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The cat, the mermaid and the cave

Mermaid, seashell, lighting a kids books.

By Kristina BrulePublished 12 months ago 4 min read

Once upon a time there was a cat named Tom. Tom loves walking on the beach. The warm sand on his feet and the sun on his back made it the perfect place for naps. His belly was always full as he never roamed too far from his house, sometimes he would find fish in the water, no matter how hard he tried he could never catch any.

On a very hot and sunny day Tom went for his routine walk. On his walk he sees the most beautiful butterfly he's ever seen.
"I've got to catch that" he tells himself.
Tom wiggles down closer to the ground, watching Mrs. Butterfly. With no warning Tom takes off, with his needle claws to catch her.

"Oh no you don't!" She shouts and flies off.

Tom loves chasing and catching things so off he went after her.
They played the game of chase for quite a while. Tom hadn’t noticed the sun was going down and the beach was disappearing. The butterfly did however and flew so high that Tom could no longer dream of catching her. Looking around he realizes that he is indeed lost. He tries to sniff out from where he came but the wind has already stolen his scent.

Tom walks and walks till he can no longer make out where he is at all. He decides to just find a nice place to sleep tonight and continue his search in the morning. Hearing the echoes of water dripping in a cave he heads towards the noise. Seeing that it is cool and near water he decides to make it his bed for tonight in these woods.

Sometime after he fell asleep a storm came ripping through. The thunder crashing. Causing loud booms throughout the area. Rain pouring down, slowly filling the cave. Tom hears the thunder and feels the rain, as it wakes him from his sleep. Realizing that the cave has started to flood he runs out before he gets stuck. As he steps out he hears the thunder roll and sees the lighting strike. He looks around for some shelter but sees none except the water filled cave. Without warning, he sees a bright light, then wakes up in the cave.

Opening his eyes, he meows. “ Wow, what a weird dream.”
Walking outside he notices not trees or dirt but sand and mountains.
“Whoosh, whoosh.” he hears. He walks near the sound to find a big beautiful beach. Much cleaner and nicer than the one he usually walks on. “When did this get here?” he whispers in awe. While looking around he notices that the sand is softer, the sun brighter and warmer. He thinks to himself “wow what a great place for a nap.” Then his stomach grumbles from hunger.
He looks and he looks but finds nothing to eat. Until he sees a huge fish tail coming from behind a rock. He ducks and wiggles, ready for the attack and he pounces.

"Ow!" He hears a voice yell. Up from behind the rock pops a beautiful mermaid. "Why did you do that?" She asks.

"Oh I'm so very sorry, I thought you were a fish. What, are you? You're not human either." He inquired.

" I'm a mermaid. Not human nor fish. What are you?" she inquires.

“I’m a cat. Tom cat.” He says with pride as he introduces himself.

“Huh, well I see that you like to hunt. Right?”

“Well yes of course I like to hunt. Why do you ask?” the curious cat asks.

The mermaid motions to the seashells she wears and tells Tom that she is running out of seashells and if he brings her some from the beach area she will bring him something to eat. Tom agrees and hastily runs away to find some, as he is hungry. He looks and looks and can only find broken, old ones. As he was about to give up he saw a huge pile of beautiful different colored seashells. “Now to get them all to her.” Looking around he finds a huge leaf. He piles all of them up on the leaf and grabs the stem with his mouth like a handle. He drags and drags it till he is back where he met the women. He then sits and waits,

A long time passes when Tom hears a splash and the mermaid is suddenly beside him, with a bag full of fish almost as big as him. “Is this enough?”

“That’s more than enough!” What about these?” He gestures to the seashells.

“Oh wow yes, that will last me forever!” As she reaches for the shells she puts the fish in front of him. Without missing a beat he eats and eats till his stomach hurts.

Looking up when he is done he sees the mermaid is gone and it's getting dark. "oh my" he says. " I better get back to the cave for some sleep." He grabs the bag of fish with his teeth and off he goes to sleep.

He peaks in the cave to find it is dry. Going in and getting comfortable he falls asleep. Once again after he fell asleep a storm rolls through and the thunder roars, waking him up. The rain fills the cave pushing Tom out. Once out of the cave he sees the thunder roll and then sees lightning strike. Without warning, he a bright light appears, then wakes up in the cave.

Opening his eyes, he meows. “ Wow, what a weird dream.”

Short StoryAdventure

About the Creator

Kristina Brule

I have loved writing since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems all the time growing up. I have two poetry books and one fiction book published. Every little thing I write has pecies inside of me that show who I am

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