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Romantic afternoon

There is no point in being silent if I don't have to love but tell my mother.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Romantic afternoon

- Why do you look at your sister without letting me know this sunny brother?

- what are you talking about...

- That's right, never look at me like that.

- What is there to see you?

- Why am I so bad looking, right?


- Not at all, you are very beautiful.

--- I'm more beautiful than my sister, so why don't you look at me like that..?

- Sit down to read it quietly.

- Then you won't see Apu like that.

Why do you understand so much?

--- I know you love me.

--- Be Silent.

---There is no point in being silent if I don't have to love but tell my mother.

--- What do you understand about love backwards

- Listen, my sunny brother, I never came back.

--- What would I say if I read in fifth grade again?

- You know all my girlfriends have bf, not just me.

> What does the little one say? I cry with emotion. What a backstabbing style

- Why don't you have a bf?

- Because I gave my mind to someone.

- Whom did you give it to?

--- There is a dishonest one.

- Unfaithful?

- They are dishonest.

- You mean lying?

- This traitor is sitting in front of me now, he loves me, not my older sister.

> There is nothing left to understand who the butterfly is talking about. A young girl matured at an early age. I think of the words in my mind and I hammer the gavel in my mind, shall I come for lessons from tomorrow or not.

- That sunny brother.... (Butterfly)

- Oh who.. (I)

- What do you think the butterfly so much?

> I jump out of fear, that kind of power in the back of the neck.

- I do not think so. And listen, butterfly, get these thoughts out of your head. and study with the mind

- Well, my sunny brother, I will listen to all your words, and then tell me, will you take me for a walk tomorrow?

- Well, I'll take it. But take permission from your mother.

- we will. And give me chocolate and ice cream.

- Well, I will eat, but I have some words, you need to listen to them.

- Well listen.

- I woke up today after that.

> I am sunny, studying engineering in a polytechnic at Jhenaidah Government Polytechnic. And my knee means that Tetli's older sister Rupanti is studying at Noronnahar College for Girls.

> She fell in love with Rupanti because she came to teach Tetley. I am the son of a very ordinary middle-class family and have never wanted to fall in love.

> But I lost myself because of Rubanti's love. I wouldn't have known that a girl could love so much without seeing Rubanti. Very crazy girl.

> But Rubanti hasn't spoken to me for three days today. The reason is that Rubanti said that she would walk with me in the afternoon, eat the foca and stand with me at the corner of the road. I couldn't do it due to my busy schedule. That's why I'm so cocky. How many phones calls and messages did I get no response. But this time I think I can do something...

Next da...

- My sunny brother I came.

- Hmm, let's go.

Wait a minute, my sunny brother, I've come with a little kajal in my eyes.

> Baba, what a girl's dress. Everyone who is getting married should be walking around with a makeup box all day long. Dad, you survived. My look is much simpler than this. No makeup, no makeup, she comes in front of me with a real magical look. But where is Rubanti, which I don't see doing much for?. Leave gay time.

- My sunny brother, let's be mine.

- Oh yeah, let's go.

- How do I feel?

- She looks so beautiful.

- That's why I'm so cute.

> Dad, I did not understand the praise or something else.

- Put your face down, brother.

- Hmmm what?

- Umm...

> Who knows today what is in the forehead. Where can I keep so many kisses?. My brain wants to dance with passion.

- What is this butterfly?

> CamSarahh, Where did Rubanti suddenly come from? I see that his face turned red in anger. Look how he's looking at me, it looks like he's going to eat me with his eyes. I don't know if Rubanti is jealous or angry. There are tears in my eyes.

Nothing, sister. (said the butterfly in fear)

- No, where are you going? (Ropante)

- I'm going to hang out with Sunny Bhai.

- Don't you fall for what?

- I told my mom. Besides, Sunny Bhai will introduce me to his friend today.

(GF's words are wrong, I taught that butterfly so Rupanti can get out of the house, and we can shake off our anger.)

> She left Rubanti without further ado, if there were tears in her eyes, she would rollover. But the fact that I suffer so much, I didn't give so much pain without my knowledge to get rid of Rupante's wrath.

> The butterfly and I are on the side of the road now. The purpose is to enter the park. Butterflies now hold Kenny's finger, and the little ones do. The little one is smiling thinking that he hasn't learned to walk alone now, he will fall in love again.

> I knew Rubanti would follow us. Yes, Rubanti and Tetley are now following me. Wow, what a love drag, when you pull so much you have to get angry or what is the need. I don't understand where Babu gets so much anger from girls, he'll start to roll his eyes if he gets in a little trouble again. Who knows where so much water comes from. It is impossible to know where tears come from, just as no one knows where tears come from.

> Now we entered the children's park in AlJunaida. bring the child with me if the child does not enter the garden. As promised, I bought chocolate and ice cream from Titli, but there is no other way. But where is my romantic, I don't see him, if he comes home or again, all my water will be gone.

> Rupanti's arrival is now awaiting. Rupali will start the rest of the work. Hey, Rubanti is coming, well, looking around means looking for us. Butterflies and I are now standing behind a bush in the garden.

- Sani Bhai, start killing your dialogue. (Moth)

- Hello, your sister will see us. (me)

t, when standing in front of the bushes, there is no way to understand if there is anyone behind the bush from a distance. I'll start the conversation as soon as Rubanti sees us.

- Sani Bhai Apo has seen us, now start your conversation.

- Let's get a little closer.

- Keep starting, Apu will leave.

> I have started my business.

> You know Lisa can't sleep at night if she doesn't see you one day.

---Continuing to be a sunny Bahia.

--- I don't remember what to tell him.

- Try to remember.

> You know Lisa, you are my base in the night moonlight. You know you sweat a lot. I'll get you ice cream.

- Uma Rubanti, are you here?

---Lazar will bring ice cream because it feels hot.

- I do not mean.

- I haven't spoken for three days. Hey Sunny, you're so low, if I had known before, I would have never given you a place in my mind. I will not come and stay in your life. Who are you with your Lisa? (cry cry cry)

- Hello, Rupanti is leaving. What should I do now?. What will this butterfly do?

- What will you do? If you can't stop it, you won't find Apu anymore. But then I will follow you.

> I'm dying of my burn, what the little one started again. Keep eating ice cream in silence. what can I do? I grabbed Rubanti's hand from behind.

- leave me alone. (Ropante)

- I do not speak. I'm trying to bring the hand into the bush.

--- crowded ...

- I think Rubanti hit me. No problem with that either, I hold Robbanti's hand with one hand and with the other hand, I hold the side where Robbanti slaps her cheek. I finally agreed to bring him in front of the bush.

>Ropante looks at me dumbfounded because there is no one behind the bush. Butterflies smile as soon as you look at them. I'm still standing with my hands in my mouth.

- What is this butterfly? (Ropante)

- You don't talk to Sunny Bhai for three days, that's why he did it to vent his anger.

- Butterfly, you are a little far.

- why my sister?

- I told you to go.

- we will.

--- little more.

- I went.

> Rubanti raised my hand from her mouth and said with a small kiss, I'm sorry, I didn't understand.

- Another slap to the cheek.

--Romance looked at him in astonishment and said - I mean?

- No, I was going to get another yay. Then if you get a cheek or get married.

--- he will marry me.

> Rubanti hugged me tightly as he said the word.

- Huh, what's going on in the garden, I'll tell mom. (Moth)

> Rubanti left me after hearing that.

--- what I say? (me)

--- Everything you do. I also think if my little friend would stroke such a slap.

> Ropante and I both laughed when I heard about the butterfly. Today I will be walking around with Rubanti. I will fulfil Rubanti's wishes today. Sometimes love is a feeling that works to satisfy people's desires. Who only has satisfied those who understand. I love you, Rubanti, I love you so much.


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Nikhil Bhowmik

HI, I am Nikhil Bhowmik.I passed Master Degree in Mathematics.I also passed Master in Library and Information Science.I write blog, articles and courses in my personal website. I also write articles to medium,Hub-pages and Facebook.

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