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Shards of a dream

Girl's face! ! Why is this drug so painful? It's only been a month and a half. My confidence has grown a lot these days. How do I spend five years?

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 12 min read

shards of a dream

Girl's face! ! Why is this drug so painful? It's only been a month and a half. My confidence has grown a lot these days. How do I spend five years? God knows.

Girl's face! ! Why is this drug so painful? It's only been a month and a half. My confidence has grown a lot these days. How do I spend five years? God knows.

Girl's face! ! Why is this drug so painful? It's only been a month and a half. My confidence has grown a lot these days. How do I spend five years? God knows.

Tell me something about me. I'm clean. People have been in Dhaka since childhood. But what a cruel irony of fate. I had the opportunity to study at the new medical school at Mofasbal. I certainly do not regret it. Except for learning, everything is at the highest level. Everyone here is nice. Everyone from teachers to friends. Everyone is nice. But I miss my father very much. Medical life is boring. How many lessons, lectures and projects are there? But I'm naughty. Everyone in the class recognized me because of my trick. Chat, everyone broke, and that's it.

Today is February 14th. For many, this day is very special. But for me, ten days is normal. A bit of a broken sleep today. When I was in college, I heard there were two new immigrants in our class. Since the new boy. So it will be interesting to absorb it today. It is important to monitor the prey before it decomposes. I looked at the two of them. Complete Thor brand. Rotting can be fun. The other is too long. About six feet. Curly white hair. Appearance is also rough. But two very charming eyes. What's in the eyes. The mind begins to realize how it looks in its eyes. You don't want to rot. It was as if she opened her eyes and put them in a bag. After the lesson, I went to meet him. His name is Ralph. He didn't say anything but knew the name. In the afternoon, I went for a walk with some friends. A friend of mine walked in the dew and said:

- Hey friend! Ralph likes you.

I was a little scared to hear that. I say,

-what do you mean? Which Ralph?

- Can you listen a little? Ralph. The new boy. I crushed you.

- How do you understand?

- I asked your way after today's lesson. beside that...

-What then?

The way you look at her when you leave to talk to her. From the look in her eyes, it is clear that she fell in love with you.

-Yes! Participate! One day, someone shows up after falling in love?

I laughed and screwed it up with my friends.

Then a few days passed. I never saw Ralph again. But if you take lessons together, as far as you know, I know. Ralph's house is here. The boy is calm. No need to say much. I don't talk to girls. I really can't agree. If you look at him casually, you can see how he stares. And his eyes. Girl's face! I think I turned it on. But my bad friends always get annoyed with the name Ralph.

One day, the holidays began. Next is anatomy lessons. The dew is coming. The apron is tied around the neck. He seems to be waking up. As soon as he sat down next to Raff, he began to relax. I am not a bride and I missed this great opportunity for rotten dew. I walked towards the dew. I started to break apart the dew as soon as I was gone, listening to everyone talking very loudly. When I saw that Zuhair was not speaking, I started screaming with even greater enthusiasm. Suddenly Raff shouted at me:

- This girl. what is your problem? why are you yelling? Your pain.

Hearing her scream, the entire class looked at her. Cheshire also slept. I'm staring too. Smoke rose from my ears of shame and humiliation. Nobody has yelled at me before. My cheeks were filled with anger and sadness. I walked out of class without saying a word. I didn't take any other lessons that day. I went straight to the room. I'm in a bad mood all day. Ralph's hug and a slap in front of the crowd seemed to bring peace. Why didn't I slap him? He started to regret the whole day. The next day I went to college. I haven't seen Raff all day. When you return from the class exit. Suddenly someone shouted from behind,

- A chandelier...

I turned to see Ralph. I said politely,

- You tell me?

There is only one in our group named Neffa. He is standing in front of me now.

-say what? tell me.

-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yesterday's use.

- Did not matter. I do not mind.

- Did you forgive me in Taman?

-Yes! was given.



- I brought you something.

He raised his hand. Five Kitkats on hand. My favourite chocolate. My heart dances with joy when I see Kit Kat. I told them to take a Kit Kat,

-Thanks. But why five?

Sorry, the word is five letters in English. So KitKat is five years old too.

Hearing this, she laughed hahaha. Having said that, Ralph took me to the dormitory. But I was talking all the way. Listen quietly.

Since then, I mean, our circle has gotten pretty tight. If we talk, we go together, even if we go for a walk, we go together. That is, we have always lived together. But he remained silent, staring at me. I never noticed how it looked.

After about a month. one day class. We don't have to run Facebook in the classroom. Hahaha. Just then, a text message came from his number. Is written,

I love you

I caught him at the end of the chapter. I said: What is the meaning of all this?

He didn't say anything. just smile. He smiled and left. I am surprised. Texting back from noon to noon,

I love you

I did not reply. At night, it's also a text before you go to bed at night. The same text again the next day in class. This time, the naughty mind played into his mind. I answer,

kb easy. Bah bah bah bah, see how I came up with this the easy way! It must be very special! !!

When I saw his response, I was completely stunned. answered,

You are serious Sardines pass Sati Fadlami Karshi. ESB kichu na. value Jao JA Alchi. I feel nvr for you!!!!!!

There were no texts or calls that day. When I came to class the next day, I saw that he had not come to class. I thought maybe he was busy with some work. Then he did not come to class during the day. This time I called Cheshire and asked him:

- What happened to Ralph?

- What will happen to him?

- no. You mean, like, salt and their ilk, right?

- I have no idea. Lately, I've seen very few people leave the room.


I don't know anything else. Indeed, now is not the time to find out. A few days later, the first white Shah. There will be a big event in our college that day. I'm busy preparing it.

Ralph returned to the academy two days after speaking to the sorcerer. When asked why he didn't come to class, he replied, "You always have to go to class. Is it written in any constitution?"

I no longer speak. But I noticed one thing. A lot has changed in these four days. He becomes very open. Whenever I get the chance, I screw up. Four days ago, I couldn't reconcile ruff with a ruff. Throughout the class, he was rehearsing for shows, talking to friends, he was teasing me. As if rot has become his goal in life. Whenever he got a job, he would say, "Nago said Ralph couldn't do anything, and things like that wouldn't happen." His behaviour always surprises me. Sometimes when my boyfriend talks to me about the kind of life partner he wants, he takes me seriously. He had to keep watching that tap.

Here comes the first Boyschach. The program is implemented throughout the day at the university. The party starts in the evening. Everyone had fun jumping, dancing, letting go and singing. In everything I noticed, Raff was joking with everyone and avoiding me. As soon as she danced and stood next to him, he walked away. Anyway, as soon as the eyes meet, the face turns. As if he wanted me to see he was avoiding me. There is a lot of anger. It's a different feeling. It looks strange. It seems to break everything. I left the show angrily and sadly. I walked quietly. After a few minutes, Ralph's voice came from behind.

- Nago. This is Nago.

-what happened? tell me.

- Why are you here?

- This is it. I don't feel good.

I never imagined what he would do next. He raised his hand and said in full cinematic fashion: Do you want to dance with me for once?

I was shocked. I do not understand what to say. his eyes. Those twinkling eyes made me dance with her.

The next day, as planned, we drove home for 7 days. The same bus we went to Dhaka. Ravo is going to work in Dhaka. He was following me I can understand his concern for me that day. Come down to Gaptali and we will get off at Kalyanpur. When he got off, he kept turning his head and saying "goodbye" over and over again. As if he didn't want to leave at all. Everyone noticed. I was embarrassed and said to myself why are you doing this? Only seven days. "

When I got home, I completely forgot the love and affection of my father and mother. Sometimes, Ruff would text, "What are you doing?" 'Have you eaten?' ' This type. I will also answer yes/no. Sitting on Facebook all day, waiting for me. With all his activities, I started thinking about him at some point. But dad, looking at my mother's face, I didn't let that thought go. Dad, I'm Amu's only son, they don't like sentimental things very much. And most importantly, Ralph is the same age as me. It's been 7 days since I had to fight myself. I must go back to that constitutional life again. I leave Dhaka crying every time.

When I came back, I found that Ralph was getting more and more energetic every day. He calls me every hour. But I try not to answer his calls. I can not fail to receive. Call repeatedly. I've been on the phone. one day. Phone all day. I do not understand. I answered his call at noon. As soon as he raised the phone, Ralph on the side said:

- Will you come to the balcony? Excuse

- No, I can't now. Tell me what to say.

- Faster - quickly. Excuse. Once.

After many requests, I went to the balcony. I went to the balcony and saw him talking to me on the street in front of the hotel.

- tell me now. say what?

He fell to his knees in the middle of the road. He put the phone to his ear with one hand and said:

- I love you. I have a lot of control over myself. But I can't. I want you to always smile and make everyone happy. Everyone sees your smile, but no one sees the silence at the end of your smile. You listen to everyone. Think of everyone. But no one will miss you. Nobody knows that you do not like the world.

then cried,

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

I hung up without saying a word and went to the room. Call Raff frequently. I turned off the phone. I didn't sleep that night. I cried all night on my pillow. Throughout the night, his words resounded in my ears.

I haven't spoken to him since. I will not answer his calls. I will not respond to text messages. I was avoiding seeing him in college. He used to look around. I also feel bad. But it's also beneficial for both. The days passed like this. I heard a sound in the middle and he started smoking. Then I started to hate him. But there was a sharp pain in a corner of my heart. I have been experiencing guilt. I always thought this boy was screwed up for me. I don't care much about this idea. Many days have passed like this.

2 Dec. my birthday. Dad, this is my first birthday away from mom. At 11:50 p.m. on the 11th, the phone rang. No. from Ralph. I thought I got it. After chatting for a while, it was already 12:01. Tabor played Ravo's guitar, sang "Aaj Jan Madin Tomar" and blessed me first. As soon as I spoke to him, my roommate came to my room and wished me well. Raff had to hang up the phone when they came. Then the friends began cutting cakes, making noises, making cakes, singing, dancing and screaming. It's almost three in the evening. It's been a long night. I'm sleeping.

6 am. The phone ringing woke me up. As soon as he raised the phone, Ralph on the side said:

- Come to the balcony.

When I walked to the balcony, I looked at him drowsily and saw him on his knees in the same place on the street in front of the hotel, holding in his hand a bouquet of red roses. shouted again,


I cried with joy. I have dreamed since I was a child. I will kiss the man who, on my birthday, presents me with a bouquet of red roses. But I never told anyone about my dreams. I never thought my dreams would come true before my eyes. I can't take that anymore. I ran downstairs and hugged the goats. I hugged her face and started crying. I know how a very peaceful mind feels. keep saying,

- I'll make every birthday special for you. I will make every day better than a dream. I love you Naju so much.

I pressed my face to his chest and said:

Food for you and a cigarette. If you smoke, I will never come to the balcony again. goat.

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