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The Bees

Horror microfiction

By Ash TaylorPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
The Bees
Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

The parking lot was dark and quiet, illuminated by flickering streetlights. I wasn't alone - there were parked cars and passers-by - but I alone felt the magnetic pull of some supernatural Force as it dragged me to a simple, ordinary hedge.

The hedge spoke to me, in a million tiny voices - the cacophonous buzzing of bees. They dragged me nearer and nearer and the closer I got, the louder it became until it was all I could hear.

They began to swarm.

A cloud of bees emerged from the hedge, voices overlapping as they surrounded me. I fell to the ground, covered head to toe as one by one, they began to inspect my body for openings. Curious but gentle, they crawled around me and inside me, filling me with their secrets and their selves.

I could feel them, on my skin and under my skin, buzzing and swarming as they made themselves at home -

- as I became their hive.


About the Creator

Ash Taylor

Lover of fantasy and all things whimsical. Currently studying Writing and Publishing at UNE in Armidale, Australia. Living on Anaiwan land.


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  • Ian Read12 months ago

    I'm sure this has been the highlight of someone's darkest nightmares. Great work, wonderful and horrifying imagery!

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