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The Fantasy Novel of F. Blaine

Venturing in the deep world

By Feathermoon Published 4 months ago 3 min read
The Maine Forest

Flora Blaine, 16, loved to explore the forest near her village. In fact she had always dreamed about being an explorer.

The villagers were fearful of the Maine forest and avoided going deep into the woods, but Flora found it enchanting. She would pack snacks and her journal and spend hours wandering under the dense canopy of trees, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and small animals rustling in the bushes.

One sunny morning, Flora ventured deeper into the forest than she ever had before. She walked for hours mesmerized by colorful wildflowers and massive ancient trees at every turn. Eventually, she came upon a part of the woods that seemed somewhat strange and unfamiliar. The tree trunks were wider, the leaves of the trees were a deeper shade of green, and there were peculiar noises in the distance that she couldn't identify.

Flora suddenly realized she had wandered too far and was lost. She started walking in the direction she thought she came from but only proceeded to get more confused and disoriented. Nightfall was fast approaching, and Flora started to panic. She set up camp for the night at the base of a huge tree, cold, tired and scared.

In the middle of the night, Flora awoke to see tiny balls of light floating through the air, almost like little glowing fairies. Her initial fear turned to amazement as hundreds of the lights came together to form a glowing path through the forest. With daylight still hours away, Flora decided to follow the lit path, hoping it would lead her out of the woods.

The path of lights led her deep into a part of the forest she had never seen before. The trees here were ancient and towering, covered in a silvery bark that seemed to faintly glow. Strange birds with iridescent feathers flew soundlessly through the canopy above. Flora wondered if she was dreaming, as the entire forest seemed to pulse with a magical energy.

Just as Flora was beginning to worry the lights were leading her farther astray, they delivered her straight to the edge of the forest near her village as dawn broke over the horizon. As she exited the tree line, the lights faded away, leaving her in a state of wonder about the magical events of that evening.

From that day onward, the forest held an even more special place in Flora's imagination and heart. She knew there were mysteries dwelling within its enchanted woods, and she was determined to discover more of its secrets. Her adventures in the forest had only just begun.

Flora returned frequently to explore the ancient woodland, each time venturing deeper into its heart. Stranger creatures crossed her path, from tiny sprites and woodland faeries, to a wise old owl who spoke in riddles and prophecies. She discovered hidden groves bursting with strange flowers that only bloomed at night under the light of the moon, and secret streams flowing with water that seemed to offer visions of past and future when touched.

One night, as Flora lay under the stars on a bed of moss and leaves in her favorite hidden grove, she suddenly realized with a shock that she had been wandering this forest for over a year, yet had never shared news of her adventures with her village or family. As if awakening from an enchanted dream, she returned home at once, only to find 100 years had passed, and she had been gone from the village for a lifetime. She realized with a mixture of joy and sadness that the magical forest had claimed her as its own kin. Her place was now as the forest's eternal guardian and protector. Flora sealed off the woodland borders from the outside world forevermore, and kept its ancient magic safe within.

Young AdultSatireMicrofictionFantasyAdventure

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