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siege of post-80s

Part 4(3)

By lihaoPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Listening to Zhou Min explaining her views on marriage in one breath, Su Wei suddenly felt that this paragraph seemed to be more intriguing than the interview just now. Su Wei hated herself for turning off the recorder, but couldn't wait to continue asking: "Then what are you doing now?" Your family is very happy, how do you manage your marriage? How do you balance career and family?"

Zhou Min said: "Tolerance and understanding are the foundation of a happy and harmonious marriage. Resolve conflicts skillfully, bridge emotional cracks rationally, and concentrate on cultivating one's EQ, IQ and financial quotient. A woman will always meet a person she loves most in her life, a The person you love the most is the person who is most suitable for you to live with. Choosing the first two marriages, or even choosing which person to be your partner, will take a long time to adjust. During the adjustment process, life may Habits are gradually unified. But in this process, the biggest problem is to find that your partner has different outlook on life and value orientation from your own, or the background of growth and family bring many differences in concepts. This is often the last time for two people to break up. The main factor. When you find someone who can connect with you and can be your life partner, that is when you get happiness. In fact, there is no one hundred percent perfect man, only a smart woman. After marriage, loving someone means loving His habit of loving his family, and only through the joint efforts of mutual love and mutual tolerance can the two families live in harmony to the greatest extent."

After Zhou Min finished speaking, he leaned back on a blue pillow, and tidied up the corners of his skirt.

"What do you think of our generation, I mean the marriage born in the 1980s?" Being with Zhou Min was very casual, and Su Wei continued to ask while eating the oysters from the seafood platter.

"It is said that marriage is a besieged city, and many people are afraid to enter this besieged city. In fact, the besieged city is not terrible. The terrible thing is that when you want to enter, you don't know the situation in the city, and you have too many unrealistic fantasies. Don't compare, don't do it for others to see.

"The general trend of the outside world makes people increasingly lose confidence in marriage and family. In fact, there is no absolutely happy marriage in the world. Happiness is just a feeling of self, which comes from infinite tolerance, mutual appreciation and respect. It is based on money, family status, This kind of marriage without love based on power and power is immoral, it will not last long, and it will not be happy. Many children born in the 80s refuse to grow up and always think that they are children. When you don’t treat yourself as a child, When you can learn to empathize with others, when you learn to give roses to others and leave fragrance in your hands, you will really learn happiness. I just hope that I can bring something different to girls, don’t rely on You have to learn a lot from a pitfall, but you have to feel more, listen to what others say, think about it carefully, and try not to take detours.”

"Thank you, Sister Zhou. After the interview is finished, I will send it to your email. After you read it, I will publish it."

The two chatted about other topics casually, and Su Wei listened to Zhou Min describe her hobbies like a little fan. Pottery, and a trip to Tibet with my husband and children. It was as relaxed as a gathering of old friends, and there was no difference in age or background. Every time the waiter passed by, he would chat with Zhou Min cordially. Zhou Min treated them as kindly and warmly as Su Wei. Although the weather was cold, Su Wei didn't feel the chill at all.

After breaking up and saying goodbye, Su Wei looked at the back of this woman leaving, thinking that such a strong woman in the eyes of others also had such an unbearable past. And after that kind of huge pain, he can start over again, and now he is happier than many people. I can't help but sigh, women, really have to learn to be strong. Women in the old society were actually quite happy, as long as they were housewives, women now have more choices and more problems. Full-time housewives are worried about being dumped by their husbands, and overly strong women are worried that no one will want them. It's really complicated. Thinking about myself, I can't help but feel relaxed. It seems that this kind of life where one person is full and the whole family is not hungry should be cherished.

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