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The Dead Forest

Take a dive into the wild !

By Godwin HeraldPublished 4 months ago 3 min read


" I found it!" Kelly yelled from a distance.

The rest of her friends halted their search, sprung to their feet and waltzed in her direction like two fiery darts.

Finding that orb was their best bet if they were ever going to make it out of the woods alive.

All they could see was an endless array of withered trees and the golden rays of sunlight streaking through them, faintly illuminating the place as the day was already breaking. It was cozy and the musky sweet scent of the decaying leaves around constantly reminded them that the place was once fruitful and green.

The only things interrupting the peaceful quietness of the dead forest were the chirping of birds close by and the strange sounds and growling coming from many miles away. Hopefully, those sounds would never get too close.

The forest was known to be the home of the strangest breed of wild and deadly creatures. Rumors had it that some of them could even make Zombies out of humans. This young trio had already lost their friend, Milo, to one of those beasts and were only lucky enough to escape by the skin of their teeth. Another encounter like that was the last thing they prayed for.

" Are you sure?" Jane asked, with a strong British accent.

She observed the inscriptions on the spherical object and slowly gave Conan, the eldest a meaningful look. Kelly was right. They finally found what they had searched for for so many days, but just then, a deep, thick growl pierced through the moment, popping the bubbles of excitement rising in their bellies.

Whatever that was, it definitely wasn't many miles away. It was right there with them.

In a flash, they all cast their gazes in the direction of the sound, and there, squatting upon a branch was a strange figure, yet, rather familiar. They could almost hear their racing hearts, the sour taste of adrenaline lingered in their tongues, and the hair of their skin stood erect as the figure stared deep into their souls.

Just then, Jane realizedhin

" It's human," She said, " or at least it was. Must be one of those infected by the Riths"

" Is that supposed to make us feel better? We're still gonna die!" Kelly, the youngest among them squealed, almost shrinking behind Jane.

"Wait a minute." Conan muttered, noticing the dagger in the creature's hand. With his brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed, he whispered under his breath, " Milo...?"

In the twinkle of an eye, the figure dashed down from the branch and charged at them with malicious intent.

It had been a month since the four youngsters got trapped in the wild world of the mystical book of Omri. A book Jane's mother gifted her on the new year's eve. They had spent one month off the real world, away from controlling parents and nosy siblings; the best getaway, one would think, but not when you have to deal with a fantastic prison of untold terrors in an unending fight for survival.

" It can't be," Conan whispered.

They watched Milo fight for his and all their lives with all his heart in every swing of his dagger when they were besieged by a venomous herd of Chatalos, they also watched him die by their sting, a day they'd never forget for the rest of their lives - however much that was. But that didn't seem to matter now. By some miracle, he was alive, but he was no longer the fun - loving, tender - hearted 18 - year - old they used to know. He was someone else - something else, and he definitely didn't look like he was up for a chat.

Could he recognize them? Maybe he mistook them for one of the barbarian groups that tried to kill them before - they did look tattered. Or maybe he really was infected, but now was not the time to think, now was the time to flee.

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