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siege of post-80s

Part 4(8)

By lihaoPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

"You are my wife, I don't treat you well, who will I treat well to?" Xue Zhe lightly scratched Coco's nose.

Coco hugged Xue Zhe tightly, it wasn't the credit card that moved her, but the man in front of her, the man she called her husband, he knew what he wanted and what would make him happy. Maybe, I really have to learn to be frugal.

"Wife, I love you, believe me!" Xue Zhe kissed Coco's lips lightly, and hugged her tightly. The body temperature of the two gradually approached the same level, burning hot and turning into sweetness. After every quarrel, Xue Zhe always used his own way to comfort Coco.

In the early morning of Yuchuan, it was rare that there was no rain. The moment the curtains were opened, the sunlight filled the whole room. It seemed that the air in the room became fresh instantly, and the melancholy that remained unchanged every day disappeared completely. Outside the window, the gardener in the yard was trimming the branches and leaves, and the crisp chirping of birds resounded throughout the yard.

Coco is used to getting up early, after washing up, she wakes up Xue Zhe. When the two went downstairs, only Xue Zhenyu was sitting at the dining table reading the newspaper.

"Morning, Dad!" Coco said politely, but actually wanted to say: "Dad, long time no see."

The father-in-law often does not live at home, and sometimes after going out to socialize with Xue Zhe, it is the driver who takes the drunk Xiao Zhe home. Breakfast and dinner are often eaten at home by myself and my mother-in-law.

"Li Ke, how is it? Is everything in the company still used?" Xue Zhenyu looked at Coco with a smile on his face.


"Ah, Li Ke, you've woken up, and you seem to be in good spirits. Eat quickly, this egg is fried on one side. It is said that foreigners like to eat this kind of egg. I made it myself just now." Xiao Yuehan served two servings Fried eggs interrupted what Coco was about to say.

"Thank you, Mom." Coco sat down slowly, remembering the scene of the last quarrel. Since then, her mother-in-law hasn't spoken to her.

"Li Ke, you don't know, your mother likes girls. When Xiaozhe was young, he often dressed Xiaozhe as a girl and took him out. Xiaozhe was really beautiful at that time, very like a girl. Yours Arriving here is a fulfillment of one of our daughter's dreams, your mother hasn't even made fried eggs for me, so let's have a taste." Xue Zhenyu put down the newspaper and looked at coco with a smile.

"Okay." Coco obediently began to eat the fried egg in front of him, even the fried egg began to taste bitter.

Xiao Yuehan took out two envelopes and said to Coco and Xue Zhe respectively: "Here is your pocket money. Buy something if you like. I don't know what young people like, and I can't buy clothes for Li Ke. I go to work every day. Wearing a uniform is really wronging the young girl."

When she took the envelope, Coco's tears hovered in her eyes, and she held back immediately while chewing on the fried egg.

"Today, Erhao will come back with your aunt. Go to the company in the morning to have a look, and have lunch at noon. Don't be late, let Hanwen pick up Li Ke at noon, and Xiaozhe and I will go directly from the company." Xue Zhenyu stood up and took the Jacket, Xue Zhe hurried out of the door.

Throughout the morning, Coco was in a trance, sent a message to Yawen to confide, Yawen on the phone was very angry.

Coco suddenly felt someone tap his head lightly, Coco covered his head, turned around and saw Hanwen, still standing there straight in a suit.

"You guy, you're not working hard, who are you texting? I'll pick you up for dinner." Hanwen handed coco a bottle of orange juice.

"Who did I think it was?" Coco tidied up her things and stood up, slowly following Hanwen out the door. I don't know why, Hanwen's arrival can always bring me a little happiness. As for myself, after talking to Yawen all morning, it seemed that she didn't want to spoil the current happy atmosphere. Therefore, he decided not to tell Hanwen anything.

Sitting in Hanwen's car, Coco asked suspiciously: "Hanwen, who are we going to have lunch with today?"

"Yu Erhao, you have seen it, but there are too many people at your wedding, you must not remember clearly. Let me tell you this, my father has three brothers and sisters, my father is the eldest, and there are two younger sisters, one is your mother-in-law One is Erhao's mother, that is, your little aunt. Erhao and the others usually live in a small city in the north. Now it is Chinese New Year, so I just come to visit. But I am really wondering when you and Xiaozhe fell in love. It’s not that I just say I love you every day, the two have been married for half a year, and they don’t know anything about each other’s family, and he hasn’t told you about it.” Hanwen shook his head and continued driving

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