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The Last Letter

The words unspoken

By Meesam MawaliPublished about a year ago 5 min read
The Last Letter
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It was a rainy day, the kind that made the city seem quieter and more peaceful than usual. Emily was sitting in her apartment, staring at her computer screen, trying to find the right words to express her thoughts. It was a difficult task because she had never been good at putting her emotions into words.

Emily had just received news that her mother had passed away. It was unexpected, sudden, and heartbreaking. Emily had lost the most important person in her life, and she didn't know how to cope with it. She wanted to write a letter to her mother, to tell her all the things that she had never said before.

As she typed, the words came out slowly, like drops of rain falling from the sky. Emily wrote about her childhood memories, her struggles, and her dreams. She wrote about the things that she wished she had said to her mother when she was still alive. She poured her heart out, hoping that somehow her mother could hear her.

But as she was about to finish the letter, something strange happened. The power went out, and her computer screen went black. Emily panicked, thinking that she had lost everything she had written. But when the power came back on, she saw that her computer had saved the letter automatically.

Emily printed the letter and folded it neatly, placing it in an envelope addressed to her mother. She left her apartment and went outside, walking through the rain to the nearest post office. As she walked, she thought about how strange it was that the power had gone out at that exact moment. It felt like a sign, like her mother was somehow watching over her.

When Emily arrived at the post office, she hesitated for a moment before dropping the envelope into the mailbox. She felt a sense of finality, like this was the last time she would ever communicate with her mother. It was a strange feeling, but also a comforting one. Emily knew that she had said everything that she needed to say.

Days turned into weeks, and Emily continued to mourn her mother's passing. But she also felt a sense of closure, knowing that she had expressed her love and gratitude in the last letter she wrote to her mother. She thought about the power outage that had happened on the day she wrote the letter, wondering if it was a coincidence or something more.

One day, a few weeks later, Emily received a letter in the mail. It was addressed to her, but the handwriting was unfamiliar. She opened the envelope and found a single sheet of paper inside. As she read the words, tears filled her eyes.

The letter was from her mother. It had been written before her passing, but Emily had never seen it until now. In the letter, her mother expressed her love and pride in Emily, telling her all the things that Emily had wanted to hear. She wrote about the memories they had shared and the dreams they had for the future.

Emily realized that the power outage on the day she wrote her letter wasn't a coincidence after all. Her mother had orchestrated it, knowing that Emily needed to express her thoughts and feelings before reading her final words.

It was a bittersweet moment for Emily, knowing that she would never be able to see her mother again but also feeling grateful for the last letter that they had shared. She folded the letter and placed it in a box of memories, knowing that it would always hold a special place in her heart.

As Emily looked out the window at the rain falling outside, she felt a sense of peace. She knew that her mother was watching over her, guiding her through the difficult moments of life. She realized that even in death, her mother's love and support would never truly leave her.

In the days that followed, Emily found comfort in the last letter she had received from her mother. She would read it over and over again, finding new meaning and insights each time. She also began to write letters to her mother regularly, finding solace in the act of putting her thoughts and emotions down on paper.

As time passed, Emily began to heal from her mother's passing. She still missed her dearly, but the pain was no longer as acute as it had been. She found herself smiling more often, thinking about the happy memories they had shared together.

One day, Emily realized that she wanted to share her experience with others. She knew that many people had lost loved ones and were struggling to cope with their grief. She wanted to offer them hope and inspiration, to let them know that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Emily decided to start a blog, where she would share her story and offer advice and support to others who were going through a similar experience. She called it "The Last Letter," in honor of the letter she had shared with her mother.

The blog quickly gained popularity, and Emily received messages from people all over the world, thanking her for sharing her story. They wrote about their own experiences with loss and grief, and how reading Emily's words had helped them to find comfort and healing.

Emily was touched by the outpouring of support and gratitude. She realized that her mother's legacy was not just the love she had given her, but the love she had inspired in others.

In the years that followed, Emily continued to write on her blog, sharing her story and supporting others who were struggling with loss and grief. She also continued to write letters to her mother, feeling a deep connection to her even though she was no longer physically present.

Emily knew that her journey through grief would never truly end, but she was grateful for the love and support that had carried her through the difficult moments. She knew that her mother was still with her, in the memories they had shared and the love that would never fade away.

As she sat down to write another letter to her mother, Emily smiled, feeling a sense of peace and gratitude wash over her. She knew that her words would be heard, and that her mother's love would continue to guide her through the ups and downs of life.

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