the pond, unable to resist its mystical allure. Each twilight, she returned, yearning for another glimpse of the elusive frog and the mysteries it held within.

Yet, beyond the Enigmatic Frog's enigmas, the forest concealed darker shadows. Whispers of ancient hexes and vengeful spirits haunted the villagers' slumber, cautioning of impending calamity should anyone disrupt nature's delicate equilibrium.

Undaunted by the forewarnings, Elara persisted, resolved to unveil the truth behind the Enigmatic Frog's essence. Day by day, her fixation deepened, enveloping her every waking thought and propelling her further into the woodland's heart.

However, as she unraveled the pond's mysteries, Elara soon realized that some truths were better left veiled. The Enigmatic Frog was not solely a guardian of enigmas but a custodian of age-old wisdom—a wisdom that foretold doom for those who sought to harness its might.

As Elara's pursuit of answers drew her closer to revelation, she found herself ensnared in a shadowy web from which there was no escape. The Enigmatic Frog harbored secrets not meant for disclosure, exacting a toll on those who dared to unearth them.

Ultimately, it was not Elara who unraveled the Enigmatic Frog's mysteries, but the forest itself—a sentient entity that bore witness to time's passage and life's ebb and flow.

As twilight descended upon the ancient woodland, casting elongated shadows over the pond, the Enigmatic Frog perched in silence, its eyes gleaming with an otherworldly luminescence—a custodian of secrets forever tethered to the forest's depths and the souls daring to seek its sagacity.


About the Creator

Keyur Porecha

A deep thinker, analyser, researcher who loves to explore the unknown facts and insides of a topic. Love creating short stories which may be a good tool to love reading for the active readers who like stories and get inspired as well.

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