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Abomination of a fallen Hat


By Ocusan MPublished 3 months ago 11 min read

It was a quite day in the forest when the substance of a sombrero fell from the trees. The young witch, named Juniper found the Hat. It was made of dark velvet with stitched embroidery, having a hard shell of a helmet at the top. Picking it up carefully she carried it inside her dwelling. Lying it down upon her table she examined it. It’s construction had a velvet felt base, and yet the conical structure was made entirely of glass resembling a terrarium. There were little plants resembling tiny glowing mushrooms inside with a round candle placed in the center. The iron top was secured tightly not allowing the attached terrarium to lift up. How can I light the candle? She mused out loud. Just say the Magic words & I’ll light! The hat began to talk! It startled the young sorcerers & brought out her trusted fairy mouse, Garth. Garth she named after the Aqua man character who’s turquoise body resembled the pets fur. He chirped his mouse language while admiring the hat. Yes, it is stunning, yet it has no mouth for its words. I need no mouth my Lady! There it was again, the Hats voice! You speak from inside the hat ? Yes my lady. Are you trapped inside? No, my lady, I am a hat! Garth chirped again about lighting the candle. It wants a magic word! Garth scratched his whiskers then chipped again. He said to try saying the word candle in Mexican. Belladonna! The flame lit. Garth’s eyes twinkled with delight. Now that I’m awake I have many experiences to give to you, if you so desire. What do you want me to do? Place the hat upon your head where I can give you visions that will help you sort out your most inner desires. Are you a Sorting hat? Yes, my lady. She had heard stories about sorting hats and believed them to exist in other worlds. The inside of the dome glowed in fluorescent fog while she thought the tiny shrooms might be the thinking source. Garth looked deep in thought too, as he peered through the glass. Taking a chance, she put the hat on where all of a sudden it felt as if a portal had opened inside her mind. Visions of images played out various scenes from planets she hadn’t imagined. These are the worlds I can take you to, only describe one you like where I can open the door. Well I see many different worlds flashing with pink skies & purple sand. Those belong to the Elf kingdoms, where the puppet masters live. And what about the the one showing the dark crystal? That is the kingdom of the invisible where obtaining any of the dark crystals would give you the cloaking ability. Garth chirped in favor of going there. It would be a treacherous path with many dangers. I do not advise upon choosing this world on your first time. There is one that’s interesting! I can see thriving platforms of either breathing dragons in a vortex of galaxies under the stars! The hat laughed and said the world was commanded by the dragon masters led by the man in the rift. And what happens in the rift? Balloon ride for different dragons going to a location that even I do not know. Garth chirped he was in favor of a balloon ride. How do I get to this dragon world? Just close your eyes & the flame will take you. When you want to return, call out my name. What is your name? I am called.. Before Thuban could hear the name, she was taken into the dream realm of the hat. Garth had climbed upon her shoulder, clenching onto her garment while worlds spun around under a kaleidoscope of moving pieces. Then she was standing upon the Vale’s surface looking at the dragons who were life size. Going through the portal she saw the inflated balloon directed by a jolly man. He welcomed her presence by offering her a ride that she excepted. Stepping in the big balloon she could see a green dragon sitting there waiting for her turn. Please excuse the discomfort, Madam. The smiling conductor could see her alarmed face at the sight of someone wanting to take her place. She batted her giant lashes breathing a flame of heat. These are guests from the burning sombrero! Her scales relaxed as she clattered her teeth. Alright! I can share. She moved over her neon glowing skin. Everyone was in the balloon where the door was secured. Off it flew through to the invisible area where it stopped letting her out to stretch her wings. Sitting in the balloon within the consciousness of the candle lit sombrero Lady Thuban wanted to see where the dragon flew. Stepping out just a bit in the either air she slowly floated in a sea of jello. It was enjoyable to do so as if swimming in a watery vapor. Other dragons from the Antarian galaxy appeared in the cloud wanting to see the distant visitor. One orange Antarian wore a straw hat with candles also lit. Hallo! He said as he admired the floating girl wearing her grand candle hat that made his seem small. Your hat’s preattier than mine! So it is, yet yours looks like the original idea! The two were trending the air while a circle of cosmic dragons surrounded them. It’s alright, don’t be nervous, they never have seen a lady of your kind before. He reassured her with his pointy red beard. Your better off back in the balloon carriage. The Arcturian took her hand leading her back inside the idling coach. She invited him in while he accepted. Once inside he shut the pumpkin like door to yell out the window. You can all go home now.. The distant dragons that had gathered in the midst turned away. The Antarian then sat back looking at the young woman poised so sternly in the seat as if she were a fairytale . You can’t venture out alone in this world my lady..It’s not exactly safe. He said this while removing his straw hat, snuffing the candles. Her pale face & cool witchy stare made him forget his anger once he looked into her dark eyes. He studied her for a moment, reading her mind as all Antarians do. He saw her hut in the forest where she had found the grand hat that fell from the trees. I knew you were a forest type! She smiled back at him as he saw that the hat was the source of the projection they were in. He warmed up to her talking in a kindly manner as he told of how he could show her more worlds. It was a new feeling of comfort to have a companion while she thought if the hat was removed, he would be lost. Removing an old map from his back pocket, he showed a dusty schematic of the inner earth worlds. Pointing to each sector, he told about wars between Elves & Predators in the land of the lost. What exactly is a Predator? Their sometimes very dangerous, creatures who prey upon man, with the power of the invisible. Just then the tiny pet Garth made a squeaking sound. Whoo! I didn’t notice your little friend! Hey dude! Garth said he wanted to see a Predator.. He did! Why would he want to do so? Antarian said holding out a bag of potato chips from his knapsack. Grabbing a chip & squeaking, he related that some of his friends were hunted by the creature. I’ve heard he eats river cats, but not field mice. Juniper told that he was an exotic fairy mouse, where many have disappeared. I must do something for Garth, I can’t imagine a creature as mystical as him disappearing. If I can just get one photographed, proving their existence.. She pleaded while clenching her field bag & camera. Well I can’t turn the lady down, but only for a few photos, nothing more. Once the couch returned to the hub they told the conductor they wanted to travel to the land of the lost. He shrugged & said they needed to travel through the portal to such a far distance. Explaining more that the carriage doesn’t go that far, as it is considered territory. Their was a soft murmuring from the crew of dragon masters agreeing that they must wear invisibility cloaks covering their presence entirely. Two giant wool cloaks were brought out from storage & given as shrouds. Being prepared they were ready to step through the swirling portal. Almost instantly they were there where the temperature change was cooler. It was night underneath a full moon with familiar pine trees of another forest standing tall like warriors. A elder man with a burning staff greeted them. Antarian noticed his hands & ears were Elven in nature. Greetings! I am Jacob the Elder. His long white hair lit up like spun glass from the illuminated staff. Are you teachers for the Magic academy? No, we are from the outside world. Juniper said adjusting her tall hat. There was a crunching in the woods of someone walking that made everyone turn in opposite direction. Stepping out from the trees stood a backwoods man holding a fishing rod. You can relax.. He’s one of ours. The Elder informed. Brother Arundo, why are you fishing this late at night? It was the duty of the Master Elder to ask. He swung a lighted lantern from his hip belt. Midnight fishing with the ultraviolet lantern is the best time! He grinned while holding up a sack of giant mosquito fish. His oily hair matched his enthusiasm for the swamp. With the light I can see their eyes glowing underneath the current. Noticing the Altarians fish tail body he eyed him as if he were prey. These are our guests, a dragon & a female woman. Jacob told. Why would anyone want to come here? Arundo looked bewildered. This is a land under attack from a aged old disagreement over land. Jacob told as he held out amulets for protection. The stones glowed of magnetic sand. We are here to discover the secret of the invisible predators. Arundo looked at Altarian giving him a hard stare. Juniper said the beasts are manhandling her people & animals. Altarian had enough of Arundos staring. Just tell us where we can find them to take a few pictures. Their on sacrificial island, but they don’t go anywhere else! Jacob added that they were vegetarian & invisible most of the time. Take these amulets that will give extra protection. Jacob handed the stones to to Juniper, bowing his head in respectful politeness. How do we get there? A wild boar that was snorting around in the bush appeared saying, he’d take them there. Through the misty jungle they stepped along a muddy path until they found a narrow bridge leading to predator island. They stopped briefly once they were at the clearing of the bog. Looking closely Juniper could make out the figures of mammoth like beasts standing on two legs. Some were covered with green hairs blending in with the foliage, while some had patches of hair replaced with flesh. Juniper began snapping her camera while Garth hid safely in her bag. Altarian spotted a enclosed shed across the bog that he wanted to explore. Slipping on the invisibility cloaks they waded through cat tails & muck until they reached the shed. What they found was unbelievable.. Shelves of compressed cubes were stacked with burlap sacks piled with more. Taking a sample to his lips, Altarian tasted pure salt. Spitting it out, he realized it was not mineral salt, but a chemical transference of the human body. How do you know this? Juniper asked as bugs began to sound louder in the sweaty marsh air. I am a dragon master! I don’t need a machine to take a sample. I know what this is! He said taking a cube to stuff his knapsack. Don’t you get it? Their using your people to become human! Junipers jaw dropped at the enormous paranormal annotation. It’s not uncommon for one race of animal to feed upon the other, Juniper thought as it began to rain. The rain mixing with feelings of shock & sadness while more predators swam in a alternate reality. We should go back, Juniper said putting away her camera. Heading through the door, Altarian stepped upon an old newspaper stained green with swamp gas. Picking it up he could see it was in Russian print with the front page of soldiers. Looks like the reason for a war.. He stuffed that too in his bag. The rain began to downpour as they made their way back to the bridge keeping the cloaks on to secure their camouflage. The boar had vanished as the trail out wasn’t difficult to remember. Once back at the portal daylight displayed warm sunlight with fog clouds moving low around where the elder & fisherman stood. Removing their cloaks they heard what sounded like an instrument being plucked. Appearing from thin air stood the sight of a young woman leading a majestic unicorn by a rope. Howdy! The well endowed female with ponytails said. I’m Eques! We don’t see many strangers here in the Lost lands.. Juniper walked over to where she stood while Garth peeked from her purse. Was it you that made that twangy sound? You must have heard my comb! When I comb the Unicorns 🦄 tail, it makes a funny sound. Garth chirped at the situation. He wants to know why comb a Unicorns tail? Eques smiled while the Unicorn admired the little creature who’s fur resembled his own. I’m an animal tamer! I’ve found that this metal comb makes beautiful rainbows after a rain shower. Looking up a magical rainbow covered the sky. We were just leaving. Altarian called out from the base of the portal. Pity you can’t stay longer, I could show you around more. Juniper had second thoughts about leaving while petting such a splendid animal. Altarian flew over with his dragon tail looking right into Junipers pleading eyes. I can go back alone, give me just the film. You’ll make a good report? I think I can expose what they’ve been hiding, he said as she handed him the film. Once I hand this over to the press, I can return with a movie camera to really show um! Junipers worried face turned to joy as Garth jumped out of the bag onto the Unicorns back. His chirps of happiness made them all laugh. I’ll be seeing you soon! Altarian vanished through the watery portal. Come, Eques said, I can show you the herbalist hut! The two women walked hand in hand with their pets trailing. Wherever did you get the hat?.


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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