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She Made It

by Mindy Lawson 2 months ago in Short Story · updated 2 months ago

By: Mindy L.

(Angelica and Betsy)

Life growing up was very rough for Angelica, though her family was not very wealthy as you would put it. That never stopped Angelica though she always went on about her day as if she didn’t care what other people thought of her and her family she knew one day she was going to be a singer and or song writer but she never told anyone about her dream, not even her parents. Angie wasn’t very liked in her school cause she didn’t have fancy clothes and shoes like the other kids. The other kids would call her a skank and tell her she was poor. She used to let it make her cry when she was in grade school but now that she was in her last year of High School she just ignored them. She loved to sing and dance, whenever she wasn’t doing homework she would be on her karaoke machine, singing and dancing in her bedroom.

Angie had two other siblings a brother named Jon who was 5 and a sister who was 3 ½ , they lived in Littleton, New Hampshire a small town right on the edge of the New Hampshire border, Littleton was very well known for having the biggest Pear Trees in the United States. One Saturday afternoon Angie was in her room singing and dancing to her favorite songs and she seen someone standing at her bedroom window. She was a little scared at first but as the person ran away she ran out of the room and out the front door but all she saw was two adults and a moving truck 4 houses down. That Monday at the bus stop she seen this girl that was a little taller than her with long red hair and she was skinny like her and she had holy jeans on and a lynard skynard tee shirt on, that was one of her favorite bands from back when her parents were growing up. They get to school and she goes to get up out of her seat and she ran straight into the new girl. The new girl said oh please forgive me that was my fault, Angie being the shy person she is she just walked away. After home room started she seen the new girl walk in her class, the Teacher, Mrs. Hamkins introduced her. Her name was Betsy Claimer, she just moved there from Kentucky. Angie looked around the class and noticed that the only chair that was available was the one right next to her. Betsy took her seat and said well we meet again, Angie finally said hi this time. Later that day before she got on the bus to head home her choir teacher Mr. Tuggs stopped her in the hallway and asked her if she would be interested in singing the National Anthem at the Baseball games this year. She was a little worried at first of why they would ask her instead of one of the popular kids. Then right when Angie started to reply with no thank you Betsy spoke up and said she would love to, anyone with a voice like hers would have to be crazy not to sing in front of everyone. Mr. Tuggs said great we will practice tomorrow right after school for about thirty minutes until this Saturday, that was the first game of the season. See Littleton was a town known for their school baseball team, it was huge in New Hampshire everyone loved baseball. After Mr. Tuggs walked away Angie turned towards Betsy and raised her voice at her and said what have you done? Then she quickly stomped away towards the exit doors. That night laying in bed she was thinking to herself that Betsy must have been the person she saw in her window that day. She then asked herself who does that girl think she is doing something like that don’t she know I am shy and have never told anyone that she loves to sing. She only signed up for choir in the 10th grade cause she didn’t want to take Spanish, how was she to know that she would discover her beautiful voice then. About 3 minutes into being mad still at Betsy she paused and thought to herself she doesn’t know, she knows nothing about me and that’s when Angie knew she needed to apologize to the girl.

The next morning she was on her way to the bus stop when she seen Betsy walking out her door. She hurried up and yelled out hey Betsy wait up. Once Angie was in Betsy’s driveway she was at a loss of words. Betsy could see that Angie was nervous so she well good morning Ang. Angie then knew she could talk to her she was not a snob like the other girls at school. Then Angie told Betsy she was sorry for yelling at her yesterday and told her that she has never told anyone or tried to let it out that much about her voice. Betsy was shocked and told Angie that she had a beautiful voice and that she could be a huge start someday. Angie just smiled and turned to head to the bus stop, Betsy fallowed. Since that day they had been good friends and was inseparable. Betsy everyday and night would tell Angie you are going to shine one day. That made Angie want to sing even more, she had been trying out different genres and her and Betsy both new that light rock was her style. It was coming to the end of the school year and all the other kids was rushing to get their last college applications turned in and others was receiving their acceptance and denied letters. Not Angie and Betsy they new what they wanted to be Angie the singer and Betsy a Manager of singer/song writers. Seeing how the two were such good friends and Betsy’s dad was a producer for the music videos that are all on TV now days she new it wouldn’t take much to get Angie in the music business. Angie would stay after school three days out of the week so she could practice in the choir room. Her choir teacher would let her use his laptop to do some recordings to see how she sound and to make some copies on CD disc to give to Betsy’s dad.

As the girls came up to their graduation day Angie was so nervous, she had to sing the school song in front of the whole 12th grade and all their family members and the teachers and principle. It was nothing like singing for the baseball games there she hid in the announcement stand so no one could see her. Almost everyone in the school never knew it was her that was singing, maybe a handful of students new it was her and they didn’t care much about baseball or even her. Betsy jumped out from around the corner of the hallway to their homeroom and scared the poop out of Angie. She said Ang today is the day that others get to hear that beautiful voice that you been hiding from the world. That just made Angie sweat even more, at that point Angie needed to go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on her face or throw up she didn’t know which one she was going to do. Betsy fallowed her and continued to talk about Angie’s voice. Angie had to tell her to stop that she was so nervous she wanted to vomit. Betsy quickly help calm her down and they both headed to the auditorium where everyone else was. The Principle was back stage looking for Angie so he could get on with their graduation ceremony. Once Angie was standing behind the curtain and heard the Principle announce her name she gasped and the curtain slowly raised up and she seen the full auditorium starring at her. She new that Betsy was just over to the right of her behind stage and she took a quick glance at her and seen her smiling and encouraging her to go ahead. The music started to play over the speakers and it was her cue to start singing. She didn’t say a word though, everyone was quiet and the music stopped playing. She heard Betsy back stage saying start it over she’s got this, then she said Ang go ahead you can do this picture yourself in your room just me and you. Then the music started again and Angie took off at her point to sing in the song and the whole place was in amaze of how beautiful her voice sounded. The other students was surprised that she was even singing like that they are so used to her being quiet and shy they couldn’t believe it. As soon as she ended the song and the music silenced Angie looked around and seen how everyone was so shocked, she didn’t know whether to exit the stage or stand there in the spot light. As soon as she had snapped out of her daydream Betsy was jumping up and down hugging her and saying she new she could do it, you did it Ang you finally did it. The whole room filled with applause and Betsy grabbed the microphone and said North Hamp High this is my best friend Angelica Morris and she is going to be a star soon. They exited the stage and continued with the graduation.

School had been out for about 3 months now and Angie and Betsy everyday would wait for Betsy’s dad to get home so they could rush him with the same questions, did anyone say anything yet, did you get her a gig yet, Betsy would go on for about an hour hounding her dad. One morning Angie decided to sleep in a little longer than normal and she got woke up to Betsy bum rushing through her door and jumping on the bed screaming your in, your in girl, we did it. Angie sat up in her bed rubbed her eyes and said we did what? Betsy told Angie as fast as she could talk that Angie would be opening up for Avril Lavigne, Angie was in such a shock that she didn’t realize she had stopped breathing. Betsy smacked her in the face and said breath woman breath. The girls was so excited that they went and told everyone they could the big news. A week later was the night that Angie’s dreams would come true. She waited back stage after being introduced to Avril and kept telling herself stay calm you can do this. She walked the rest of the way on stage after being announced by Avril’s manager and Betsy her manager and just went full course on the song that she wrote right after school ended. The audience loved her they was really amazed by her voice and so was the producers that was there and they other Managers and Avril’s whole crew. She knew right then and there that she had done it, She finally made it to where she wanted to be. On stage singing and dancing like she hoped she would be doing. She became a big star just like the people she listened to on the radio and TV. She was a #1 music star who wrote most of her songs.

The End

Short Story

Mindy Lawson

I am an outgoing outspoken adventurous person who loves her kids.

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Mindy Lawson
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