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Vision Of Blood

Apocalypse, comedy

By CompyBlancoPublished 3 months ago 5 min read


The screams could be heard from down the block, my group and I scavenge for food and medication. The harsh reality of a zombie apocalypses is hard to believe, but there isn't really much anyone can do about it. We don't have names anymore since no one knows who will all survive till the very end. As of right now there is six of us and everyone goes based off of a letter for a example my name is "M". I'm the leader of the scavenging group, everyone here are strangers that are just doing all they can to survive and this is how the story begins.

It all started off on a Saturday afternoon I was watching a horror movie based on a crime scene, and I lived in a duplex apartment which has always been quiet. I lived with my grandma and my family is across state my neighbors that live next door are all considered as elders and they don't really get out much. While watching the movie I heard my neighbors screaming for help and pounding on my door, so of course not knowing what kind of situation I was about to go through I cracked the door open and the gruesome site that I wouldn't ever wanna see in my entire life had happened.

There was blood everywhere by my front door, the terrifying look on the elderly couples face gave me a hint that something has been happening that I haven't been aware of yet, I let them inside and they kept breathing heavily and mumbling saying that there's monsters out there. I noticed that the elderly woman had a fresh wound on her left forearm, I asked her what happened and she said that the monsters bit her. I asked her what she meant about it being monster and her husband said that the people that live down stairs changed, that they are attacking and eating everybody.

With all the movies I have watched I couldn't believe it, in a instant I thought "Damn.. Zombies I guarantee it". Shockingly I wasn't surprised I mean the worlds already crazy so why not add some undead crazy people into it? When I came into my senses I yelled out "Nope" and pushed the soon to be crazy elderly woman out of my apartment and slammed the door shut. Not even fifteen minutes later the sound of clawing can be heard and growling, yup I called it that lady was infected. Not including that her husband is incredibly mad out of confusion and the fact that I just booted his wife out of door without saying a single word about it. Everything seemed fine to me, I have my own place, my doors locked, food in the fridge and cabinet, and I have more company. Yeah ill be perfectly fine or so I thought.

The groaning noise sounded oddly closer then it use to be as I was calmly going back to what I was doing before which was watching my movie. I slowly look to my left and of course the elderly man that I recently let inside my home out of generosity was bitten and didn't even bother letting me know. I let out a big sigh and made my way to my bedroom without being a rush since he's old I didn't think he'll get that far. Yea I was wrong about that as well, the sixty year old or so man charged at me so I grabbed the closest thing possible... which was a pillow not even that, it was my favorite one.

I desperately fight off the undead man with what I can't believe ended up being the softest thing ever, I shove him to the ground and yell out "NOPE NOT TODAY DEAR SIR" and run to my room, lock the doors and I took a few seconds to think about the fact that my grandma is in the room next to me.. by herself.. Damnit. I grab anything that looked useful to me and wrapped magazines around my arms and darted out of the room where I had to forcefully confront the old dead man that's hungry for human meat.

While struggling to fight off someone that was once twice my age I noticed in the corner of my eye that my balcony window is open and yep you wouldn't of guessed it. He went flying off with no mercy attended, after dealing with my first ever zombie encounter I had a massive adrenaline rush and felt as if I had just entered the movie The Walking Dead.

It's been a few days that has passed and i'm already almost out of food the worst thing I could think about is going outside to fight off who knows how many undead out there. But there wasn't much I could do about it, so I did what was needed, I got geared up and carefully made my way out of the door without bein seen. So many noises can be heard to there being gun shots from a distance away, screaming and groaning. I let out the quietest sigh I've ever done or known that could ever exist and my idiot self heads towards the gunshots.

With all the knowledge that I've gotten off of the walking dead series I smear the blood on me that's from a corpse of a zombie and I mimicked being one and not gonna lie it was pretty interesting walking around with dead people that are looking for alive food which is what I am, I mean seeing how dumb they actually are and how their mistaking me as one of them was kind of funny in a odd and sarcastic way.

To be Continued...


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