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The moonlit stranger

A strange man who apears only with a full moon

By Fatima khoujallyPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The Moonlit Stranger

In the quaint village of Eldenwood, nestled deep within the ancient forest, there was a legend whispered among the villagers. Every full moon, a mysterious man appeared, his presence shrouded in enigma and intrigue. No one knew his name or where he came from, but his visits were always marked by a series of inexplicable events.

The villagers called him the Moonlit Stranger.

One clear, crisp night, as the full moon hung high in the sky, casting its silver light upon the cobblestone streets, young Elara, a curious and adventurous girl, decided to uncover the truth about the Moonlit Stranger. She had grown up hearing the tales and was determined to see him for herself.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Elara crept through the silent village, her footsteps muffled by the soft glow of moonlight. She reached the old oak tree at the edge of the village, the spot where the Moonlit Stranger was said to appear. She hid behind a thick trunk, her eyes wide with anticipation.

As the midnight hour approached, a chill breeze rustled the leaves, and a soft mist began to rise from the ground. The village was eerily quiet, the only sound being the distant hoot of an owl. Elara wrapped her cloak tighter around herself, feeling the cool air prickling her skin.

Suddenly, there he was—a tall, shadowy figure stepping out from the mist, his face partially obscured by a hood. His eyes, however, shone with an otherworldly light, reflecting the glow of the moon. His movements were deliberate and graceful, almost as if he were floating rather than walking.

Elara's breath caught in her throat as she watched him. The Moonlit Stranger moved through the village with a purpose, pausing at certain homes, seemingly lost in thought. At each stop, he left behind small trinkets or herbs, which the villagers would find in the morning, believing them to be gifts from the spirits. These gifts were always exactly what was needed—medicinal herbs for the sick, charms for protection, and tokens of hope for the weary.

Elara mustered her courage and stepped out from her hiding place. "Who are you?" she called softly, her voice trembling but resolute.

The Moonlit Stranger turned slowly, his eyes locking onto hers. For a moment, they stood in silence, the world around them frozen in time. Then, he spoke, his voice a gentle whisper that seemed to blend with the night breeze.

"I am a guardian of this village," he said. "Bound to appear only when the moon is full. Long ago, I made a promise to protect Eldenwood and its people from the shadows that lurk beyond the forest."

Elara's curiosity grew. "Why only during a full moon?"

The Stranger's gaze turned wistful. "The full moon's light strengthens the barrier between the seen and the unseen. It is during this time that I can cross over to fulfill my duties."

Elara took a step closer, her fear melting away. "Can you teach me? I want to help protect the village too."

A faint smile touched the Stranger's lips. "You have a brave heart, Elara. Meet me here on the next full moon, and I will show you the ways of the guardians."

With that, the Moonlit Stranger vanished into the mist, leaving Elara with a sense of wonder and purpose. She stood there for a while, absorbing the night's events and the promise of what was to come.

From that night on, every full moon, Elara would meet the Stranger at the old oak tree. He taught her about the ancient herbs, the protective symbols, and the secrets of the forest. They spent hours under the moonlight, learning and practicing the arts that had been passed down through generations. Elara discovered that the forest was alive with magic and that every plant and creature had a role in the delicate balance of their world.

Together, they safeguarded Eldenwood, ensuring that the village remained a place of peace and harmony. The villagers noticed a change in Elara; she became more confident and wise beyond her years. They marveled at the way she seemed to know exactly what was needed to keep the village safe and prosperous.

The legend of the Moonlit Stranger lived on, but now it included the story of a brave girl named Elara, who became the guardian of Eldenwood, guided by the light of the full moon and the wisdom of the mysterious man who appeared only in its glow. Eldenwood thrived under their watch, and the villagers knew that as long as the moon continued to shine, they would be protected by their vigilant guardians.


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