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Shangri La

Part 1

By Ocusan MPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 6 min read

The plan had been worked out by the resistors to communism. The group of six of three couples all had waited until the heavy snows poured in isolating the runway of grounded planes. Giorgio had what it took to pilot the plane with a solid military background. His spouse Polina supported his decision to defect having a too grim of a reality to remain in their country. They were in their fifties with two sons that married who made up the family of six. Both young couples were old enough to have children, yet decided to wait until they were out of the country. The plane was located in a small airfield miles from the major city with no air traffic control. The snow was coming down thick as the group pounced through the snowdrifts like deers in the forest. Using just flashlights they took cover under the plane while Giorgio checked the fuel gauge. It wasn’t full, nor empty, about half a tank would have to do. From inside the cabin he opened the door indicating it was safe to get in. Once everyone was inside, the engine was started in the darkness of the night. The runway was of thick ice as the small plane sped down with sighs of despair exclaiming from inside the cabin. They had planned to cross into the Baring strait, landing in Alaska with the small amount of fuel. Visibility became next to zero with a snowstorm that altered their course making the flight loose it’s bearings as the compass spun. It was if they were in magnetic field that felt like they were being held in gravity by a unknown force. Space & time seemed to stretch forever as darkness slowly became light. Looking down, they could see land, yet they did not know where they were. The radio squeaked of vacant sound waves that bounced from ocean currents below, & yet the Ocean was not in sight. The fuel was almost out where they felt a little like Noah, searching for islands or birds to give indication of what was below. The plane drifted until it’s engine stopped, leaving Giorgio grasping the throttle with drops of sweat streaming his unshaven face. Everyone inside braced themselves as they knew they were going down. The thud of steel hitting the snow reverberated as it seemed forever, & yet it landed on such thick snow. It seemed to cushion the fall while no one was hurt. The storm had cleared with the sun being visible as the door was opened with no where to go. They had brought a few provisions of food, yet hadn’t prepared for this. They ate their food in silence, listening for the sounds of the Siberian winds, yet nothing. The young couples said it had been a miracle they survived, commending Giorgio on his expertise. Polina felt the pressure of the difficult situation as she had envisioned it differently. She fished out a photo from her messenger bag a magazine picturing a Alaskan hotel. What about this, the dream of checking into this hotel? Giorgio took the picture torn from a tourist magazine to study. The hotel was lit up a blue neon sign surrounded by a blizzard, reading, Hotel Caribou. Brother Grisha blew his breath onto the plane window making a vapor. How long do you think we can last in here? Brother Sergei agreed that we would have to head out to find.. His words were lost as Giorgio opened the door with a blast of cold air. Holding the door open he shouted through the wind he would look for help. Turning back to face the unknown, he alarmingly became face to face with a fur covered life form. Lifting his parka he exposed a old wrinkled face of that of a Chinaman. Squeezing his native eyebrows he smiled a toothless grin that looked very ancient. Giorgio couldn’t believe they must have been in China! More forms in primitive furs appeared as they approached the mysterious plane. Giorgio turned back to his family that were now smiling in somewhat relief. The Elder indicated to the lost souls to follow him to the city, as he seemed to know the way. Trudging onwards it seemed forever as tall Mountains stood out where footpaths of wooden trails wound around leading to what looked like a cave. The band of distant indigenous nomads filed into the cave where they rested on old benches building a fire for warmth. The Elder leader spoke a few words of Russian, expressing that Shangri La was another day’s journey & that they should rest. Polina wanted to know how they had found their plane, as a native brought her a vessel of fresh water streaming from the cave wall. The Elder told how they had been told by the Soothsayer who spoke of a vision she had of beings who fell from the sky. Other natives gathered around nodding that they wanted to see if her words were true. It was warm enough to spread furs around the fire where the travelers were told they could sleep. Where are we exactly? Polina asked Giorgio who dug in his leather jacket for his wallet. Throwing crumpled rubles in the fire since they were no longer of any use, he said he would go & ask. His leather & sheepskin pilot hat drooped from his ears. The old leader was sitting against the cave wall, deep in meditation. Giorgio thought he must be sleeping & turned to walk back. Don’t go so soon son, they ancient old voice said in the dark of the camp. Crouching by him, he took his map from his pocket. Show me where we are. The old wrinkled fingers grasped the paper map. Just Point! The tired face looked up saying, Don’t you have a cellphone? All our phones are drained of battery life. This is the land of Shambhala, we call Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring. Giorgio hung his head while trying to understand. There is no place on the map, is there? The elder gave back the map, shaking his head, Het! He decided to tell Polina they were somewhere in the Belukha mountains in a unknown area. Funny that he asked me about cell phones. Giorgio was contemplating. He does seem ancient, like he can travel between the dimensions of time. His race doesn’t seem to follow the wheel of time, did you see the sun drawings on the cave walls? She looked at her sleeping children by the fire. I think our little plane landed into another type of plane. Astral Plane! Giorgio exclaimed astonished by the whole realization. Bits of dirt fell from above indicating to get some shut eye. Giorgio took off his pilots hat, folding his arms & using it for a pillow. Polina rested her head against his arm. The following morning the nomads were anxious to return back home with no food provisions, yet the sun was shining brightly. Polina handed out the remaining breadsticks & dried meat & fruit as the family clan adapted to the circumstances. Leading the way upon up the wooden path they came to a parting of the trees wide enough to view the mysterious city called Shangri la. It stood high with a peeking shape of a Cathedral, as the elder said it was a fortress. He told that upon entering the gates, one must pass over a certain beam that took one minute to cross if walking a steady pace. What do you mean by a beam? Georgia asked. It is a beam of light that can be the only way to enter. It is sustainable, my men have all mastered the phenomena. Why not build a bridge? Grisha asked. We tried to do so, yet when we did it rained with lightning striking the workers. It seemed the Gods who created the city forbid us from doing so. The elder bowed his head explaining humbly. They walked on in silence until they reached the golden beam. It was a magnificent sight of a bright beam of light serving as a bridge over a treacherous valley below. What happens if we fall? The old Chinaman was too far away to hear. The family decided to all pray together the 23rd psalm that when said slowly it should take one minute or more. The decided to hook a rope connecting each other, if one fell, they all would fall being on Gods team. Giorgio lead first, with family paced behind. Stepping onto the light he began to pray. The Lord is my Shepherd.. With one foot down he placed the other directly in front of it while it felt amazingly light in weight. They all prayed and balanced on the beam not looking down & bravely facing the unknown. Giorgio saw the ground on the other side, stepping off the shoots of light. Polina stepped off second feeling grateful she had taken gymnastics.


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Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    Very well written!

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