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Terrible experiment

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Hurd is a very famous scientist. In the small building where he lives, the first floor and the second floor are laboratories, and he and his wife Suni live on the third floor.

Hurd is a very famous scientist. In the small building he lives in, the first floor and the second floor are laboratories, and he and his wife Suni live on the third floor. He worked until midnight that day, and then dragged his tired body back to the bedroom, lying beside Suni and falling asleep.

  I don't know how long it took, Hurd suddenly gasped violently, and his body kept twisting, as if he was having a terrible dream. Suni was awakened, and hurriedly got up to turn on the bedside lamp, pushed Hurd to wake him up, and asked him what was wrong. Hurd sat up, still in shock, and said, "I dreamed of those nasty mice, and they scared me to death."

  Suni let out a long breath and said with a smile, "You spend all day with mice, and it's okay to dream about them. Don't be afraid, go to sleep."

  In Hurd's underground laboratory, there are hundreds of mice of various breeds collected from various places. His recent research topic is the relationship between mouse dreams and mouse life. Hurd wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said with lingering fear: "I have been researching for so long, and although I have had dreams about mice, none of them have been so scary and so real, I..."

  Suni sensed something unusual. Suni is thirty-three years old, sixteen years younger than Hurd. She married Hurd five years ago. She is not only Hurd's wife, but also his good assistant. In years, she had never seen Hurd so gaffe. She jumped out of bed, turned on all the lights, and in an instant, the room was as bright as day. She said softly, "Honey, it was just a dream, don't think about it, let me play you music..."

  Hurd shook his head, suddenly jumped out of bed and ran barefoot to the first floor, and Suni hurriedly followed. As soon as the door of the laboratory was opened, there was a rustling sound from inside, and the whole space was filled with an indescribable smell, eerie and terrifying. Hurd came to a cage. The huge squirrel inside seemed to be asleep, lying there motionless. At the moment Hurd crouched down, it suddenly bounced up, threw itself on the cage, and grinned at Hurd. Threatening. Looking at its little eyes that gleamed dimly, Hurd felt a chill in his heart.

  It was it that appeared in the dream just now, and he called it Bray. Bray came from the slums of the west and was caught for him from the filthy sewers. It is grumpy and aggressive. Four months ago, Hurd implanted microelectrodes in its hippocampus, which specializes in forgetting and learning, to monitor the firing of neurons in its brain. This is a very tough mouse whose life is full of killing even in its dreams.

  Hurd stared at Bray, and a sense of fear slowly rose from his spine. In Bray's cold eyes, there seemed to be a desire to conquer - does it want to conquer itself? Hurd thought it was extremely funny, and couldn't help laughing out loud, his voice getting louder and louder, becoming hysterical. Suni asked him what was wrong in a panic, but Hurd didn't seem to hear her. Suni was anxious and raised her hand to slap Hurd.

  Hurd's laughter stopped abruptly, he looked at Suni, and for a long time he said in a trembling voice, "You know what I dreamed? I dreamed of it - Bray, right here in this lab, a strong light came through the wall. It came in and hit Bray, and then it changed, it became taller than me, it tore open the cage and shot it out, pinned me to the ground, and it made me unable to move, it used its little Eyes stared at me - oh my god, in its eyes I saw the shadow of death..."

  Suni hugged him tightly, her body was shaking, but she still said calmly, "Honey, it's just a dream, really, it's just a dream..."

  "That's not a dream!" Hurd suddenly screamed, "Its claws almost tore my body, I can feel the pain in my heart and lungs, and I can still feel it now. I'm going to kill this damn mouse." Hurd pushed Suni away, rushed to the laboratory table, grabbed a anesthesia gun on it, and shot the anesthesia needle into Bray's body. After Bray fell, he opened the cage and took it out, cutting off its head with a dagger.

When he finished all this, he realized that Suni's face was pale, and Suni whispered, "Hurd, you... are crazy! I'm going to tell George."

  George was Hurd's student, and in some fields of study, he even surpassed Hurd. It is more appropriate for the two to be friends rather than teachers and students. So Sunny asked George for help at this time. George came overnight, but he felt that the teacher was fine, and he comforted Sunny that it was just an accident. Sunny was terrified, and the next morning, she and George took Hurd to the hospital. The doctor did a general examination and mental tests for Hurd, and the results showed that Hurd was all right. They told Hurd that he might be so tired that he had hallucinations and that he would get better just by taking a break. Sunny and George walked out of the hospital with Hurd in their arms. The sun was shining warmly on them, vehicles were speeding by, and busy people were hurrying. It was a beautiful world under the sun. Hurd suddenly smiled and said, "How could I be so gaffe at night? I was so frightened by a dream? And we are experts in dreams."

  Suni was not without worries. She said, "Honey, you are really tired. Why don't we go on a trip and relax?"

  Hurd laughed: "You know that work is my favorite, what can relax me more than work? What a pity, I actually killed Bray, fortunately, its information has almost been completed."

On this day, Hurd stayed in the laboratory, and at night, Suni stood at the door of the first floor and called him, saying that it was time for him to rest. Hurd exclaimed: "No, I'm going to work for a few more hours. Honey, this little female mouse is so funny, it's from a Broadway theater, do you know what its dreams are like? Hahaha, it actually dreamed that it was wearing the most beautiful dress, like a queen, roaming in a sea of flowers, and countless mice were blessing it..."

  Suni pulled him up from the first floor without explanation, telling him to rest more. She prepared a sumptuous dinner for him and opened a bottle of brandy. After dinner, they watched TV together, then went to bed with the lights out. Somehow, Hurd tossed and turned until midnight when he fell asleep in a daze. I don't know how long it took for him to feel like he was on the first floor, locked in a cage with Suni, his parents, Suni's parents, his friends... In front of him, there was a mountain-like thing. He opened his eyes to see this thing clearly, and couldn't help but let out a scream - this thing was Bray who was killed by him. Bray was grinning, holding a thing in one of his paws. Hurd recognized that it was the microelectrode he used to study mice. Bray actually made a human voice, saying that he was going to implant this thing in his head. The object of his research... Bray said and raised his sharp scalpel...

  After Hurd was woken up by Suni, he was still screaming uncontrollably. It was all so real, as if it had really happened just now, and every detail was vivid in his mind. He rushed to the laboratory frantically to destroy these hateful mice. Suni desperately stopped him and shouted, "No, this is all your hard work, you will regret it."

  Hurd woke up from the madness, stayed for a long time, hugged Suni and cried.

  They called several medical experts, but all examinations and analyses showed that Hurd was fine, and the only explanation was that he had brief hallucinations. The experts urged him to leave work and take a break. This time, Hurd followed their advice, and he took Suni to Hawaii, where the two spent a good week. Hurd never had the nightmares that terrified him again.

  His research was drawing to a close, and after returning from Hawaii, Hurd couldn't wait to restart his research. That day, he gleefully told Suni, get ready to celebrate, that in a few hours, he would be done with all his research, and he could finally get rid of these damn mice. Suni happily went out shopping and preparing dinner.

  Hurd did his final work, jumped up with joy like a child, then jumped up the steps and pushed the door open hard, only to hear Suni scream and fall to the ground. It turned out that Hurd's movements were too violent, knocking Suni, who had just come to the door to bring him coffee, to the ground. Suni had a large red and swollen piece on her head and had passed out. There was a large pool of hot coffee on the ground.

  Hurd hurriedly carried Suni into the bedroom, put her on the bed, and called for emergency services. He thought he should put ice on her forehead, so he went to the kitchen and searched for a long time before he found the ice. At this moment, he heard Suni's hysterical screams. He didn't know what happened. He threw down the ice and ran to the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom, he happened to see a thrilling scene: Suni screamed helplessly, rushed to the window with her eyes hooked, smashed the window glass, and jumped down like that.

  Hurd was stunned, and came to the window to see that Suni's body was pierced by the spikes of the fence, blood poured out wildly, and her body trembled all at once. Hurd ran downstairs, Suni didn't catch her breath, and said in a weak voice, "You hurt me... your pillow..." Before she finished speaking, she passed out.

  Hurd didn't understand what she was talking about, just called her name loudly. As if after a century, the ambulance finally arrived, and they tried their best to get Suni off the fence, but the ambulance didn't reach the hospital, and Suni had died of blood loss. Hurd was in agony, lying on Suni's body and crying, suddenly he jumped up and rushed out of the hospital, returned to the warehouse at home, took out a bucket of gasoline and went straight to the laboratory, poured gasoline on the mice in the cages, hysterically He shouted: "You damn mice, you killed Suni, I'm going to burn you..."

  Hurd trembled and started the lighter. Suddenly, the lighter was snatched away. It turned out to be a police officer. The police suspected that it was a murder. They blocked the room and asked Hurd to assist in the investigation.

  Hurd finally calmed down, he said it before and after, and finally cried and said, "Nightmares have been happening to me, why did it hurt Suni this time? She must have been influenced by those mice to fall into madness., will jump off desperately. God, why didn't I die?"

  George, who came to hear the news, confirmed everything Hurd said, and also said that the doctor who diagnosed Hurd could also testify. At this moment, police officer Ek took a document and asked Hurd strangely: "Do you have a hunch that you will die? Why did you make this will?"

  Hurd was stunned, he didn't make any will? He grabbed the document and saw that it was a printout. It said in his tone that he was plagued by nightmares. He knew that it was not a dream, it was the will of the mice. The mice wanted to control him in turn and wanted him to die... If the day does come, he leaves all his property to Suni, and his unfinished research is done by George. Below the document is his autograph. In addition to this, there is a huge insurance policy that says the beneficiary is Suni.

  Hurd's head is a mess, why doesn't he know this? Could it be...

  If it was him who died, there would be an answer to this matter. Suni, whom he loved so much, wanted to murder him and get his property, but it was Suni who died, and this conclusion was wrong. He suddenly remembered what Suni said before she died. Suni said, "You killed me... your pillow..." Could it have something to do with his pillow?

Hurd said these words to the police officer Ek. Ek was thoughtful, and George's face changed greatly. He wanted to use an excuse to leave, but was stopped by Ek. Ek asked strangely, "Why did you want to move that just now? Is there any secret in the pillow?"

  Ek tore open Hurd's pillow and found a small magnetic disk inside. George's face was earthy. He tried to sneak away the magnetic disk just now, but was unsuccessful because the police were present. Hurd was stunned, he grabbed George's collar and shouted, "You made all those dreams I had? Are you trying to hurt me?"

  George sat on the ground with a weak leg. Now, he couldn't help but confess. Not long ago, George took a big step forward in dream research. He could input the set dream into a magnetic disk, and the magnetic disk could send out weak messages. As long as it was placed under the human brain, people would accept the dream in their sleep state. The dream is just like what really happened... Suni is a woman who loves vanity. After marrying Hurd, he found that living with him was boring. He wanted a divorce but was reluctant to bear Hurd's property. George saw this through and hooked up with Suni for adultery, although he already had research results., but also wanted to plot Hurd's research on mice. The first two dreams he asked Hurd to have were to tell others that Hurd had a mental problem, so that others would be easy to accept when he committed suicide. Hurd's research was coming to an end, and George decided to kill him. He asked Sunny to put the magnetic disk under Hurd's pillow. Unexpectedly, Hurd accidentally knocked her out and put her in the bed where she slept. Sunny was in a coma. Guided by the magnetic disk, she jumped off the building and died...

  It turned out that all this had nothing to do with the rats. The real rats were the greedy people around him. Hurd stared at George angrily. In a trance, he felt that it was not George, but Bray whose head was cut off by him. He couldn't help but shout: "Ah..."

Short Story

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