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The Goddess of Kindness

Restoring Peace and Prosperity

By Miracle SolomonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the quaint village of Ngekwe, where tranquility and prosperity intertwined like the threads of a finely woven tapestry, life flowed smoothly for its inhabitants. The village was a beacon of harmony, drawing people from neighboring settlements who sought to partake in its prosperity. Among them was a striking young woman named Kaso, whose arrival stirred a ripple of curiosity among the villagers.

Kaso's path crossed with Maku, the wife of a renowned hunter, who found herself inexplicably uneasy in Kaso's presence. Despite Maku's reservations, a compassionate teenage girl named Lana stepped forward to assist Kaso in finding lodging. There was an undeniable warmth emanating from Kaso, yet an enigmatic aura surrounded her, captivating the villagers' attention.

As weeks passed, Ngekwe's serenity was shattered by a series of unsettling events. Girls began vanishing without a trace, instilling fear and unease among the womenfolk. Concerned whispers spread through the village, prompting the intervention of Chief Priest Nacor, who sensed an ominous presence lurking in their midst.

Maku's memory stirred, recalling her encounter with Kaso, whom she suspected to be linked to the mysterious disappearances. Fearing for their safety, the villagers took matters into their own hands, imprisoning Kaso while Lana secretly provided her sustenance. However, on the seventh day of her confinement, Kaso inexplicably vanished, leaving behind an air of mystique.

The villagers' actions drew the ire of Chief Priest Nacor upon his arrival, who condemned their rash judgment. He revealed Kaso's true nature as a benevolent goddess who traversed villages in disguise, bestowing blessings upon those who showed her kindness. Only Kaso possessed the power to uncover the truth behind the disappearances plaguing Ngekwe.

Apologies were offered, and Kaso unveiled the sinister presence of a demon possessing Mgbegi, Maku's daughter, responsible for the unsettling events. With a flicker of divine intervention, Kaso banished the malevolent entity, restoring peace and prosperity to Ngekwe.

Before bidding farewell, Kaso bestowed upon Lana and her mother boundless riches as a token of gratitude for their unwavering kindness. And so, with her departure, Kaso left behind a legacy of hope and goodwill, etched in the hearts of the villagers of Ngekwe for generations to come.

FantasyShort StoryAdventure

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Miracle Solomon

African Folk Writer

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