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siege of post-80s

Part 4(7)

By lihaoPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

"I went there for lunch." Coco lowered her head and said.

"Dining? The company's employees all eat in the cafeteria. Why do you go to a five-star hotel to eat?"

"The food in the cafeteria is terrible." Coco's head was always lowered.

"No one else said it was bad, but you said it was bad? You have to spend hundreds of dollars on food every day. Is this a way of life? You still buy clothes? What clothes did you buy? Show me them." Xiao Yuehan His eyes were wide open, as if he was about to kill someone.

"Mom, what are you doing? I saw those clothes, and they were worthless. We used to..." Xue Zhe couldn't sit still.

"It's not worth it? It's worth so much? Tell me, how much is it worth? Li Ke, go and get it, starting with this one." Xiao Yuehan pointed to a line on the credit card statement.

Coco sat still.

"Didn't you hear me talking to you?" Xiao Yuehan's voice raised another decibel.

Xue Zhe wanted to speak, but Xiao Yuehan stared back fiercely.

Coco stood up silently, and took out a few pieces of clothes from the room that she bought in the past month.

Xiao Yuehan picked up one and asked, "What kind of dress is this? The back is for others to see. Is this a dress worn by a decent person? And this? Is it a skirt? What can it cover?" Picking up the pieces, he compared them to the name of the specialty store on the credit card, and chattered endlessly.

Coco stood there, tears kept falling, feeling unprecedented humiliation.

"From now on, I will give Li Ke 3,000 yuan in cash every month. You take back your credit card, and you must charge everything you buy, and don't buy useless things. Xue Zhe, yours is 5,000 yuan a month. You want to go out, there are many places to spend money." Xiao Yuehan sat down slowly, and picked up the teacup in his hand.

"Mom, what are you kidding? How do you let me live with 5,000 yuan a month? It costs thousands of dollars to treat a friend to a meal." Xue Zhe couldn't hold back anymore.

"How many people outside live like this, you are already happy enough, so it's settled, I'll give it to you tomorrow morning." Xiao Yuehan stood up, and when he closed the door, there was a heavy voice.

"Xiao Zhe, do you think the clothes I bought are expensive?" Coco looked at Xue Zhe who was flipping through magazines with tears in his eyes.

"Coco!" Xiao Zhe rushed to hug Coco and said, "I'm sorry, I know this is difficult, and I didn't know it would be like this. My mother was not like this before. She would buy me any sports car or watch I wanted. Maybe because we're married, she doesn't want us to be black sheep."

"Why did your mother treat me like this? This is the greatest humiliation to personality, Xue Zhe, don't you understand this?" Coco shook off Xue Zhe's hand. "Xue Zhe, I don't understand. I didn't understand at the beginning. Our life, one thing after another, I used the word "doubt" for the first time. Since I learned Chinese, the first time Use it, and use it in our marriage, your family lives in such a nice house, why? Three thousand yuan? I..."


"Is it because I am demanding? What do you think I bought after I returned to China? I am bored in this ghost place every day? Is this the first day you know me?"

Xue Zhe held Coco in his arms again, feeling that the clothes on his shoulders were getting wet a little bit.

"My wife, I'm sorry, I really wanted to buy you a lot of good things, you know, but my mother..." Xue Zhe took out a card from his wallet and said, "This is my last savings in Australia. Take it out tomorrow, change it into RMB, and buy whatever you want. I told you that marriage will give you happiness. Don’t be seen by your mother when you buy things. I will tell her go talk."

"Little Zhe, you are so kind to me." Coco broke into a smile, not because of the card, but because Xue Zhe's eyes in front of him were so sincere, exactly the same as him at the seaside on the day of the proposal. Coco always believed that he could bring her happiness, Coco wiped away her tears. Said softly: "Honey, I will save it, it's better for you to treat me better."

Young Adult

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