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The Cracked Pond

by Mindy Lawson 3 months ago in Short Story

Written By: Mindy L.

Video of someone being rescued out of an icy pond.

Megan was 12 years old and lived in the Northern part of Michigan and she loved it when it would snow. She was never real big on summer but when it came to winter she felt as if she was in Heaven. She grew up with having some really big winters in Levington, Michigan it was right along the edge of Lake Michigan. During the winters in Michigan the Lakes and Ponds would freeze over to the point you could ice skate on them. Now Megan wasn’t real big on ice skating cause she had an accident when she was little and almost fell in once. Her little brother was 8 and he loved icy ponds he was real big on ice hockey, he was on their school ice hockey team. Megan attends every game he has cause their Mother is a single parent that works long hours and is barely home because of it. Megan and her best friend Jennifer would always go down to the mall and spend most of their spare time. The Mall is located right on the shore line of the Big Pond, thats what it was called cause it was the biggest Pond in Michigan you could swim in the summertime or ice skate in the winter. One day Megan decided to go outside and watch the ice skaters that day it was sunny and she had her a nice hot cup of coco and figured why not do something different. The skaters were all training at the time and they looked lovely out there on the shiny ice. She knew one of the skaters very well from school, her name was Lindsey Ellers. They wasn’t friends because Lindsey was one of the real popular kids and Megan doesn’t play sports or anything so she isn’t very popular, as the kids put it. She decided to go closer to the Pond so she could see her brother whenever he got out there, that is where him and his friends would practice when the rink was closed. The skaters were leaving the ice when she arrived and she heard something in the distance and looked around. She couldn’t see anything in sight so she went to go over to the bleachers to get a good seat and she heard it again. That time it was very clear she heard someone yell out HELP. She turned instantly and started looking around and she couldn’t see anything or anyone. She decided to get closer to the Pond so she could see what it was she heard. As soon as she came up on the Pond she heard it again; HELP, HELP! She screamed out where are you, I can’t see you. She put her purse and cup of coco down in the snow and stepped out on the ice. She heard it again and it was much louder, HELP ME, so Megan started to run towards where it sounded like the noise was coming from. She turned around just to check and see if she saw anything behind her and she saw she was over half way out in the middle of the Pond. She started to panic and she heard it again. HELP, HELP ME, it was even closer so she kept going and she notice that some fog was rolling in on the ice and she could barely see anything in front of her. She decided to get on her hands and knees so she could see and she crawled towards the sound. She went about 30 more feet out on the ice and she saw a persons hand reaching out of the water. She froze for a few minutes and had a flash back of when she was 6 and had fell into the pond by their house. She didn’t go completely through but it had broke and her foot went through and she was stuck there till her Mother came to her rescue. Megan heard splashing and she unfroze and seen the hand pop out the water again. She got up and took off running towards the hand. Megan knew just like anyone else that lived in places with frozen ponds, if the ice breaks do not get too close to the cracked area. So once she arrived to a point she knew not to go any further she stopped and yelled I’m here, I’m here to help. Megan only weighed about 94lbs and was skin and bone. She saw the hand come up out the frozen pond again and it was struggling to grab a hold of something. She looked around and there was no one in sight. All of a sudden Megan heard someone yelling Lindsey, Lindsey where are you. Megan knew who’s hand that was at that moment. It had been her classmate Lindsey, she must have fell in when everyone was leaving the ice. The hand came up again and she tried to grab it and was not close enough. Then Lindsey’s mothers voice was getting closer and then Megan could see her a few feet from them. She yelled out and said we are over here, Lindsey fell in the ice. Lindsey's mother saw Megan at that point and started to panic and run towards them and Megan yelled stop. She heard cracking and notice the ice was cracking more around where Lindsey had fell in. Lindsey's mother was about 20 feet from Megan and Megan told her please don’t come any closer it’s cracking more and more. Lindsey's mother said she was calling 911, at that moment a big chunk of ice split apart and started sinking into the water. Just then Lindsey popped up out the icy water and tried to yell, you could barely hear here at that point. Megan knew at that moment that she needed to get closer to her so she could grab her hand. She made sure that she kept talking to Lindsey and letting her know that she was there and what she was doing. Megan remembered how her mom acted when she came to rescue her. So she told Lindsey she was going to get closer to the hole so she could grab her hand. Lindsey’s hand barely made it out the water at that time and Megan knew she had to hurry up. Lindsey's mother was yelling somebody help us please help. Megan tried to concentrate on what she was doing instead. She got to the edge of the ice where it had cracked and there was a big enough hole in the ice for 3 people to fit in. Megan kept hearing the ice crack more and more and she was scared. She yelled out to Lindsey hoping she could hear her and yelled give me your hand. There was nothing for the first 3 times she yelled then with a split second Lindsey’s hand came out the water. Instantly Megan reached for it and she grabbed her hand. Megan got very scared at that point cause she didn’t know if she would be able to pull her out the water. So she closed her eyes prayed that this worked and pulled as hard as she could. With a quick glance to see what was happening Megan saw Lindsey’s head and she kept pulling. She heard the ice crack again and she was scared she was going to fall in too. Well she told herself she can’t give up and she pulled harder. Lindsey was slowly coming out of the water and she was barely breathing. At that point Megan heard the Rescuers voices and she stopped pulling, Lindsey was at the point of where she was laying on the ice but you could only see her head and right under her arms. The lady rescuer said we are here honey don’t be afraid we got you guys. The lady grabbed Megan's hand and then Lindsey's from her and she said it’s ok honey I got her now. So Megan let go but was in such a shock that the Male Rescuer had to grab her and he carried her back to safety. They arrived by the bleachers and she noticed everyone was there starring at them. As soon as they wrapped Megan in a really thick blanket she jumped down out of the mans arms and yelled I have to help her. That was when she saw the Lady Rescuer carrying Lindsey and Lindsey’s mom just stepping off the ice. The next day Megan came downstairs to her mother talking to Mrs. Ellers and she instantly asked her how Lindsey was doing. Mrs. Ellers said she is doing just fine thanks to you, You saved her life and I couldn’t be more thankful and humble for what you did. Megan gave her a hug and told her who else was going to save her everybody else had left the ice. Lindsey had wrote Megan a note for her Mother to give her and she thanked Megan with all that she could and gave Megan her phone number and told her to call her at the hospital. Megan knew that she had done something very good and told herself maybe I should become a rescuer when I get older.

The End!!

Short Story

Mindy Lawson

I am an outgoing outspoken adventurous person who loves her kids.

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Mindy Lawson
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