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by Twin Stro 7 months ago in Sci Fi · updated 3 months ago
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Immortals: written by Twin Stro

Notsob Cape Lake

"Three months ago, I never thought I be back on these waters let alone looking for a needle in a haystack. Or better yet myth of an treasure chest at the bottom of this lake."

I been in this beautiful hell whole of a town all my life, joined my father in the family's business since I was a teen. I've been back, fourth and around this lake that stretches along the whole state even sailed the Lantic Ocean catching the biggest fish and shrimp you can find round these parts.

Now its fifteen years later my father passed six months ago, my mother and sister already made the move to Florvainia for better scenery and warmer weather while I wrap up the business here in Notsob Cape.

This morning is my last day here in Notsob before joining my family in Florvainia. I come across my father's ledgers he always kept in his custom engraved desk drawer.

I had no choice but to work up the courage to retain the ledgers out the drawers before the movers come to pick it up, besides my mattress on the floor it's the only few pieces left in the house.

I always looked at my father as my hero and a genius but would also witness his out the blue outburst and then the next he's in a mental silent violent concentration of thoughts as he sat at this very desk.

So now that I read my father's ledgers, I'm back on our fishing boat with no crew just me the sometimes harsh water gods and my fathers words constantly running through my head, killing me but fulfilling me at the same time …the very thing I was afraid of.

I followed the instructional coordinates to the teeth, I stop the boat in a place we avoided thousands of times because my father said its the most dangerous spot among the waters we sailed. I dropped anchor, then dropped my crane net we used for big heavy catches like sharks from time to time.

As my dad instructions run through my head, I concentrate on finding this...catch? The wind kicks up quickly, the water starts to rumble like it's in a fight with itself and I'm caught in the middle.

The weather radar warning system is going crazy, my boat is swaying side to side I been through this before, water starts rushing onto the boat like a brewing hurricane but now it seems like I'm personally being fought off by the water gods so I'm ready to lift the anchor and get the hell out of here.

Just as I start to lift the anchor the crane net catches something? Something BIGGGG!! Now I decide to fight back I will not be defeated by anything or anyone I deserve to get whatever comes to me on these waters!

So, I struggle and I fight pulling the net up, the crane is starting to break from the boat but I continue to pull with full strength as agony and pain shoots through my body. "Ahhh" I scream to the heavens with all my might...Finally, the net with capture is out the water I sway the crane to get the net onto the boat.

Boom! A big long chest drops down onto the deck. "I Won, I Won!" I yell out before falling on top of this chest looking thing. I'm crying, exhausted, laughing thinking of my father the thunderous titian waves quiets down the foggy atmosphere clears out as the sun starts to shine.

I get myself together got my crowbar, my saw and start to break these huge surprisingly not very rusted locks off this very, very old looking chest.

Okay the locks are off I grab the crowbar and leverage all of my weight to one side to pry this thing open I fall back on my backside only to see the top part open!

Three months ago, I never thought I back on these waters let alone looking at a needle in a haystack or myth of an treasure chest from the bottom of the lake.

The chest is full with water, gold and silver coins, I dig two hands inside to feel if it's real..."Oh it's real...Dad you're a genius!"

"Okay it's time to go!" I tighten up the crane, finish pulling up the anchor and start the engine. When I hear coins dropping out the open treasure chest?

I look over to see an arm pushing through the gold and silver coins, I'm hesitant to see what's what until I hear a cough then gurgling noise as if someone was drowning.

There's a woman buried under the coins "This is wild?" I start to close the chest when her arm moves again trying to grab me. She's alive!? I quickly grab the crowbar to pierce the remaining glass that has her trapped, I look at her face as I see life leaves her eyes.

Now I'm confused I think my mind playing tricks on me, it's been a long day "I gotta get out of here!" Then again, a gargling noise I look down "She is alive!?" I break the glass lifting her out the remaining water at the bottom of the chest causing her to drown or choke or...I don't know?

I get her out the chest onto the deck, she continues to throw up the water from her lungs "Are you ok?" She responds with just a glimmer in her eyes, her clothes are drenched I get her a blanket to cover her with.

"I'm going to get you some help alright. "She just stares but I can tell she's very weak, I get the boat going and speed off to shore.

I dock the boat I see her still sitting in the corner of the deck, I empty my tool box and filled it with the gold and silver. I grab her hand "can you walk?" To my surprise with a little help she stands up, I helped her off the boat.

"Wait a second. "I told her as I hide the chest on the boat, I'll get rid of it later." We get to my truck I start driving I can see the clouds coming back, it looks like it's about to be another storm.

"I have to drop this off at home first then I'll take you to the hospital okay!" She just sits back in the seat, she seems more relaxed.

I slide right into my driveway rush inside hide the tool box in the basement closet, run back upstairs passing my father's office on my way back out the door...when "what?" What did I just catch a glimpse of at my father's desk?

I let go of the front door knob to take a peek back into my father's office. "What the hell am I looking at!?"

Branson: "Hello son, you done well."

Eric: "What is this..."

Branson: "Possible! Because of you son, you made this possible you did what part of your destiny was required to do."

I just stare confused happy, sad but mostly just dumbfounded. Dad gesture for the girl to come inside the office, I didn't even realize she was standing behind me inside the house.

Branson: "Come in Lila!" He said to her so gentle and charming.

Eric: "You know her?"

Branson: "Son listen she's..."

I quickly interrupt coming back to my senses.

Eric: "What your little lost girlfriend , mom always talked about how you used to leave in the middle of the night back in the day and a matter of fact the last two years before you supposedly died in a car wreck you were gone a lot leaving me to carry everything and now, I find you and your little girlfriend back from the dead!"

Branson: "Eric she's not my girlfrie...she's your sister!"

Eric: "Sister!?…How...does she even speak!"

Lila: "I speak."

Eric: "Well woopdi freaking doo, so where she from because that is not an Notsob accent and she doesn't look a day over 20!"

Branson: "She's from the old lands, she escaped execution but in her quest to find me she was ambushed on the ship she was travelling on, by time I got he message it was too late."

EEric: "Quest, ship? Why you talking like your reading from an ancient enchanted scroll Eric: "Quest, ship? Why you talking like your reading from an ancient enchanted scroll if you would have got her a plane ticket and manned up to mom none of this will be happening!"

Branson: "First watch your tone, your mom knows about my life as hunter and protector, I tried fighting by myself but son there's a war coming."

Eric: "Well your body was never found but it is clear you must have smashed your NAWGGIN against something solid because you are talking GIBB-BER-RISH AND YOU always told me say no to drugs but you need to look at the man in the mirror!"

Suddenly they hear glass break from the back of the house.

Eric: "No squatters get out of here!"

Branson looks out the office window he notices the dark red clouds forming over the sky.

Branson: "They're here!" He quickly hits a secret button under his desk pulls out a shiny engraved sliver and steel sword, throws Lila a machete.

Erick: "How you catching machetes like you weren't half dead just bit ago and how you throw her a weapon before me? …Yawl just need to relax its probably just some squatters its been getting crazy around here since everyone in town been moving out, just be cool I'll check it out!"

Branson: "Eric wait."

Lila: "Reapers!" She said as she takes in the smell in the air.

Eric: "No its not the repo man, I swear you save somebody life and they still got they nose in your business." He ignores his dad concern of him leaving his sight.

Eric walks towards the backdoor through the kitchen.

Eric: "Hey you picked the wrong house I suggest you leave before I..."

Eric sees a silhouette of a tall slender man standing in the doorway with the door of the hinges. A flash of lightning from the storm illuminates the intruder pale skin and face.

Eric cautiously starts to retreat backwards, the intruder grins while sniffing the air then lets' out a scream like an alarm showing his razor sharp teeth as its mouth open 3 times wider than a great white shark.

Eric: "Mr. Thomas...what happened to you?"

The creature takes off right for Eric, chasing him down the hallway.

Eric: "Ohh hell naw DAD, Dad!!" Yelling running down the hallway.

Branson: Pulls Lila back "Hold steady" He runs to Eric "get down!"

The creature leaps to grab Eric, Eric dives to the ground Branson leaps towards the creature and with one swift move slices its head off with his silver and metal sword.

Eric: Turns and looks as he still sliding himself away from the creature Branson then pushes his blade into the creatures chest they watch as the body eternally explode leaving the walls stained with oil like blood.

Eric: "Mr. Thomas!"

Lila: "Reaper!"

Eric: "Why you keep saying Repo Mr. Thomas was a retired construction worker Not a Repo Man!"

Branson: "She's saying Reaper, and Mr. Thomas like most Reapers after they lost the war became regular citizens overtime regaining their human looks back and living normal lives, besides Thomas never did return my hedge clippers he kind of had that coming."

Eric: "But how did he become that?'

Lila: "He was always that but the Wiccan's are activating them like sleeper cells."

Eric: "What in the Hell is little walking dead talking about...Wiccans like witches, those old folk stories you used to tell me about to put me to sleep as a kid?"

Lila watches the window across the hall from the office to the dining room, she moves quietly to check it out.

Branson: " I thought it was over decades ago my team along with Lila's mother defeated the Wiccans almost a century ago, and the reaper king got his head cut off over 3 decades ago, I thought it was over."

Eric: "A century ago? (scoffs) So now you a vampire!?

Lila: "We're immortals , hunters of evil protectors of life!"

Eric: "You mean psycho one and psycho two, I'm just a simple fisherman."

Branson: "I don't think a simple fisherman would've been able to break an old curse and save his sister, only a chosen one could have done that I couldn't even do it."

Eric: "Chosen one! Well since you put it that way it did get crazy out on the lake...wait how old is she, Ima need more information on this whole thing before I can just jump in this."

BANG a creature comes busting through the door by time Eric is able to react Lila's machete had already ripped through the creature's head.

Eric: "You threw that!" He says in a panic of confusion and admiration.

Lila: "I guess we're even now! "She replies in her broken English pulling her machete out of the Reapers head.

Then all at once Reapers bust through the dining room window the office window and two coming fast through the busted open front door.

Branson without hesitation hits the Reaper coming through the office window catches the Reaper in the stomach with his sword lifting him up and slamming the creature onto the desk, the Reaper let's out a loud screeching holler right before Branson pulls back his sword and cuts the creature head off.

Branson: "Son!" He tosses the 8round Desert Eagle from his waist band to Eric "Aim for the head!"

Eric takes action hitting the two Reapers coming full speed, he shoots the first one in the right shoulder, the shot did not slow down its stride, the Reaper extend his nails more like sharp butcher knives with needle tip points.

Eric lets off 2 more rounds hitting the Reapers neck and head putting the creature face down on the welcome matt. As Lila fights the biggest and more skilled Reaper, this Reaper uses his claws like swords blocking Lila's fast combinations, Lila finally sees a clean opening to the Reapers chest, she goes for it but the Reaper counters her attack maneuvering her machete out of her hand onto the floor and pushing her back with force.

Lila slides backwards but stays on her she's pissed quickly regains her footing charging straight at the creature she fakes right the Reaper takes a swing with his right hand claws misses her by inches as she slides under the creature's arm grabs the machete off the floor leaps toward the wall pushes off with her left foot and lands her machete blade right into the side of the Reapers neck.

The huge creature falls to its knees as she yanks' the machete out dark black blood shoots out its neck, then she severs the head.

(Meanwhile) Eric shoots another shot missing the smaller Reaper as the creature quickly jumps onto the ceiling, then on to the wall.

Branson: "Come on son shoot the damn thing!"

Eric: "I'm trying (Bang, miss, Bang, miss) it's like a gawd dang flying cockroach!"

Branson: "Relax and concentrate!"

Eric has the Reaper in sight he lets off the remaining shots bang, bang ,bang...the creature falls from the ceiling to the floor.

Eric: "Yeah got you...I told you I had this!" He gloats to his dad.

The Reaper quickly jumps onto the wall about to pounce on Eric when boom splat. Branson throws his sword right through the middle of its forehead.

The screeching from the Reaper slowly quiets down until silence.

Bronson: "Damn this would've made a great Halloween decoration. "(He takes his sword and cuts the head off.) "Heart or the head remember that!

Eric: "Yeah I got a few questions but I can save them for later!"

Branson: " You got questions I got answers but it's time to get out of here...Eric, I trained you your whole life, just know you are ready!"

Eric: "I can feel it Dad whatever this is I'm in!"

Lila: "You know I saved you twice to your one!" She smiles.

Eric: "Is this going to be a brother sister type of thing...because I'm all for it!"

Dad grabbed a couple more things out apparently the secret compartments he had in the desk, which reminded me to get the gold and silver from the basement then we start to head outside the front door.

Eric: "Where you going my truck is right here."

An armor truck comes sliding around the corner.

Branson: "Oh no son we got a ride."

The truck stops as the side door slides open.

Rae: "Just like old times huh! He says out the passenger side window with a smile.

Branson, Lila and Eric climb inside the truck.

Branson: "You get my family to the safe house?"

Joanna: "The team got your wife and kid safe and sound you can call them." She hands him a phone.

Rome: "To the safe house ?"

Branson: "No time there going to meet us out west but right now...York City!"

Rae: "I'm so glad you said that!"

Rome: "You got it boss!"

Eric: "So I assume we're going where there's more of these things and Wiccans!" He said in a sarcastic tone.

Lila: "Don't worry lil brother I'll take care of you! " She smiles.

Eric: "Haha you got jokes (He turns to his dad) about those questions tho!"

They take off through town only to see everything turned upside down buildings on fire, crashed cars citizens in disarray and Reapers looking like they are heading in one direction. (North)

The ancient battle between good vs. evil reunites but this time the Wiccans has the upper hand controlling the Reapers...Will the Immortals survive or will the power of the Wiccans be too much for them to handle!

To be continued??

Sci Fi

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Twin Stro

I'm just happy to be here! How about you!

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