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The Driving Crooner

We've Discovered a Profitable Strategy: $40,000 in Three Months with The Driving Crooner

By Benny RobinsonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In the expansive chronicles of The Driving Crooner, the narrative unfolds across the tapestry of several years past, initiated by the fortuitous discovery of "I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson" by my significant other and me. An instantaneous affinity emerged, a harmonic convergence of comedic sensibilities seamlessly interwoven.

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This catalytic encounter propelled us to embark on the establishment of a repository of Twitter memes, christened in homage to a character from the show, Carmine Laguzio. A profusion of memes sprouted forth, accumulating millions of impressions and unexpectedly entwining us in the very fabric of the online community.

Fast-forwarding to May 2023, the unveiling of Season 3 of "I Think You Should Leave" on Netflix became a momentous occasion for us as fervent enthusiasts. Each sketch unfolded with flawless precision, yet one etched an indelible mark: The Driving Crooner.

The premise unfurls with Tim Robinson's character conceptualizing a venture christened "The Driving Crooner." He presides over the digital realm of, peddling decals portraying a fedora hat and a cigar to be affixed artfully to car windows.

This notion, admittedly whimsical, is not happenstance. The character ardently asserts the profundity of its brilliance, endeavoring to unravel the labyrinth of "how to monetize this endeavor."

Midway through our viewing odyssey, a fanciful notion germinated within us: "What if we unearthed a genuinely profitable avenue?" An exploration of Etsy revealed the dormant availability of the "TheDrivingCrooner" moniker, hastily seized by us. For a brief interlude, it lay dormant, akin to embers awaiting a gust of inspiration.

The dormant page awoke from its slumber on a provident Saturday. We meticulously formulated an order for 500 sheets of lustrous vinyl paper, envisioning not just a modest break-even but a conduit for communal jubilation.

Orders began as a trickle, then surged — one, another, five per diem, escalating to 10, then 20. Accompanied by laudatory 5-star reviews, the moment of breakeven transpired swiftly, necessitating an additional order of 500 sheets to satiate the burgeoning demand.

Advancements ensued: meticulous content refinement, the pursuit of high-fidelity photography, and the art of SEO finesse. Our foray into the realm of Amazon swiftly eclipsed the revenue garnered on Etsy.

Then dawned the epoch of innovation: "The Walking Crooner," a tangible and wearable manifestation of the Driving Crooner ethos, metamorphosed into a Halloween Costume. The month of October heralds a zenith in sales, a testament to the adaptability and resonance of our conceptual ingenuity.

This exposition consciously refrains from extolling our entrepreneurial sagacity, attributing all commendations to the comedic luminary, Tim Robinson. The essence here lies in the transformative potential of actualizing an idea. Dormancy was an option, but the impetus for action prevailed.

At present, The Driving Crooner has transcended mere novelty; it has become an integral facet of our lives. My partner and I, in a nightly ritual spanning three lunar cycles, fastidiously manufacture and package myriad decals, an homage to the hands-on craftsmanship that birthed this unforeseen phenomenon.

The uncharted vistas that unfolded are solely attributed to that inaugural stride into the unknown. My earnest entreaty to the reader is to seize the nebulous contours of their own nascent ideas — for within them, the latent brilliance might be, unequivocally, "simply too good."

In culmination, the "Driving Crooner" skit from the "I Think You Should Leave" series has orchestrated a seismic impact on the realm of comedy. Its astute premise and comically adept execution have propelled it into the echelons of viral sensations across various social media conduits. Enthusiasts have wholeheartedly embraced the absurdity inherent in the skit, giving rise to a proliferation of bespoke Driving Crooner memes and fostering a jovial camaraderie among fans. This idiosyncratic manifestation has evolved into a veritable touchstone within the comedic landscape, seamlessly integrating itself alongside antecedent breakout vignettes from the same show. Undoubtedly, its imprint on the tapestry of pop culture is indelible, etching itself as an unforgettable juncture in the annals of comedic history. So, fasten your seatbelts and relish the odyssey with the unparalleled luminary, the Driving Crooner.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    You're doing amazing work—keep it up

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