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by Sustainable Scott about a year ago in shopping
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Macklemore was right !!

When you need clothes for work, but you don't have money. Just go tothe salvation army, or Good will!!!

I got all these clothes for 70$.

This whole suit was 12$$$. I remember when I lived in the Us and had to buy a suit, I spent close to 350. What a waste of money lol.

Damn son I look pretty fly for 12$!!!

This shirt was 3.50 $.

WOW this fleece jacket was in the womans section, but it fit, and I don't give a hoot who they said it was made for. I make it look good!!

This shirt was only 2.50. What you know bout that white T.

Look good in that White T. Lol

This jacket was 4.50

It's amazing how could you feel when you got money in the bank and you look great! Who cares if someone else wore these clothes before... Thats what sustainablity is all about. Using the old stuff rather then wasting money on the new.

This shirt was only 2.50 $ . It fits nice and snug . Brings out the definition of my guns. lol

This Synonym book was only 2.50.

It's very hard for me to be apathetic to people who say they don't have money, but mean while they are wasting money on clothes and purses and unnecessary things. It is the most phlegmatic way to live. If you are one dollar in debt, that means you are paying someone else interest on your goods. So why not save money now, live cheaply buying used clothes and furniture then become debt free.

Living any other way is completely insensible. Many people are too afraid too Mercurial to open their eyes to how the marketing people brain wash us into thinking we have to spend big money to look good. The marketing people are most Proteus and chameleonic in their tactics to get rich off the poor peoples back. What I'm saying is, " Why is the NORM to spend big money to look good and feel good. Why is it considered Indecorous and improper to purchase used products? We are destroying the planet. There is millions of clothes out there that look great and are pennys on the dollar compared to the new stuff from the store. We have to persuade people to change their way of life. Get out of debt should always be the first on the priority. Above , clothes, and material things. If you live like no one else now, you can LIVE like no one else in the future!!! Cost of living is increasing at a rate that seems impossible to keep up with. We have to make chaste and induce a new level of thinking. Or we will all be surly starving if we keep trying to play the game of keeping up with the Jones.

If you love yourself, who cares what clothes you put on. They are not you. Its your ego that tells you must spend big money to look good. Buy used everything. Become rich and you will be way happier then living your life pay check to paycheck trying to play the consumerism game, the TV tells us we should live. But macklemore paints a beautiful picture with his thrift shop song.

Sustainability will save humanity.


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