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The Magnificent Feather


By CompyBlancoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

My breath could be seen while standing under the bright green tree, our eyes met not knowing exactly what I'm seeing. The happiest chirp came from his magnificent beak with the stern look on his face and his red eyes that resembled as the prettiest rubies that could ever exist. I calmly chuckled while saying "wow you're one unique looking bird", this is the first time I have seen something that would be considered out of this world. But just as I was about to pet the sunning creature I was called for, my closest friend who is also my maid Lady Meredith needed me to return back to my chamber.

If you couldn't of guessed it already my name is Princess Izabelle and I am from the kingdom Alextonaf, and also the middle sibling of Princess Jasmine and Prince Cley though they usually stay out of my way we're all very close. But today is the day I have chosen my destiny, I'm running away to become a commoner and live my life as a normal person. Why you ask? well who wants to be locked up in a castle with restrictions when I can go out into the open world and sword fight with others, I prefer being outgoing instead of being trapped on a daily basis.

The only people that know about my escape plan is Jasmine, Cley and Merideth other then that it remains secretive. The sun has finally came down and it was time for the family dinner, the intense feeling of pressure aiming towards me by my father King Saber and my mother Queen Karey This is something that's been happening frequently. I gulped and asked what it was that caused them to stare at me for such a long time this time.

My father slammed his glass that was full of wine and demanded me to go to the academy, I laughed sarcastically and replied to his comment "why of all days do you have to pester me about a stupid academy when my sister is the one that's going to be queen one day?" that is when I regretted even speaking to my father because then without a second to think I get told to go to my chamber and reflect on my actions.

When I reached my room the brightest red feather can be seen slowly falling from the sky. as to my surprise it was hot as can be, I inhale while fighting the pain and I glance towards my balcony. It was strange this time because the bird I saw earlier today was on fire yet flying around as if it was happy to see me. I waved at the bird and yelled out cheerfully "Thank you for the gift" and that was the night I have chosen to befriend this ancient creature.

Its been three weeks now and everyday that has passed the bird kept visiting, I've done plenty of research by know and learned that it was the last known to be living Phoenix. I had read that there was plenty more out there just they have been hunted by very cruel people.

I named him Ash and day by day he just keeps growing, but this time it was amazing he's already taller then me and im 5'7 I just can't believe a small bird I have met turned out to be huge and basically prehistoric. I already have many things planned when it comes to leaving the palace but there is one more thing I have decided to add and it wasn't actually a hard decision. I'm taking ash with me just now I got to figure out one specific thing, how do I hide the fact that my bird is a phoenix?


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