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By Aboki GodfreyPublished 6 months ago β€’ 14 min read
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❣❣❣❣❣❣EPISODE 03❣❣❣❣❣❣




I'm sitting at my desk sketching the latest

draft for one of my clients. This week flew by

incredibly fast and before I know it, it is

Sunday. I spent the entire Saturday with Kale

before his parents came home. I had to say, I

enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Spending time with him makes me desire to

have children of my own one day.

Unfortunately, I doubt it will be happening

anytime soon.

Upon his request, we went to the zoo. I don't

have much experience with kids, in fact, Kale

is the closest exposure I have to children, so I

wasn't entirely sure how to entertain him when

we got there. However, gratefully I didn't have

to worry too much. As soon as we arrived,

Kale grabbed my hand and dragged me

through every corner of the zoo. He was the

leader and I was the follower.

By the time we were done exploring the large

zoo, we were happy, hungry, and exhausted.

So, to end our perfect day I took him to his

favorite eating place - Culvers. Kale was

extremely excited that he got his very own

sundae. It was the perfect dessert to end our

perfect day.

When we arrived at my place his parents, who

just returned from their trip, was there to pick

him up. It didn't matter how much fun he had

that day, he couldn't wait to go back home with

his mom and dad. Just seeing them hug and

kiss Kale, I could tell they also missed him


After Kale left, I soon realized how quiet my

house had become. It made me grateful that

my sister had given me the chance to take

care of him for a short period of time because

I really did enjoy the time we spent together.

Usually, if my sister and brother-in-law were

out of town, Kale would stay with our parents,

since they only lived a few miles away from

them. However, my parents were also on their

own little trip to London and that's why Kale

stayed with me.

Being the only grandchild in the family, Kale is

loved by so many people. His parents have

been trying for years to give him a little brother

or sister, but they haven't had much luck. That

is one of the main reasons why my mother

wants me to get married, she wants more

grandchildren. Plus, she hates my reckless

bachelor ways.

So, her grand idea is to find me a wife so that

I can start producing grandchildren. Although,

I'm not on board with her ways of finding me a

wife. Mostly when it involves her scheduling

never-ending blind dates for me to go on.

Unfortunately, I'm not someone who likes to be

tied down. I'll know when I find the right

woman. Without meaning to, Erin's sweet face

appears in my mind.


There is something different about her than any

other girl I have ever met. I'm not sure if it's

the smile she gives me every time we meet or

her smoking hot body that I can't get out of

my mind. There have been multiple occasions

where I imagined wrapping my arms around

her waist and pulling her to my chest. I want

to know how it felt when her soft body finally

molds together with mine. Just thinking about

it gives me the worst erection I had in ages.

Standing, I adjust my aching erection. Damn, if

just thinking about her made me this hard,

what's going to become of me when I finally

see her naked?

I haven't found out if she is single or not, but

with the way things are going, I better find out

soon. Because, as of right now, I can't imagine

her anywhere else but, on my bed, naked and

moaning with pleasure.

One thing that I miss the most is sending and

picking Kale up from school, now I won't have

an excuse to see her. I'm going to have to

convince my sister to let me pick up Kale from

school on certain occasions.

My phone rings and just like that my hard-on

goes soft.

My mother is calling me. Again. This is the

fourth time today. I'm pretty sure that this call

is going to be just like the last three. Taking a

deep breath, I slide the call button answering

the phone. "Hello again mother!"

"Caden, I'm so glad you picked up."

I almost didn't answer the phone. "What can I

help you with?"

"I wanted to ask, do you remember Dr. Jim

Wilcox? He's a general surgeon at Columbia

Hospital and he attended your father's birthday

party a few months ago?"

I shake my head, of course, I don't remember.

There were over 100 people at that party. I

couldn't remember half the people that

attended, let alone one individual person.

"Sorry, mom I don't recall a Dr. Wilcox."

"Well that's alright if you don't remember," she

replies. I can hear the television and the soft

sound of the ceiling fan in the background.

"What's important is he has a daughter named

Olivia, and I got a chance to see a picture of

her. She is gorgeous and looks like a fine

lady. Anyways, I-"

"Let me guess," I say interrupting her, "You

want me to go on a blind date with her."

"Oh Caden, you know your mother too well,"

she cries, squealing through the phone. "And

yes, I want you to go on a blind date with this

lovely girl. She is stunning and beautiful. I have

also heard great things about her from her

father; she seems like such a lovely gal. I was

able to set up a date this Wednesday at 6 pm

at the Halladale CafΓ© on 18th street."

I groan loudly hitting the palm of my hand on

my forehead, "Mom, do I really need to go on

these unnecessary blind dates? Also, aren't you

on vacation right now with dad? How do you

have time to set up these dates for me?

Shouldn't you be enjoying your time at the

beach instead?"

"Nonsense, I always have time for my babies.

Also, these dates are not unnecessary, I only

want what's best for you."

"But mother, I'm a grown man. I don't need

your help to find me -"

"No buts," Mother cuts in, "Not until you can

show me that you're truly dedicated to one girl.

Also, make sure you go on time."

Feeling completely defeated I nod to myself.

"Fine, but I'll only meet this girl on one


After a long pause, she finally murmurs, "What


"That you limit these blind dates to once a

month only. I can't stand doing this every

week. You already know how busy I am with

my projects."

A brief silence stretches between us before she

finally agrees. "Alright, but you better make

sure you're on your best behavior. I don't want

a repeat of last time."

"Fine, I promise."

"Alright then honey, I better get going now.

Love you."

"Love you too," I respond quietly. With a heavy

sigh, I set the phone face down but not before

I bang my head against the table; mothers can

definitely make a guy go crazy.


I glance at the clock and panic, I can't believe

it is already 5:20 pm. If I don't leave soon I'm

going to be late for my date again.

I scan over my completed design, satisfied

with my work. I'm not sure how many hours of

sleep I've lost these last few days, but I do

know one thing, every minute of sleep I lost

was worth it. I always felt a sense of

calmness and happiness after I finish a

project, and that's how I felt this very moment.

Now all that's left is to present the model to

the client.

Thankfully, I am able to finish it before the due

date tomorrow morning. I was hoping to use

the rest of today to recover after I met with my

secretary but thanks to this blind date my wish

is unlikely to come true.

With a light grunt, I get up from my desk and

head straight into the bathroom. It takes all the

strength I had to not look at my comfortable

bed, one look and I know I would never make

it to my blind date. Plus, there was no way I

could not go, I did promise my mother after


I glance in the mirror and let out a loud groan.

I look horrible. My brown hair is a mess with

multiple strands standing up in all directions.

My bloodshot eyes make my green pupils

appear darker and the usual clean-shaven face

I'm used to seeing is no longer present.

Instead, it seems like I am starting to grow a

beard. That's what I get for not shaving in 4


There is no way I can go out like this, she

might run away before I get a chance to say

hello . Although that does sound like a

wonderful scenario, I am adamant to make this

date work. If I want my mother to limit the

number of blind dates she insisted I go on,

then it's worth suffering through this one.

I throw off my clothes and jump into the

shower, not stopping to wait for the water to

heat up. The cold water feels good on my

hard body. After a five-minute shower and a

quick shave, I walk into my walk-in closet and

grab the first thing I see, a black polo shirt

and a pair of light blue jeans. Quickly throwing

the clothes on and drying my hair with a

washcloth, I glance at myself one last time in

the mirror. Satisfied that I looked decent

enough to step out of my house, I grab my

keys and head out the front door.

It takes me longer than I thought to get to the

cafΓ©, by the time I arrive it is already 5:58 pm.

Thank god my mother sent me an image of

her, so I knew how she looked. I enter the

cafΓ© and instantly my eyes land on a golden-

eyed blonde standing in the middle of the

room. She gives me a little wave and I walk

towards her.

I have to say she is beautiful, but it isn't

anything I haven't seen before.

"Hi, you must be Olivia," I say extending my

hand out for a handshake.

"Yes." She smiles showing her perfect white

teeth. "And you must be Caden. It's a pleasure

to meet you."

"I'm sorry, I hope I'm not late." I sit and direct

her to do the same.

She picks up her phone and shows me the

time. "Nope, just on time. It's actually 6:00."

Taking the menu and opening it I ask, "Did you

order anything yet?"

"Just a caramel Frappuccino."

"Then I'll have an Americano." I hand my menu

to the waitress and turn back to Olivia. "So,

Olivia, tell me about yourself."

When I said tell me about yourself, I didn't

think she was going to tell me about her whole


In fact, in just 30 minutes I learned that Olivia

is a naΓ―ve, clumsy, and arrogant person who

cares too much about herself than enjoy a

simple conversation. In just 30 minutes she

checked her make up over a dozen times, was

on her phone for a good 10 minutes texting,

and she practically told me every little detail of

her life.

I deduce that she is a spoiled little girl who

knows nothing about the real world and has

had everything handed to her from her rich

parents. If I didn't promise my mother I would

be on my best behavior, I would have already

gotten up and left. However, a promise is a

promise, and I must show some respect to

this woman in front of me, no matter how

annoying she might be.

Crossing my arms and leaning back in my

chair, I take a deep breath, praying that Olivia's

babbling would get less annoying. With each

word, I can't stop myself from becoming more

irritated with her, mostly when all she seems

to talk about are things that I have no interest


Hoping to distract myself, I scan the room

observing every single detail of the cafΓ©. I have

never been here before and I would have to

say it's a nice and cozy place. The coffee here

isn't bad either. In fact, I'm surprised how

crowded the place is, given it's a Wednesday


I continue to look around and see a couple

holding hands in the booth next to ours,

sharing a chocolate dessert. Sitting by the

large windows are a group of people who

looked like college students doing homework.

My eyes dart to the corner of the room and

instantly I sit up, my arms falling to my side.

In the corner of the small cafΓ©, there is a girl

with black curly hair and creamy white skin

reading a book. There is only one person I

know that matched that description, for she

has been in my dreams every night since I met


"Olivia," I say, placing my elbows on the table

and letting my chin rest on my entwined


With the sound of her name, she finally shuts

up. Blinking at me like a cat waiting for food

she answers, "Yes, Caden?"

I flick my figure signaling her to come closer

to me which she happily obeys. "You know

what Olivia," I whisper.

"What?" she asks seductively, leaning closer

towards me, her eyes twinkling.

I give her my best smile. "I think we should

stop wasting time and end this date."

Abruptly pulling back, her face scrunches up in

question. "What, but we've only been on this

date for about 30 minutes!"

I extend my arm showing her my watch,

"Actually dear, it has been 40 long minutes.

Just enough time to be considered a 'date' in

my mother's book. So, let's not waste any

more of our precious time. All you have to do

is go home and tell your father you had a

lovely time and I'll do the same. What do you

say sweet pea?"

"So, are you saying that you don't enjoy being

here with me right now?" she asks in


My smile never fading I reply, "That's exactly

what I'm saying."

In an instant she's up from her seat, slamming

her napkin on the table. "How dare you, you

arrogant jerk? You should be grateful to bask

in my presence. I'm glad to be leaving anyway,

you're boring me. And just to let you know, my

father will definitely know about our so-called

date today." With a huff she storms off,

flipping her hair gracefully.

I shrug before grabbing the bill and making my

way up front to pay. Turning around I head

straight towards the corner of the cafΓ©. It's

time to meet the beautiful goddess I can't stop

thinking about.

As I approach her I can't help but notice the

way her hair is pulled back into a nice neat

bun. I can tell she wanted to maintain those

beautiful curls, but with no luck, they keep

falling. Ever so gently she pulls the fallen curls

back behind her ears. I don't know why but I

found that simple gesture extremely sexy.

Again, putting on my best smile I approach the

seat across from her. "May I sit here?"

Erin's head snaps up from her book and I

watch as her face goes from calm to shock in

seconds. "Hmm...No...I... Sorry, no there is no

one sitting there," she says laughing.

Why do I find her laugh so adorable?

"I hope I'm not bothering you."

"Oh, not at all," she replies placing down her


Pointing to the face-down book on the table I

ask, "So what are you reading if you don't mind me


I see a blush creep onto her lovely cheeks.

Avoiding eye contact she murmurs, "It's just a

romance book."

The way the blush rises to her round cheeks, I

know it is more than a simple romance book.

I lean across the table erasing the distance

between us, grateful that Erin is frozen in her

spot, not moving away from me. Seeing the

blank expression on her face is so damn cute

that I can't help but want to tease her. Our

faces were only inches apart before I whisper

ever so slightly just enough for her to hear, "Is

it an erotic romance?"


To be continued.....


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