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The Cremationist pt.2

A survivor

By NeferitiriPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

Liza sipped her wine at the bar, the music and chatter filling her senses, and giving her a sense of being. Her short black skirt sat graciously at her thighs, reveling her long, toned, and tan legs. Her strapped high heels bounced with her leg every few seconds, occasionally clicking on the metal bar on the stool. Her eyes kept checking the perimeter around her, waiting for someone to strike up a conversation. The light blue button down blouse, was an enticing aspect for the specific people she was looking for.

"This seat taken little lady?" A voice came from behind her.

She spun around and looked at the man, his salt and pepper hair framed his forehead nicely, only to accentuate the wrinkles around his eyes.

"Not at all sir." she smiled sweetly and scooted to the side for him to slid in.

"That is a lovely top you have on, the color suits you well."

"Thank you." she brushed her hair from her face, following his eyes to her amble breast. "I'm Elizabeth." she stuck out her hand

"Governor Ron Echeart." he clasped her hand and gave it a gentle shake, only hard enough to enjoy the jiggle that came afterwards.

"Oh Governor!" she blushed sweetly, "What are you doing at a bar like this? Isn't there a more classier place?"

"Yes, but how else am I supposed to hear the woes of my people, if I am not mingling?"

"I guess that makes sense." she swirled her wine around for a bit, "Does your wife know your here?"

He leaned in, grabbing the back of her chair, the smell of whiskey on his breath infiltrated her nose as he whispered, "I don't have a wife."

Liza drew a breath, holding back all her feelings as she was flooded with a memory of her best friends forced wedding to the man. The creepy grin that stretch across his withered face as he leaned in to force a kiss on the young girl. The tears that streamed down her face, as her body shook in fear.

"Well how did a charming man like your self go this long without some lucky woman snatching you up?"

"Well to be honest, I am married to my work." He winked at her, "How about we go talk about it at the table, want me to get you a drink?"

"Well Sir, you know the rules, a lady is to never accept a drink if she did not watch it be poured."

Governor Ron fished in his pocket, and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it over to Liza, "That is true, here, use this to order us a couple drinks give the rest as a tip, and bring them over. I'll find a table."

"Of course." she grinned, "I will be there shortly."


"Liza! Did you hear about the new call?" Marybeth screamed from the receptionist desk.

"No?" she walked around the corner, "Who did we get?"

"Governor Ron Echeart!"

"That's crazy! Didn't we just have the Mayor?"

Marybeth nodded enthusiastically, "We did! Do you think there is a serial killer? or just weird Co-wink-i-dinkies?"

Liza grabbed the file and thumbed threw it, "Probably just a coincidence Marybeth, stop trying to see a serial killer in everything, gosh you are so new aged weird."

"Tell that to the Ghost standing next to you." she chuckled and went back to sorting files.

Liza stepped into her office, calling the listed wife on the file and setting an appointment for her to come in. She was able to convince her over the phone for cremation, which put a smile on her face, she kicked back and sighed letting her mind wander to relive her past.

"Liza please how do I get out of this?"

"Alice, I don't think you can."

"Please, I don't want to marry him!"

"None of us want to marry any of them."

"Why do we have to?"

"Because it is our place."

"It doesn't feel right."

"It never does. From what the older girls say, it never will."

"I want to escape."

"Me to, but I don't know how to, or where we will go, or even what we will do."

"Once we figure it out, lets do it."

"I want to get everyone out."

Liza sighed at the memory, girls were dreamers and that would never change, but when it came down to actually escaping, Alice was to afraid and it left Liza alone, running threw the forest trying to out run the men and the dogs. Being the Leaders wife, meant she had to much at stake, he was not afraid to cleanse her the moment she stepped out of line. So for her to escape meant no return was possible. If she lived.


Liza stood at the head of the table where the Governor laid, smiling gently she injected the serum into his arm and let him slowly wake.

"Good Morning sleepy head." she said calmly looking down at him.

His eyes bounced around trying to focus, but as soon as the blurry images sharpened up, his eyes widened as he tried to mumble a scream.

"Yes yes, I know, 'Oh no what ever is going to happen? Am I going to die?!' Well lets just say, short answer yes... but probably not how your expecting."

The Governor's eyes bounced around as he mumbled through a mouth half not working, "who are you."

"Oh my dear, you don't remember me? Let see... My name is Liza, I was the leaders main wife at the time... I escaped, oh! I am the bringer of your punishment." she smiled sweetly as she pushed the table across the room to the large metal furnace.

"You?! Your alive?"

"Yes, and soon you wont be, but trust me, you will wish you were dead faster than you are going to be."

"Why, I cant ..." his voice trailed off

"Why can't you move? Oh dear, that's the toxins in your body, see they are coursing threw your veins as we speak, making your limbs not work. similar to that of a spider." she bent down close to his face and smiled, "This is for all my old friends."

she kissed him on the cheek, pressed a button and the door rolled open, grabbing an old sock from a previous body, she shoved it in his mouth, and slide the table to the retort, once it connected his body slid jaggedly onto the cold stones inside the container. his muffled screams barley were noticeable threw the sock.

"Oh this isn't even the worst part, see normally, I would have this already warmed up and ready for which ever loved one I am processing. But for you, you get a nice cold oven, and can preheat with it."

His eyes bulged in fear as he layed there motionless, the realization of what was about to happen flashed threw his face. Liza smiled and wiggled her fingers at him

"Too da loo" as she hit the button to close the door, and then ignited the machine. Muffled screams were drowned out by the sounds of the large oven, as Liza turned away, and walked back to her desk casually to return to her paperwork.

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A hearing impaired, physically disabled Mortuary Science college student, with a love of true crime, horror, and historical fiction. I am a wife, dog Mom, and motorcycle rider.

Dreams of becoming a well known author.<3

Cashapp: $neferitiri

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