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The Echoes of Avarice

The Echoes of Avarice

By Md. Sayhanul ArifPublished 28 days ago 2 min read
The Echoes of Avarice
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The Echoes of Avarice

In the heart of Rangpur, where the shadows dance with secrets and whispers linger like ghosts, there lived a boy named Alvi. His existence was a frail thread woven amidst the frayed edges of the city, where the tempest mists of his eyes mirrored the turmoil within his soul.

Alvi's days were spent scavenging for scraps on the lookout and chasing lost canines along the banks of the Teesta Waterway. The river, a serpentine ribbon of jade, whispered promises of escape from the dusty clutches of Rangpur.

One sweltering evening, while sifting through the sludge near the riverbank, Alvi's fingers brushed against something smooth and cold—a silver locket intricately carved with swirling designs. Curiosity gnawed at him as he pried it open, revealing a solitary pearl resting on a bed of blood-red velvet. Its unnatural glow captivated him.

A throaty voice, like gravel scraping against stone, echoed in his mind, offering the pearl as a reward for his persistence. Alvi dismissed it as a trick of the imagination, but the pearl's warmth against his skin filled him with newfound confidence.

Empowered by the pearl's mysterious influence, Alvi ventured into the market with a boldness he never knew he possessed. His once meek demeanor transformed into one of grandiosity as he bartered with merchants and amassed wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

Days turned into weeks, and Alvi became a fixture in the market, adorned in silks and gold, his pockets overflowing with coins. But with each transaction, a void grew within him, and his newfound wealth became a burden rather than a blessing.

The voice returned, its tone sinister, warning Alvi of the pearl's insidious power. Ignoring the warnings, Alvi craved not just wealth, but power. He manipulated deals with ease, his words laced with the pearl's deceptive influence, until he became the ruler of an empty kingdom, feared by all who crossed his path.

But power, like wealth, came at a price. The once bustling market now lay silent, and Alvi found himself alone, haunted by the echoes of his own greed. His reflection in a nearby puddle revealed a face twisted by avarice, his innocence lost to the darkness within.

In a desperate attempt to break free from the pearl's grasp, Alvi tore it open, only to be consumed by its icy embrace. His screams were drowned out by the silence of the deserted market, as the Teesta Waterway flowed with an unnatural stillness, reflecting the emptiness of his soul.

The moral of Alvi's tale echoed through the empty streets of Rangpur—a reminder that greed is a bottomless pit that consumes even the purest of hearts. True wealth lies not in material possessions, but in the connections we forge and the kindness we share with others. And in the end, it is the echoes of our actions that linger long after we are gone, shaping the legacy we leave behind.

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Md. Sayhanul Arif

Md Sayhanul Arif, a scholar with more than 10 years of involvement, changes complex thoughts into drawing in satisfaction.

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    Md. Sayhanul ArifWritten by Md. Sayhanul Arif

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