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the gittens

by Miranda Writes, Ltd (that's my pen name!) about a month ago in Horror
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under the keep

This night a single candle glowered in the window

"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window." One night... this night like in the early eave of every other year, this night especially. The candle burned... almost joking at anyone watching... anyone looking for the reason, a reason behind the smell and mewly cries that come across through the low woods this time of night.

It was said that old Mr. Jenking had that girl tied up in the basement... the cellar way back, not knowin what to do about her fiasco. She had a habit no one could understand and she made them part of her tricks and pranks she was playin on folks around hereabouts. She'd take them out and drop them all over town and hide back laughin about the scary faces when they'd seen what she done... what she'd had.

Hollow Creek was long due for some new populating but it wasn't ever being done so some took it into their own hands and that gal was one what made up her mind to see to it getting a change. She set every one of them little ones out there in the public sector so they could run and hide til they find their own place out in the world. She'd take them through the whole birth introduction and weaning routine and then drop 'em off for their own path to be made. And that was her way of "populating" of Hollow Creek.

Out there where the cabin is was all she needed for space to do such. There was others out there but she was the most... just say "fruitful" with making them work out the way she wanted. Don't move your foot to high to step around when you get out there. You may step on some of her "creations"... Old Mr. Jenking did a worse than that move when he ran straight across the bunch of 'em in the tall grass with the mower one year. That's why he's the one got her so tied up and all. Gave him a shock to see all the gore slinging across his path just with the mower. He cut them all .. about six or seven of her newborn mewly "cats"... she'd done dropped them out there in the grass and they styed there.. growing. That was three years ago... cats grow fast especially when they is half-human ya know. None of them he found stayed alive, but them others... the ones she drops out in town and runs to laugh about... them, some of 'em are grown as they can get seeing as to what they is and all. I suppose if it was anything else it might be a bit more frightful, but since she been tied up down there in that cabin, she don't do no harm much no more. Old Mr. Jenking keeps her "pacified."

No one goes out there cause of all the noise and cause of her early beginnings.. no one but Mr. Jenking and he takes her some things out there. Nobody mustered up enough nerve to peek into that place lately. I suspect there's something big going on though... some of us kept track of what he's been taking out there. The candle and all that says it's something big about to happen for her... bigger than a mewly cat... a litter of them don't take much; but she riled Mr. Jenking up with that butchering mower routine. He went over to the other side... so to speak. He. he, uhhh... he takes her animal friends and she accepts em. It's smething big.. the candle light ...the candle lights ...


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Miranda Writes, Ltd (that's my pen name!)

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