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Under the Oceans


By DSPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Under the Oceans
Photo by Jakob Boman on Unsplash

It was the fifth year living under the oceans. We built a habitat that would withstand the great floods that were coming from the polar ice caps melting. Most of the land that was left was so ravaged by war over the little resources that was left. We built right on the edge of what used to be Florida. We had all that you needed to survive.

Our habitat had a great selection of plants to feed us. We could harvest other resources from the ocean as needed. We even found a great way to create a breathable atmosphere that would regenerate.

About two thousand of us made it to the shelter before we had to seal it up. We designed it for about ten thousand though. So much life was lost when the floods came. There was no warning. It started with a quake and then the whole ice field fell and melted almost instantly. Before we knew it, we were fifty or more feet under the newly created ocean.

We all had our jobs to do on the habitat, but they at least were manageable. One thing I could say that now without a central government and worrying about money all the time everyone was at peace.

I would find myself staring into the deep blue waters just outside my cabin. I could see the old buildings just sitting there in ruins. The old streetlights still standing the test of time. Some were bent over now but still intact.

We had designed hybrid drones that could work underwater or even fly. They were solar powered and had large capacity batteries. A few of the perks of being on the design team I got to pilot them to explore our new world.

I would find pockets full of people who had survived the flooding and the wars all over what was the United States. We were hit the hardest because while the other nations were busy consuming resources, we were stockpiling them. A lot of good it did though. They were wiped out with the first volley of nuclear weapons. Any land that was still above water had been ravaged and turned to a wasteland.

Our StarBase at least made it through everything. It was still able to keep building and sending colonists to Mars and our other colonies we had established. We often watched the new launches of equipment and supplies from the drone feed.

One day I decided to pilot deep under the waves to the deep trench. No one was even exploring the earth now. It was considered a lost cause now that we had so many colonies thriving off world.

I was diving down to my limit of the drones' capabilities when in the dark deep blue, I saw a green light rising from the depths. It was so bright yet so far away. I pushed the drone to its limit and tried getting closer. As I drew closer more green lights became visible. They encircled a disc shaped object that was making its way out of the depths of the trench.

I zoomed in as far as I could to get a better picture. It was a ship that looked as if it had been buried for centuries. The lights were showing through a ton of dust and kelp that had gathered on the disc shaped ship.

It must have noticed my meek little solar lights because it zipped by, and my camera went dark. I thought I had lost the probe until I seen some green lights start to brighten up the dark room the probe was in. It was draining the water out of the room. I could see a hatch with being behind it.

The water all out of the room the being entered the chamber. It and about four others grabbed the probe and carried it into another section. I turned on the mic and started talking to them. They did respond back but, in a language, I had never heard spoken. I wrote down what they said the best I could and sent it to our historian.

Minutes later the door burst open and Kelly, our historian was in the room holding a conversation with the beings. It seems it was an ancient language of the tribe from Egypt. It had been the original language that was inscribed on most early writings of Egypt. It had not been spoken in ages. Come to find out they could speak fluent Latin.

The historian had sent over a text of the English language and a few thousand gigs of movies with the spoken language in it and the beings within just a few hours were able to learn English.

We learned so much. They had been in a suspended animation because their ship had malfunctioned on takeoff and left them stranded there. They had finally awakened and made repairs after the great quake had set them free of the watery grave and allowed the ship to recharge its solar batteries. They were a helpful species from a distant star that had been exploring when they found our primitive society. They interacted with some but in the long run they were too primitive at the time.

They said they would help give us the secret to light travel. It was discovered on their planet long ago. It all depends on the light spectrum. They found that the green spectrum of light was easily reproduced and could be used to speed their vessels through the cosmos without all the ill effects of the fusion based and petrol-based chemicals they had been trying.

In the end the beings did turn out truthful and became a welcomed partner to explore the universe with. They had sent a signal back home to their planet and they brought all the knowledge and wisdom of countless centuries to bear on the Earth. They were restoring Earth to a paradise, instead of a cesspool.

Soon Earth and its colonies will be whole again thanks to a little bit of green light.

The End.

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