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The Ballads of Scars.

Journeys Through Time, Stories of Strength..........

By Naziashahid RaisaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the silent whispers of the night's embrace,

Scars, once raw, now stand as testament to grace.

Each wound a tale of trials borne,

In the tapestry of time, they're gently adorned.

With every tear that stains the parchment white,

A story unfolds, bathed in ethereal light.

For in the realm where dreams and reality entwine,

Our scars become the verses, our wounds the rhyme.

Through the passage of ages, they stand tall,

Each scar a beacon, guiding one and all.

And as the stars above us dance and sway,

Our wounds become the ballads we sing each day.....

Short StoryHumorFantasy

About the Creator

Naziashahid Raisa

Dive into captivating tales of love and darkness. Explore the depths of emotion in my stories, where mysteries unfold and characters come to life.

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