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The Detriment of Separation

Perhaps Adam was wrong.

By Kelley SteadPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

I have lived six months among the Unspoken, with hooded robes and shaved crowns. They go about their lives in absolute silence, quietly toiling amongst mountain peaks.

Six months I have watched them in silent study.

And today, I understand.

Adam’s mistake was naming earth’s creatures. Separating lion from wolf. Man from God.

For here, there are no labels. No black nor white. No man nor woman. No utterances for love nor greed. Everything is what it is. And nothing more.

We do not come into this world categorized and sorted.

It is thrust upon us— that detriment of separation.

Short StoryFantasy

About the Creator

Kelley Stead

Grew up on a steady diet of Tom Robbins and Stephen King.

Spinning tales in the quiet moments between motherhood and building a business.

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  • L.C. Schäferabout a year ago

    Well written and insightful. It's the first great cruelty inflicted on us when we arrive, and we spend a lifetime continuing that tradition. Its opposite -connection - is the answer to most ills, I think 😁

  • Paul Stewartabout a year ago

    Very thought-provoking! Great bit of microfiction! You have a new subscriber!

  • Labels may serve to divide, but they also serve to illuminate & reveal that which we might otherwise never have noticed. And who is to say that without language we might not find other ways to distinguish & mistreat one another? The harmony of the Unspoken does not arise simply from saying nothing but from a host of other things as well which draws them together.

  • Whoaaa, such a powerful message in so few words! I totally agree with you on this!

  • Roy Stevensabout a year ago

    Wow, that's terrific. Good luck with the challenge Kelley!

  • Nice story😉❤️📝

  • An interesting take on the state of life. Loved this

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