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The inception of the Heart-Shaped Locket USB Drive

by Sustainable Scott 11 months ago in Horror
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Revelation of Scott

Scott left his wife and daughter and moved to New Zealand when Trump was elected in February 2016. Scott had severe PTSD from Iraq, it made him hyper-vigilant and very sensitive to his faith, or lack thereof in the American government. He was a huge doomsday prepper from 2011, he thought the world would end in 2012. He had 37 solar panels on his house, a massive garden, and installed a French drain around his property to harvest rainwater. He had a goat, two mini pigs, 10 chickens, rabbits, guina pigs, and a year supply of bottled water, and rice, and beans.

The garden had 60 pounds of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, thyme, basil, sunflowers, onions, and several fresh herbs.

Scott was already a doomsday prepper for 5 years, and In 2015 Scott’s uncle at the pentagon told him America would collapse and a large percentage of the society would not survive because the populated cities were too far away from reliable food supply’s that could support millions of people. He said the rich were tired of paying for the poor and the poor people will be screwed. Scott decided based on the information his uncle gave him to move to New Zealand. His wife thought he was crazy for wanting to leave America, she took Scotts daughter from him and called him a conspiracy Wako, the judge, and police took His wife’s side and did not care to help Scott restore contact with his daughter even though Scott was her primary caretaker the first 4.5 years of her life. All he had was this heart-shaped locket he carried with a USB drive of all their pictures together.

Scott opened the heart-shaped locket USB on his computer staring at his daughters and ex-wife he wondered if he would ever see them again. With all the different vaccines administered Covid-19 Evolved Rapidly. We thought the vaccines would save us but they made Covid way more dangerous. Covid-23 wiped out half of the worlds population. Scott assumed covid 19 was the riches first step in Agenda 21 to reduce the world population and save the planet from a mass extension. Because 4 years before covid 19 , Scott’s uncle at the pentagon told him America would crash because the rich were tired of paying for the poor. Then 4 years later covid 19 happened. By that time Scott had remarried a thai woman and had a son in Australia and a daughter in Denmark with a danish backpacker, he met in New Zealand. He was living in Australia for 3 years with his Thai wife, she also has a daughter in Thailand. 4 Kids in 4 countries, Texas, Denmark, Thailand, and Australia.

Australia and New Zealand were the only countries that escaped the death toll. Who would have thought zinc vitamins would turn out to be the holy grail in the fight against covid. Australia had already for years been exporting vitamins to China, when zinc was discovered to reduce covid transmission, they reduced all exports and supplied their population with zinc vitamins. Early lockdowns on community transmission and zinc vitamins reduced Australia and New Zealand’s death tool to 2% of the global average. India and China were hit the second hardest both losing 60% of their population due to Covid-23, America was hit the hardest, losing over 70% of their population. When covid evolved, the food supply in America was stretched scarce, this caused riots and massive protests that always ended in Gunfire, they thought the guns would save them, but the guns just made everything way more complicated.

Lucy loves bacon.

Covid had spread so rapidly due to the protests, Texas was the only State that maintained law and order. Early on when food inflation struck, Texas restarted the campaign urging their citizens to raise chicken hens, this quick self-sufficient thinking helped keep Texans supplied with fresh chicken, and eggs. This valuable food resource kept Texas supplied with protein, Home-raised Texas chicken became a billion-dollar cash crop. Every house in Texas raised a few hens, and chicks, the industry boomed overnight. . Also because Texas had so much respect for its police, protests in Texas were minimal compared to other states. All the police in Saint Paul and Portland quit their jobs, and with no police, the city’s rapidly spun wildly out of control. The Great protest of 2023 was in every major US City, Ironically at the same time the super covid virus evolved. It was almost like the Great Protest of 2023 was planned at the same time super Covid-23 evolved, half of all the people at the Great Protest of 23 died from Covid in America. This protest was called the great protest because half of America participated, it wrecked every major city in America, the largest protest in world history. Because the population was so armed all the police had to lock down in their stations or flee in vehicles. Texas was the only state the protest didn’t become violent.

Lucy loves chicken nuggets

When Covid started to evolve, it spread so fast and did not develop symptoms until 1 month after being infected, and once symptoms started it was already too late to save. Even with Oxygen, patients suffocated to death due to lack of oxygen. The protest lasted for 3 days of marching and wreaking the streets, in nearly every major city in America was on fire, Houston was the only Texas city to fall. But the national guard and United Nations enacted total martial law 3 days was all it took, and America was in ruins, it seemed 500 million guns in the hands of the 350 million people, was a recipe for the worst disaster in world history, 270 million Americans lost their lives. America transformed in those 3 days of darkness into a lake of burning sulphur. Because America is the most armed nation in the world, it has more guns and ammunition in the hands of the public than the next 20 countries combined.

All the plutocrats were on their boats. or underground bunkers… Crime exploded onto the streets, there was such a large amount of Guns, with every person only out for their own survival all the highways turned into death zones, no traffic went anywhere, it made mad max and the walking dead seem like Disney movies. It was the purge times 1 million times more graphic, people faced with death turned into savages, all morality left the people completely. Millions of people were hiding in their houses listening to the gun shots, it was like every neighborhood turned into a shooting range, groups of people were going a looting every place they could. 3 days of the most horrible sounding screams and gunshots and yelling one could imagine. All of America went into a blackout, the phones didn’t work. The military only communicated by radio, those who didn’t die in the first pandemic, died during the protest, and those who didn’t die in the protest, died from covid-23, the ones who didn’t die from covid-23 died from starvation. Texas except for Houston was the only state where the military and police wasmaintained law, but half the people died from Covid-23.

Scott knew this was going to happen to America 5 years before it happened, His uncle at the pentagon warned him. The rich people were tired of paying for the poor, and the poor are screwed, Every state will fair differently. All Scott could do was warn people, but everyone just thought Scott was crazy, no one wanted to leave America, and by the time they decided Scott was right, it was too late to leave America. Scott left America 5 years before Covid 19, all he could do was warn people. Get out of America before it's too late. But no one listened, even the wealthy thought they would be okay, but they had no idea what a savage public would do with 500 million guns. Scott was sounding the alarm bells for years about the sheer amount of Guns in American's hands, what would happen if law and order broke down, but no one listened to Scott. They treated him with major contempt and even justified him losing his daughters. Even though he had an uncle at the pentagon who warned him directly that millions of Americans would not survive. Still, no one listened.

So Scott sat in Australia, with his wife and Son and just stared at the pictures of his daughters wondering if they survived and the world recovers will their mothers still label Scott a crazy person for wanting to move to Australia, or will they actually recognize he was right all along, and everything he was trying to do was to warn people to prepare or to not protest, to become sustainable, so in the event American apocalypse they would be better prepared to survive. If they only listened to scott from the start like Texas did with the Chickens Home raised, then they could have prevented the massive food shortage. Lucky for Scott he has a wild imagination he was able to predict all of this happening, and due to his prediction, the American Government, enacted a self-sufficiency program where the more self-sufficient one becomes the fewer taxes they pay. So gardening, solar panels, and chickens became the new American Dream, and the government also started a gun buyback program where they were able to reduce the number of Guns from 500 million to less than 200 million, and for every gun, they took off the streets they saved 1 American. Scott was given the Nobel Peace prize for predicting the apocalypse and preventing it using sustainability and self-sufficiency. He received a medal of valor, he sacrificed 5 years of his daughters life to save America, his ex-wife who said he was crazy lost custody and scott was given sole custody but even still out of the kindness of his heart let his wife split custody even though she stole 5 years of his daughter's life from him. All because of one vocal post, and Scott's wild imagination, he was able to change his stars and was knighted by the Queen, just because he was blessed with the spirit of insight and could see a danger no one else saw, by seeing it, he prevented it.

It saved the entire world, because if America would have fallen it would have taken the world with it. Scott took the heart-shaped locket USB and put it away, saying a prayer for his daughter's safety and for people to embrace sustainability, because, in the event of food shortages, sustainability and self-sufficiency will save humanity. Imagine how much food could be produced if everyone had fruit trees, and chickens, and a small garden. In the event of any natural disaster, fruit trees alone could sustain the people, let alone free eggs. World hunger would be solved if everyone had a garden, raised hens for free eggs, and fruit trees.


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