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Me, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lightning Farron part 1

By Rachel Daphmar MombrunPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
All Rights Reserved to Square Enix. This is Claire aka Lightning Farron, Noctis fictional love interest.

Hello everybody, I am here today to talk about a fanfiction story I've written a few years ago on Wattpad and I would like to share it with you my readers on Vocal. The story is divided in three parts and it is all about the relationship between Noctis, Cloud and Lightning. Noctis loves Lightning, Cloud loves Lightning too but she loves neither of them in return. The plot is pretty simple. We read the story through Noctis perspective. It is written at the first person of singular. I like all three characters the same but I was wondering if I could write something with Noctis point of view. I hope you will enjoy the reading and not take that light-hearted story too seriously. Some might find the means of Noctis questionable and they will be right about that. Personally I would prefer Lightning to be in a relationship with Cloud Strife because his personality suits her better than Noctis. But none of this matters anyway since the lady doesn't care about the two men she knows about. Let us begin telling the story now, shall we? Please do no forget to donate a small tip on Vocal after reading the story if you liked it. It will be very appreciated.


My name is Noctis Lucis Caelum. But you can call me Noctis or even Noct. To be honest, I don’t like to talk a lot about myself. But to be nice, I will give you a few details about the way I look: I am tall, thin, a pale face with inky black hair and dark slanted eyes. Oh, and also I wear only black clothes.

Noctis Lucis Caelum. All Rights Reserved to Square Enix.

I will actually talk about a girl that interest me a lot. A woman to be fair because she is not any kind of girl. Her name is Lightning. She refuses to say more about herself and even if my father is very wealthy and powerful; it was incredibly difficult to find any data in the national archives about her. My friends believe that she is from another universe and that she came across our world with the help of a teleportation cristal. That theory seems plausible. Myself, I have fantastic powers which if all of them were revealed to the common mortals, would scare people away. Anything can happen in this world. You never know precisely what anyone is capable of. Lightning is insanely strong but she gave the opposite impression with her frail frame. She has long light pink hair, she likes to wear white and brown and she is skillful with her gunblade. Apparently she is searching for her little sister called Serah. I remember vaguely she said she needs to find someone else, a guy called Snow, I think. What a weird name! Anyway, I’ve been guiding Lightning in all the city lately and in all the places we’ve been, we couldn’t find either Serah or Snow.

I must admit that I find Lightning beautiful with her defiant blue eyes and when she helped me to kick the ass of a Behemoth, I was conquered. The problem is: I doubt she is the kind of woman that will ever fall in love with a guy. She is the ice queen type which is exactly what intrigues me. I believe she might have been hurt in her childhood and for that reason she let almost nobody in. Except Serah or maybe Snow. She reminds me of myself. Let us be clear, this is not a kind of narcissistic love. For example, I love her because she is like me. This is too immature. No! I love her because I find her fascinating. She is brave, she does have a heart even if it frozen and I’ve just realized for the first time that getting married wasn’t a bad thing after all. Now what I need to do is to make her fall in love with me. It will be a great challenge but biology is the one science that will help me in th process. The lady is too difficult. I don’t have a choice, I think, then, to use precise science to make her want me.


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I am a full-time student in paralegal technology and a part-time writer that also draws as a hobby. I like to read, exercize, watch movies, cook and play video games aside all activities. Thanks for reading me.

Have a great day!

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    Rachel Daphmar MombrunWritten by Rachel Daphmar Mombrun

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