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Sun Dragons from Alpha Centari

by Ocusan Mi 3 months ago in Fantasy
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Dragons make Soup

There wern't always Dragons in the Valley , yet the old Antarian dragon named Bogum was still there.

He always had soup cooking in a caldron in his hut, even at his age of 132 dragon years he could guard the valley. His parents were sun dragons that had given him the orange glowing body with amber stone scales that he polished with bees wax. He didnt have a long flowing beard or carry a staff like other elders, infact he glowed a luminscent orange that made him appear young. With his ability to float he swept over the air above the grassey fields to attend his sheep that he kept sacrid. He grew a special plant that he sprinkled with fairy dust , allowing the sheep to grow rainbow hides that made majical coats for the village folks who admired his work. The sheep were not for eating, as he grew a vegetable that tasted as wild as the meat, as he couldnt bare to sacrifice any of his animals. Living on Alpha Centauri was like living in a surrealistic world far beyond the distant stars of its binary star system. Dragons were made within a holographic box using lazor beams designed by the sun aliens many eons ago. Bogum knew he was their invention, although he liked to view them as his parents. They too didnt live in the valley , as they lived on the twin planet and visited him ever so often. He watched them land in their suncraft from his cabin window, the sand swirling like a whirlwind around the decending spacecraft. It was very exciting to see them again with xray glowing sun bodies as Bogum ran up to greet them with arms flying in the air as its ufo lights were bright in the hot air. The door to the craft slowly opened where two sun aliens steped out looking like glowing pumkins in the autumn surroundings. They both had smiles on their faces as they spoke no words , using only telapathic images for communication. Bogum was hugging them as they motioned for him to enter their ship. He had never been inside their craft as he silently motioned with his hands asking if they were sure he could step inside. They were nodding their heads saying yes, using hand motions gesturing them into the humming craft. Once inside Bogum could see blinking lights and seats. The feeling of being in a living craft was esperating as his body floated among his two sun friends as he wondered why they had come, They seemed to know his thoughts as they motioned him to go into another room that must have been their sleeping quarters. There on a raised bed was a women he could see covered with a tan sheet. Bogum had a look of suurprise on his face as he asked with his eyes why she was there. The sun aliens were excited about their prize and explained with their hands she was only sleeping. Bogum had never seen a human before, let alone a female one. They were all gawlking at her, and yet Bogum wondered what they planed to do with her. They tried to explain that they intended to use her as a all seeing eye once they brought her to the galatical communications hub where her body would be inside a glass dome having her thought waves transmit as a server. Bogum stroked his dragon beek and thought for a few seconds, he then explained to them that she could not do so since she was unconscious, as her thoughts need to be awake. He then asked them where they had found her and why they had taken her. They motioned with their hands waves of the sea, as Bogum guessed she must have drowned. He then tried to reason with them that she was not suited for a Oracle of telecommunications and that he would take care of her and free them of the burdan that she had become. THe sun beings questioned what he would do with her as they gazed at her peacefull sleeping face shrouded within the misty spacecraft.

Chapter 3

He explained he would take her into the sun itself where she would melt and become one with the lifeforce of fire where it would create a healing of all life. The sun beings agreed and uttered the words, it is done, and then opened the top hatch allowing the body to float out. Bogum flew up and through the hatch catching her within his dragon beek and flew up through the clouds higher and higher until he reached the corona of the sun. He felt a sadness to let her go, as she drifted into the flickering of the solor flares, where she melted realising her heart that expanded and twisted into a giant tear that rained down upon his world below. The blood hitting the atmosphere, crystalizing into rock formations, lining the canyons of its red color, transforming the sea into red tide and creating sea creatures of its mutated form. He didnt realize it would do this, or be so big, he had forgotten there was growth potion the steam dragons mixed an elixir for. He wasnt sure what he would do as he flew back to his dwelling. The visiting craft was no longer there. Sitting on his porch were three fate dragons who had seen what he had done. They were three sisters , very old but worked in the forest as witches who knew a thing or two. Their eyes were as big as saucers as they clapped their hands and told him that he must create a fog that will cover the red tide. In all his years of mixing herbs he didnt know how to create forces of nature, as he left that to the morphing dragons. The three sisters who rode their brooms in the night sky told him that they knew how to make a fog brew and they would show him. This worked out well for him and he soon was brewing fog that danced within the sky that healed everything that happened as he thanked them and bid them farwell. They spoke all at the same time together and told him that they would be back to teach him far more interesting things such as a potion on how to make a planet levitate. And so they rode off into the night sky leaving the old dragon to himself to read his books where he made notes of what he had done that day.


About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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