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Terran Winds

Planet Nueva Terra

By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Terran Winds
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I write in this journal for those who would find it when I have passed. My name is Julie. I am fourteen in Earth years. That is my home planet. We had to leave the planet after the moon exploded. We had made it our portal to the stars. We had stored so much nuclear fuel on the moon that when a rogue asteroid hit the moon it caused an explosion so massive that it destroyed it.

On Earth the oceans were near gone. The winds picked up. It carried the radiation from the moon throughout our atmosphere. It caused terrible storms and massive chaos. Within twenty-four hours all the governments had ceased to function. What people were left alive had to scavenge for food and water.

I remember my mother giving me this heart shaped locket with this built-in image recorder. She said for me to remember what it was like before the incident and that her and dad would be with me forever. I play her file as often as I can. It is all that remains of the Earth I knew.

I am onboard one of the last lifeboats that was able to launch. It was built using old weapons of mass destruction. It did not have any electronics that were affected by the nuclear blast of the moon. My mother and father along with the remaining survivors of our small town sacrificed everything to make it happen. They put all the available water and food stuffs aboard for my long journey. I was in the company of two other young girls and one young man. I was the oldest.

As I looked back while being shot into the sky, I could see a massive storm hitting our small town. I started to cry but then the other children all looked at me. I held back my tears and comforted them.

We were on course for one of our colonies on the very edge of our solar system when something huge swallowed us up. The whole cabin was dark and suddenly, we had gravity and fresh air.

The hatch opened and we were guided down a tunnel by a lighted walkway. At the end was a large room with some sort of beds. In the center was a table with strange fruits growing from the center of it.

I tried the food and it seemed ok to eat so I pulled some down for the others. We ate a nice meal and laid down in the strange beds. It was like it was living. When we laid down a thin cover shot out over us. It was paper thin but kept us extremely warm for some reason.

We awoke the next day to a voice over the ship's system.

It said, " We have been watching your kind for many years. We are glad you found the way to the stars to save your race. We are prohibited to intervene in a planet's destruction. We have rescued you so that you may start a new colony. In the beginning it was only a handful that we placed on your Earth. So, it will begin again. You will be the sixth age of man we have seeded throughout the known universe. We have upgraded your ship with a database of all your people’s knowledge ever recorded. It has all the great works and all your science too. We have refueled it as well. It will take one more day to get you where your new home will be so rest and relax your journey is almost over. "

We awoke the next day on our ship as it was entering orbit of a beautiful planet. It had twin stars off in the distance. The planet looked a lot like Earth did in my mom's files on the heart shaped locket.

Our ship will be landing soon so I will save this file now. The date is July fourth in the year 2125. Enclosed you will find a star map back to our original Earth should we not survive the landing.

The ship landed in an open area of a huge city. I could see thousands of humans like shapes moving all around as we landed. We ran a test on the air and found that it was breathable. The gravity would take some getting used to though as it was only six tenths of what Earth was by our readings.

We opened the hatch and made our way down to the bottom of the steps. There was a transport supported only by air waiting for us with a single humanoid on it.

The Humanoid turned and spoke, " We have been waiting on you children. We are made in your form to serve you and the others as you grow not only in years but in size of community. We will be your guides and help you through the terrors of being alone on this planet. We call it Nueva Terra or if you prefer New Earth. We have set up a university of sorts to help you learn what you have lost as well as what you have gained on this new world. Our creators are wonderful, and they want you to thrive here. Everyone here is programmed to help you and to keep you from harm. "

I shook my head yes and we loaded the transport. We were driven to a wonderful building just off the square. It was at least fifty stories high. Our guide took us to the first floor and showed us our new home. It had enough rooms for us all and a big open area for relaxing and creating new things.

It was a wonderful place. After we adjusted to the gravity and was able to move about, we were all taken on a tour of our new world. It had a train system that circled the globe and was at our command whenever we needed it. The world was full of life. The various continents had nearly all of Earth's animals along with a ton that were quite alien living there.

I recorded our landing and all the strange things we saw onto my Heart shaped locket and saved the files. I wanted my future children to remember where we came from.

They are meaning the humanoid like robots explained that all things like work and poverty had been totally abolished. We could spend our day doing whatever we wished to do. The machines would ensure we had food to eat and water to drink. The machines were not slaves, nor did they have souls. They were programmed with their duties and had a routine. Should any ever be damaged by an accident or malfunction they were instantly replaced and the old one was repaired and put back in service.

It has been two years now and me and the young ones have grown up quite well. We all have our daily routines with classes and learning how to care for one another. I have been keeping daily logs on my heart shaped locket that I wear around my neck. I never let it go because I feel this is just one big dream. The teacher I have has moved me to another room now for a special class and that scares me some. They brought in a large screen and connected it to the core of our ship. My teacher showed me things that my mother had already explained on my heart shaped locket files. It was trying to explain it was time for me to start populating this planet.

The boy had finally come of age where his puberty was starting to show. He was wondering what was going on with his body. I shared what my mother had told me about what changes happen to our bodies and how they work. He seemed to understand better that way.

The humanoids had developed a technology that they could replicate the boy's seed after they had a sample. They took him to the medical center and had him produce a sample for them. They then took that sample and replicated. With that one sample they were able to manipulate a ton of variations on it and pick the healthiest one. They did the same with one of my eggs too.

We no longer had to go through the burdens of childbirth to increase the population. The humanoids simply manipulated our DNA inside the samples to make a brand-new population. In a weeks’ time we had one hundred new faces to talk with and educate. We were no longer alone. They had aged them to be our age so we would not be lonely.

With our new planet created for us by the wonderful aliens we were going to be a new and thriving race once again. We took the best of our past mixed the new and created a wonderful new home. Now I am near fifty, but my life is not half over it is just beginning. With all the time for research and making our lives fuller without fighting for our basic needs daily. We have been able to develop cures for our diseases that the big pharma companies wanted to treat only because of the profit they would gain. No longer was our society driven by wealth or greed. Everyone had what they desired.

We all helped one another to live and learn. Our hospitals had the very best of everything. We no longer feared cancer or death. Our knowledge was pushed so far that we started having full colony ships with colonist and humanoids alike searching the stars and building new civilizations. We were even able to send help back to Earth.

Now that I am near two hundred years old, I have finally filled up my heart shaped locket full of my life. I now pass it on to the museum so they can see my two-hundred-year journey and the fall of one planet that brought the rise of Nueva Terra. With it they will see our advances over the years striving for our race not money or greed or things. Everyone has more than they need and can do as they see fit with their long lives. No one kills now or hurts one another. No binding contracts to simply make a family anymore. You can have any place you want and have it built and ask anyone to join you. No lawyers and business plans. All knowledge goes for the betterment of our people. We live in a modern age free from the terrors of the wars and freedom to enjoy life as we were designed to do.

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