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The Myriad Fortune Teller

11 Myriad Circle

By Amos GladePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
The Myriad Fortune Teller
Photo by Fernando Venzano on Unsplash

Madame Lunett Forrel gestured the couple to sit.

“You are seeking compassion for a dying loved one.”

“How did you…”

“Shh,” she placed a finger to her lips.

They were astonished for three hours, stunned, as each new prediction increased with detailed accuracy.

Madame Lunett finished and presented them with the bill.

“Do you take credit?”

“I will get my credit reader,” she exited.

The couple bolted out the door and ran through an alley.

“That was expensive!”

“She couldn’t have been that good anyway, if she could really see the future, she would’ve seen that coming.”

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About the Creator

Amos Glade

I'm Jeff Carter; I wanted a unique & personal pen name. Writing offers an opportunity to create and heal. These stories in the bizarre, horror, and magic realism help inspire me to move forward with novel writing. Thank you for reading.

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  • Desarae Lee10 months ago


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