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Somebody is lurking around the prison at night and I don’t think it’s human

Honestly I don’t think it was

By Onah chideraPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

I’m currently in prison for 3 counts of supplying alcohol to minors , 5 counts of trespassing and a hit and run which left a victim paralyzed from the legs down , on November 9 2011 I was sentenced to 10 years in the Louisiana state penitentiary , there I met my cellmate Rodney , Rodney stopped me to ask some questions and to try to speak to me , at first I thought he was some idiot thinking he’s smart and trying to tell me some of the basic rules of prison like don’t complain about the food or don’t talk to the guards but he told me 3 rules and said ‘’ never forget those rules ‘’ he said that everyone must be asleep by 3 A.M at best and that everybody in the prison should still be asleep by then , any leftover food should be dumped in the yellow bin just outside of the yard and never anywhere else , and finally to never be in the yard after 2 A.M I thought he was talking crazy at first but I thought it was normal to not be up at 3 A.M in the morning in prison since there is nothing to do by then but I thought it was unconventional to have one bin for all leftovers . Currently I served 3 years there and I noticed that every-time an inmate breaks one of those rules he gets moved out at first I thought it was a random process that moves inmates to others cell blocks but last month Rodney was acting very crazy , he said that today during lunch he had to fight a guy and that he forgot to take his leftovers to the yellow bin the day after Rodney gets moved , I said my goodbyes to him as I thought he was getting transferred to another cell block , but it’s been 2 years since I saw him but I knew that he still had 6 years on his sentence and that he couldn’t have been paroled since he didn’t want to , for 3 months I was alone in my cell until some dude named Scott came in as new cellmate I told him the strange rules and he seemed to comply with them , after about 2 days he came to me and said he had a plan to escape the prison something about using an abandoned service tunnel under the cell block leading into the yards where we would climb a guard tower and escape , it took some planning and some bribes but we got it and on December 24 2015 on Christmas Eve we executed our plan , although we missed one vital step … the third rule indicates that no one should be in the yard after 2 A.M , at 1:54 A.M as soon as we stepped foot on the yard it felt like all eyes were on me and I felt something squishy under my boots , as I knelt down to see what it was I saw that it was mushy leftovers of pasta and oatmeal I thought for a second and realized it was were all the prison’s leftovers go , as we rummaged through the dark yard i felt what seemed to be a wall I took a small rock and threw it where Scott should have been but I got no response after a second I mumbled to Scott to get over here but got no response that’s when I decided to get my lock picking tool that I made myself and started picking the lock , after about 40 seconds I had done it and I was free I took a flashlight and shined it on and off to inform Scott of my location before booking it for the ladder when I came to the top of the tower i installed the rope we prepared but I felt like something was wrong so I took the flashlight and I looked at the yard , I saw some brown and beige color of mush towards all the yard I decided to keep my flashlight shined across the yard and it felt like the more I tilted to the left the more my mind was telling me to get out of here so I took one last look at the prison and looked down the ladder to see where Scott was but it was too late , I saw the clock at the tower indicating that it was now 2 A.M right when I noticed that I saw something come out of the cover that me and Scott decided to escape from at first I thought I was Scott but the longer I looked at this thing the more I saw something else , so I shone the light twice as a signal to Scott that the guard tower was here but this next scene made my blood boil this thing looked me dead in the eye then started sprinting to me I got a bit scared but when it started to climb up the ladder I saw those bright red eyes coming up to me I got so startled that I backed up into the guardrail and closed the door behind me and that’s when I saw it some type of alien with razor looking teeth I was so scared I had my back to the guardrail behind after about a minute of it staring right down at my soul it started breaking the glass I tried to get to the guardrail that let outside where the rope was but I couldn’t make it in time , the thing broke the armored glass like it was nothing and pushed me out of the tower into the yard below , upon landing I felt like I bro my feet and could barely crawl that’s when I saw him , Scott laying there in the deep pile of dried up oatmeal laying there like he just got shot in the head , his eyes were white and skin pale , when I looked at my foot I saw that it was completely broken , I tried to crawl around but I was almost completely immobilized so I laid there on my back staring at the guard tower when I saw multiple red eyes staring , maybe two dozen maybe more I was so scared I began to crawl frantically to the cover until I passed out from exhaustion , the next day I woke up in the city hospital strapped down in a bed three maybe four doctors examining me , I mumbled under my breath trying to understand what was happening that’s when a doctor told me that the guards found me in the middle of the yard almost lifeless and that they transferred me here to try and keep me alive . They began asking questions and eventually asked me what happened to Scott , I asked him that question and he told me that Scott’s body has been found 3 kilometers away from the prison so mangled they had to I.D him from his blood as even his teeth was crushed , I told them I didn’t know and I told them about our plans to escape and about the red eyes and me falling off the guard tower ,some questions later they asked me about my legs , ‘’ what happened d to your legs sir ? , you said you fell’’ i told them I fell from around 10 meters and how I broke them . The doctors faced me and said . ‘’Uhh, no sir what happened after that’’. I told him I didn’t know I tried moving my legs but I couldn’t feel them at first I thought it was the drugs , I tried to sit up to look at them. But I couldn’t as I was too weak , I asked the doctors what was going on . he said ‘’ sir we can’t find your legs ‘’.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Horrifying! Great work! Gazoogabloga

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