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The Forgotten Lighthouse


By OlaoluwaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Forgotten Lighthouse
Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

Once upon a time, nestled on the rugged cliffs of a remote island, stood an very old lighthouse. Its white washed walls bore the scars of countless storms, and its lantern room held memories of lost ships and desperate sailors. The villagers always called it “The Forgotten Lighthouse,” for it had long ceased to guide anyone safely home.

Evelyn, a young woman with an insatiable curiosity, had always been drawn to the lighthouse. She’d listen to the whispers carried by the salty winds, tales of ghostly apparitions and hidden treasures. But the villagers warned her: “Stay away, Evelyn. The lighthouse is cursed.”

One stormy night, as lightning split the sky, Evelyn’s resolve wavered. She wrapped herself in a thick woolen cloak and climbed the treacherous path toward the lighthouse. Rain soaked her hair, and the wind howled like a mournful spirit, and Yet, she pressed on.

Inside the lighthouse, the air smelled of damp wood and forgotten dreams. The spiral staircase creaked under her weight as she ascended, step by step. At the top, she found the lantern room—a circular chamber with windows overlooking the tempestuous large sea.

The lantern itself was broken, its glass shattered long ago. But Evelyn’s eyes widened when she saw something else, a tattered journal lying on the floor. Its pages were yellowed, ink fading, but the words were still legible.

“To whoever finds this,” the first entry read, “I am the keeper of this lighthouse. My name is Elias. I write this in my final hours, for I have glimpsed the curse that binds me.”

Evelyn turned the pages, reading Elias’s tale. He had loved a woman named Isabella, a sailor’s daughter. They’d planned to marry, but fate intervened. Isabella’s ship vanished during a ferocious storm, and Elias blamed himself for not guiding her safely home.

“I hear her cries,” Elias wrote. “Her ghost haunts this lighthouse, seeking solace. I’ve tried to appease her, but the curse grows stronger and Stronger. I am trapped here, my soul tethered to this beacon of lost hope.”

Evelyn’s heart ached for Elias. She wondered if Isabella’s spirit still lingered, lost and restless. Perhaps she could break the curse, release Elias from his lonely vigil.

As dawn approached, Evelyn made her decision. She scoured the island for clues, piecing together Isabella’s story. She discovered an ancient seashell necklace, the same one Isabella had worn on the night of her disappearance.

Back in the lantern room, Evelyn held the necklace aloft. The storm raged outside, rain battering the windows. She whispered, “Isabella, please forgive me. Let go of your pain.”

The room trembled, and the broken lantern flickered. Evelyn felt a presence,a soft touch on her cheek. Then, Elias appeared before her, his form translucent yet filled with gratitude.

“Thank you very much,” he murmured. “You’ve broken the dark curse. Now I can rest, finally.”

And with those words, Elias faded into the mist and dust, leaving Evelyn alone in the lighthouse. The storm subsided, and sunlight streamed through the cracked windows.

From that day on, the villagers noticed a change. The lighthouse no longer stood forgotten. Its light glimmered once more, guiding ships safely home. And Evelyn? She became the new light house keeper, tending to the lantern onto the sea and listening to the whispers of the sea.

As for Isabella, her spirit was finally at peace, reunited with Elias beyond the veil. And so, the forgotten lighthouse became a beacon of hope—a reminder that love and sacrifice could break even the darkest curses.


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Ola was born 24th May 2011

He is a Story teller, Reasearcher, Poem Writer and lot more

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