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A Teddy's Lament

By Isabella RosePublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

I was flung from one side of the container to the next. My body banged against the thin nylon of the bag and crashed into some type of jar containing many fragrant beads. The throbbing in my head was only eased by remembering her smile as she ate those round pebbles. What was the term she called it? Coffee! Yes, that’s it, I thought triumphantly.

My anxious mind became a torrent of unexplained thoughts: Why was I shoved into this container? Did I do something wrong? Before placing me in here, she hugged me to her. I assumed that she was playing a game and would soon retrieve me, but that didn’t happen.

My body was once again thrown into the air as the container of beads shattered, spilling glass inside the fragile material. Shards landed in my fur, making me wince in pain as the brown beads lay on my head. Smelling the aroma of the grounds, and the random swaying made me nauseous, and I spent what was left of my energy simply trying to breathe.

“No tag on this bag,” I heard a slightly annoyed woman state in a thick accent.

“Who cares?” came a nonchalant reply. “They don’t pay me enough to do this job.”

“Quit grumbling,” commanded the woman with an air of authority. She continued, “We are paid, and that’s more than many people can claim.”

“Why should I slave to these pompous and wealthy half-wits? They make more money than I ever will. I wish this whole damn plane would just explode. Now, tell me how their money would save them?” he maniacally laughed.

“You better not let anyone else here you talk like that, Rico!” responded the woman nervously. “Just do your job and shut up.”

So, this was a plane, I wondered in curiosity. One question resounded in my head; why was I here on this bumpy ride instead of snuggled safely in her arms? Snow, she had called me. Her Snow, but now my pure white fur was stained with the coffee that had seeped into it.

Anxiety filled my teddy bear body, and if I had a heart, it would have pounded like the loudest gong. Her deep brown eyes were filled with despair as she shoved me into the bag in a desperate attempt to get to the .... what was the word .... terminal. Not wanting to leave the man whose arm she clung to while she was there, I suspect. People confuse me. Why are they always doing things they don’t want to do?

Another tremor happened as the bag was tossed onto its side. Mercifully, the swaying ceased as a woman unzipped the sack to reveal my dishevelled state.

“Oh no, Reese! This teddy seems to have been knocked around quite a bit, and some child is missing him by now. Can we find out the address?” she questioned as she lifted me from the confines of my prison. “He’s adorable with his little suit jacket,” she gushed.

“My boss says that they belong to an American, sweetheart,” replied the man in a kind voice.

“Well, it looks like this teddy needs a good cleaning. My daughter would just love to have him! Do you think I could...”

“No. You know the rules. We need to return the bag to the passenger, Melinda!”

A disappointed look crossed her face as she placed me face down into the bottom of the receptacle as I was lifted onto a type of moving seat. A slightly portly man gazed at the monitor, inspecting the contents of my stuffing. Shame overtook me as I shivered. This was a flagrant disregard of privacy and if I could have spoken at that very moment, I would have let out a scream that the whole “terminal” would have heard.

Cold and withered elderly hands lifted me as I was placed, once again, into the confines of the case. Didn’t she love me, I sadly thought. I only wanted to make her happy. That was my duty as a teddy bear, and it looks like I failed. The blackness of depression wailed in me.

He had called her something special, I recalled as numbness overtook my body. “Little One,” was her name, and every time he fixed his eyes on her, she smiled. Maybe he would come to get me, I randomly thought. My chaotic mind shifted from one tragedy to another as I simply tried to exist. What if she’s hurt, I pondered.

Suddenly, I was weightless as I sailed through the air in this familiar nylon cell. Landing with a thud on hard concrete, a scream erupted from my soul. How could she just create me with such love only to abandon me to these harsh realities?

Bright lights interrupted my thoughts as the sound of a zipper assaulted my ears. Hugging me to her chest, she whispered into my fluffy ear, “I found you,” before erupting into giggles. Questions circled through my mind as she carefully inspected me. Deciding that I was okay, she hugged me tightly as she asked, “Where were you, Snow!” I can’t lose you both in such a short time! I was looking all over for you.”

“Don’t be stupid. That’s nothing but cotton, you idiot. It doesn’t understand you,” spoke a gruff voice beside her.

If only she knew how much I understood. Joy filled my essence as I realized that she had been looking for me all along.

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About the Creator

Isabella Rose

I am a dedicated author with a passion for fiction. I own a joint business with my amazingly talented co-writer and poet, Raven Black.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Awww, this was so SO sweet and I'm so glad for the happy ending! I was so worried for teddy! Loved your story so much My Morbid Friend!

  • Raven Black3 months ago

    You have an exceptional talent.xx

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