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The Secret Cabinet

by Ocusan Mi 4 months ago in Fantasy · updated 4 months ago
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Ruby Red Star

Ruby was the biggest pop star in the Russian Federation until one day he disappeared. All his fans were puzzled about where he was & only had his past music videos to reflect on. There he would stand on a high stage with his ruby sequin tuxedo, in the background a art object of a ruby star resembling the one over the kremlin. Red laser beams & dry ice danced around him as he grasped his microphone, his Russian red mush dash swirled into cute curls matching his bright red hair. Brovo! Brovo! The audience went wild after his song, gorgeous women brought him red roses that he always accepted with a kiss. After the war broke out, his fans whispered among each other, “Where did he go?” Someone pointed at the night sky, “up” and that was all said for awhile. Ruby wasn’t married although he had several girlfriends, and was noted as the richest bachelor in the world. But everyone that knew him hadn’t any clues of his whereabouts. Until one day a note was found by a authority who was investigating his home after he was reported missing. She wasn’t the typical agent, in fact some people said she looked too wooden, like a Martyoshka nesting doll. She moved her head in bird like clicks, as her rhythm seemed as timed as a clock, where her male partner resembled a Christmas nutcracker. The two of them were interesting together, Chesov & Balalaika, as he liked to play chess, she played a balalaika as well as a seven string Russian guitar. Agent Chesov was in Ruby’s closet handling a elaborate sequined shoe with the note tucked inside. “Now why would someone stuff a note inside a shoe?” He was asking Bala, her nickname she liked to be called. “Just read the note comrade” Her raven like eyes piercing reflecting off her iridescent suit in the black lighted room. “Ok it says, “find the locked room” “ Hmmm, he must have a locked room. There must be a hidden panel” she said as her flashlight searched the walls. Why the electricity didn’t work was uncertain, as it seemed like Ruby had not been there for a while. bala’s flashlight was sweeping the floor when a small cat appeared, then ran out down the hallway. “Follow that cat, he might know something.” Chesov motioned to Bala. She ran out where the cat went into a door that she found locked. She ran back to the room where Chesov was standing in his check a board suit. “We must find a key! I found a room” They began to search the vanity of drawers in the bedroom, somewhere where a small key would be found. A wooden jewerly box with japaneese looking abalone swans stood out on the dresser. Chesov opened it slowly revealing a tiny ballerina with a purple velvet interior. There was a imprint of a key but no key. "It should be here" He said showing his partner the box. "Just a minute, she carefull pressed her fingers in the imprint and lifted out a invisible key. "Its here, I can feel it, but i cant see it" She then ran with the key to the locked door. Chesov followed and to his astonishment the door opened. A bright light from where they didnt know was lighting the room. There was a round vedio screen on the wall & a remote that easily turned it on. Waves of time & space filtered on the screen untill a image was seen. It was Ruby. He was speaking but their was no sound. Where he was remained uncertain, except he seemed to be within a government building, yet far away. He was talking and holding a small teddy bear that had a propeller upin his head. "Oh Ive seen those in the toy store when I was a child in Serbia" Chesov exclaimed. "You wind his stomach with a button & he flys!" Balla smirked, "So whats that saposto implicate? What information can be learned with that?" "Im not sure, but the vedio tape seems to be in a loop. His gestures were repeating, & without sound not much could be understood. They both decided on taking the vedio to the tech crew to find out more. The tech crew consisted of just one women, its all they needed as she close examined the tape. "Watch this segment where i was able to zoom in" She then froze the vedio on the toy bear, zooming in on his fur, & then a small tag was seen. She used her computer to zoom in more to the writing on the tag. " it says, made in New Zealand" Both agents were standing next to her, weighing the results. "Hmm so whats in New Zealand?" Chesov asked. "Dont know but its a clue of where Ruby had went." "I know nothing of the island, except it has the Maori people, & king. Chesov said holding a kgb type of paper coffee cup. " "Should we go there to look for Ruby?" Bala questioned. Pasha the tech girl looked up from her computer screen, " Theres more than just a king, havnt you two been folowing the news?" She bated her big eyelashes. "Weve heard nothing out of the ordinary, tell us what you know" "Well, rumor has it the Saudis moved the arc of the covenant out of Mecca, by ship to a unknown destination in Antartica." Her palm took her mouse & opened a web page showing military escorted ship headed to the south pole. Chesov leaned closer to the pc. "Thats our ships!" He pointed to the Russian flags on the ships. "How odd that we wernt informed" Bala said to Chesov. "We were on assignment, but no wonder our leader hasnt been himself!!" "What are you getting at comrade?" "He he..must have opened it!!" Chesov crunched his paper cup in his fist. "Soo.. What would that do?" Oh hes posessed by a ancient spirit!😮😮😮"How did he get Saudi Arabias permission to do that?" Pasha swerved in her stool, I think i know" She clicked on another web page showing a terriable storm that occured after a crane fell on a mosque inside Mecca. The storm was so fierce, as if a ufo caused it, not just a crane. "±And then they took it" Bala seemed to see yet it was specuation. "If they took a priceless artifact out of a holy area, what did they need a ship for? I think it could be fake news" Bala liked Pasha as she used her knowledge along with her psychic intellect. "I dont know but all the world leaders are also headed there for a summit." Pasha put more info on the screen showing the summit agenda. " They might be staying there since the island is the closest livable place near antartica. And they might all want to see the artifact Im guessing" "I remember that storm, it was a dark day for Mecca." Bala clutched her purse. "Well this certainly has been informative, I think we should go to the summit to snoop around" Chesov put on his trench coat, thanking Pasha, saying to Bala.."Shall we go?" Bala agreed as they called it a day.

The agents drove forever it seemed in dead silence, Bala daydreaming about how it

will be in a new surrounding, Chesov plugged into his music player. When they finally

got back to the office it was too late to talk, they went to their homes until the future

trip. A few days later their private plane waited for them, it would be a long flight to

New Zealand. The two agents fell asleep on each other's shoulders, looking like a pair

of toy dolls until their pilot woke them up announcing they were now in the land down

under. The hemisphere was glowing a beautiful pink & gold sunset giving them a

glorious view of the vast country yet to be explored. "What do you think we'll find

here?" Bala asked her partner, stretching her long Soviet legs as she stepped out of

the plane. " "Your guess is as good as mine." The two were greeted by a small car

with two other agents inside. Out of the car a man & women got out & welcomed

them, shaking hands & smiling.

"Good day 😊Welcome to the Outback!" The

female agent with a big ponytail said in a Aussie accent. Her partner was more

subdued, both dressed in khaki uniforms.

" It's good to have you mates for the

summit, we've haven't had anyone yet representing the Russian Federation." "And vot

vill be on the agenda?" Bala asked. "Extraterrestrials among us" The male Aussie

informed. They were escorted to the sky tower in Auckland, where several special

agents from all over the world were assembling. Taking the elevator to the top, they

found a large room with seats around a giant table. Each seat had headphones to

translate as Bala noticed that some of the guests were dressed in native attire, one

man resembling a Indian chief with quill feathers & furs. "He is the king of New

Zealand" Her headphones seemed to know what she thinking. As the meeting took

place a tall man appeared on a movie screen announcing that he was the host & also

a extraterrestrial. His giant head beaming in a white robe. He was talking about the

fact that planet Earth was being invaded by agents of chaos that were destroying the

planet. All heads around the table nodded in agreement. He then said that the holy

artifact known to us as"the arc of the covenant " was hidden & needs to be found

Their were whispering heard in the echoing of the room. "Who wants to find what

once belonged to us, our precious gift given once by our God? " His eyes pleading.

The room was silent. Chesov then stood up. " Where is this artifact?" The man on the

screen who was speaking his own language that the microphone interpreted said "it

was moved several times, from Mecca to the south Arctic where my people are

guarding." Bala then stood up. "And who are your peo

ple?" His large eyes beamed down upon the circle of represenatives, the Chief seemed deep

entranced in the conversation, his feathers swirling in the sea air that danced

throughout the room. "We have no name because we are a benevolent race older

then the Gods or ancients themselves, but you can refer to us as, the chosen." Bala

looked at Chesov, blinking her eyes as to say, let's go, Chesov gave her a silent nod,

saying yes. Bala spoke to the man on the view screen,

"'We from Russia volunteer. "

The Chosen smiling said, "You from Russia, known to us as once Prussia, it is then

decided that you may uncover the artifact, it shall be written. The camera backed

away reveling two other tall bald men, one holding a gong, striking it with the words,

the brass sound ended the transmission. The screen went blank. The next day the

two agents were escorted by plane to a strikingly different trip to the South Pole. The

hotel itself was a ice palace with rooms & beds of sheer ice. Sleeping in sleeping

bags with lantern lights seemed right out of a fairytale. The ice bar in the lobby with

its bottles of frosted liquors was a perfect place for conversation. Bala sat cross

legged facing Chesov discussing the future.

"So when do we expect to see our

contact?" Looking over the small gathering of travelers dressed in furs & goose down

coats. "I'm not sure but look over there" Chesov pointed at what appeared to be the

Maori chief standing like a totem pole, his feathers seemed to be moving,yet there

was no wind. " I wonder why he is here?" "he is protecting you" a tall voice said as

they both swirled in their bar stools to see. There in the misty icy room stood, the

chosen one. Up close his eyes were hypnotizing along with his flowing robe. "And you

sir, what is our. mission?" Chesov asked. "Follow me" he said. The igloo hallway led to

a room where they were seated. The tall being opened a closet door and wheeled out

what appeared to be a ancient wooden chest. The design on it of carved winged

beings resembling angels. "This is the arc of the Covenant." "Why is it hidden here,

and what is its history?"Bala asked. " It's old, very old as it is believed to have been a

gift from God himself to the arc angel Gabriel. Inside were once scrolls of instructions

told how to save the world from Armageddon. When opening the Chest there was no

scrolls but a large spirit that doomed the world instead. Your leader had a strange

power, strong enough to demand ownership of this, & had it concealed here to hide it

from the media where he can privately speak with the darker force within the chest."

"So what do you want us to do?" They both spoke out. " Fight the dark force, once it

had a light force, a bright light so bright it blinded out all evil. I cannot fight this, I am

only a caretaker, please help us before your country & other countries are overtaken by

it!, I beg of you" Chesov went over to the chest, Bala following. The tall being ran out

of the room. They lifted the lid. Thick smoke filled the room, shaping into the form of

a man. It had armor & a Helmet on with a long flowing cape. His shadow sparkling

with the snow packed walls making him a little less fearful. And then the form of a

warrior spoke, " Who dares to open my chest?" It's eyes gleaming like the head of

medusa. " Don't look in its eyes, Bala!" Bala took her purse and found her cross she

always carried. She held it up high, blocking him out. "You think you can scare me

with that? I will destroy you!" His form then reached out in the dimly lit room,

scooping her up where Chesov grabbed his smoky form. The three of them flew

threw the icy walls & into oblivion. Balas voice billowed in the starlight sky as they

flew. "where are you taking us?"The spirit yelled, " To where you will never return."

Then there was darkness as time & space distorted with a thump they were tossed

unto a hard floor. Morning had finally broken where the two soldiers of God found

themselves on the deck of a giant ocean liner. Clouds puffed above & old fashioned

dressed people were strolling as if they were back in time. Looking up at the folks,

Chesov asked, "What is the name of this ship?" Bala covered for him & said, "He has

amnesia." A elderly gentleman smoking a pipe paused his stroll, "Well don't you know,

this is the Titanic." Chesov & Balas eyes met in realization, both saying, "Oh no!!"

"We're doomed, we have to get out of here!" Yes it will sink but there's no where to

run!" Her eyes were crying making her look like a marytred Saint. And then the

iceberg appeared dead straight ahead. It was all too familiar, the alarm bells, the

lifeboats. Chesov reached his sidearm, a small pistol, ripping his shirt off pointing the

pistol at his chest. "I'II kill myself first" Don't do it! She was screaming. Suddenly a

white form swooped down from above grabbing the two the same way the dark form

did. They again flew up and were taken like

a giant bird carrying them in its beek, making it look like a Chagall painting. The bright

spirit carried them far utill they reached land, setting them down gently upon the

shore. The great spirit beamed down upon them, instructing them they were safe. He

then flew up into the clouds where his form changed into a white winged horse. " I've

seen that horse in the clouds before." Balas eyes looking up at the clouds as if she

were looking into the heavens. "I've seen it too." Chesov eyes were looking into the

lighted crack in the sky as the horse figure disappeared into. "But how do we defeat

the evil force? There's still the Pandora's box we opened?" Chesov shook his head

that he did not know, " We must forget about it & go home " Bala shook her head, "No

we must seal the box to bury it forever" They both looked so tired lying on the shore

of a icy country they did not know. Until the end of the world…The sky painted a

different color, green northern lights shone through where the image of the Maori

chief etched into the sky as if he were always watching above, and then out of the

blue appeared Ruby, the person they wanted to find. Walking down as in a

dreamworld, wearing a white sequin suit & smiling. "Did you … Were you the spirit ?"

Her eyes pleaded. Ruby just smiled his big smile, saying, Da!


About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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